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  • December 19, 2023
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Create your WordPress template for culinary recipes. If you are a food blogger who wants to create your own recipe website but haven’t found any suitable WordPress theme, then the Block Patterns for Food Bloggers plugin may be all you need to create your own layouts. It covers everything from recipe index pages to featured sections that you’d find on the home page of any cooking site/blog.

Cooking block templates demonstrationCooking block templates demonstration
WordPress Block Templates

Food blogs typically focus on grid layouts based on categories and tags, with large images and multiple sections showcasing different types of food recipes. For example, look at my main page – https://japovarenok.ru/.

Before the advent of the WordPress Block Editor, also called the Gutenberg Block Editor, customizing these types of layouts was not possible for most WordPress users. They had to rely on a WordPress theme to provide the correct layout or convenient enough options to change it. And that’s in the past. Now you can create your own layout from Gutenberg block templates for food bloggers.

Gutenberg Block Template Layout for Food BloggersGutenberg Block Template Layout for Food Bloggers
WordPress Block Template

Meet the new free plugin Block Patterns for Food Bloggers. It offers beautiful WordPress block templates for food blogs.

Block Patterns for Food Bloggers

A beautiful collection of Gutenberg block templates for food bloggers. This plugin offers 19 beautifully designed templates that are fully customizable, making it easy for food bloggers to create complex layouts:

WordPress Block Templates for Food BloggersWordPress Block Templates for Food Bloggers
WordPress Block Patterns for Food Bloggers Plugin

Look Block templates demoto see all the food blogger templates in action and an example homepage created using just the templates in the plugin.

What is a WordPress template?

A WordPress template is a collection of blocks combined into a thoughtful section for a post page. Once inserted into the page, the author can edit and customize the blocks to suit their needs.

Templates make it incredibly easy to add complex layouts and designs to any WordPress site without having to start from scratch every time. Templates can also highlight and display features and block combinations that may not be immediately obvious or intuitive.

After installing and activating the plugin, you will find a small icon at the top of the editor that launches templates in modal mode:

The button launches templates in modal modeThe button launches templates in modal mode
Icon at the top of the editor


  • Recipe Index (Index of category recipes, posts);
  • Recipe search panel;
  • Hero;
  • Newsletter;
  • Book function;
  • About the author;
  • Instagram Hero*;
  • Featured Categories;
  • Latest messages (grid);
  • Latest Posts (overlay style).

A wonderful collection of block templates for cooking:

WPZOOM Food Blog PatternsWPZOOM Food Blog Patterns
Template library

Modal mode displays templates in a grid, list view with larger images, and allows you to view templates from mobile devices, tablets, and desktops:

Gutenberg Block Templates for Food BloggersGutenberg Block Templates for Food Bloggers
Gutenberg Template Library

Templates look exactly the same as in the preview when you select and insert them. They include all the images and text, so you don’t have to guess how it all fits together. Most templates simply require you to replace the content with your own, but can also be used as a starting point for further customization.

The plugin also includes two different About Me style sections to introduce a food blogger, as well as an Instagram profile template* with a small image grid and a book feature. There are templates for subscribing to the newsletter and search forms with a browsing section and quick search categories.

WordPress Block Templates for Food BlogsWordPress Block Templates for Food Blogs
Subscription and recipe search templates

Some templates, such as the various post grids, will require you to make some changes to the block settings for the query loop to force it to display certain categories, author, post type, etc.

The author of the plugin has published some useful tips for customizing templates:

  • Use Group Block to control spacing and color for more than one block at a time.
  • Use the cover block to control the height of your design, including minimum height and full-screen designs.
  • If your template contains many root-level blocks, it may be useful to group them all together. This makes it easier to move your template after insertion.

The plugin works great with any WordPress theme. It works just as advertised and does not include annoying advertising updates in WP admin.

Please note that it is not enough to create the main / home page of a culinary site, you also need to correctly and beautifully design recipes. For this, use a plugin from the same author, Recipe Card Blocks for Gutenberg & Elementor.

Recipe Card Blocks - a powerful recipe pluginRecipe Card Blocks - a powerful recipe plugin
Recipe Card Blocks for Gutenberg and Elementor

Grow your food blog with structured data markup (Schema.org) in search results. Recipe Card Blocks is a powerful recipe plugin that adds beautiful recipe cards to the new WordPress and Elementor editor to help you easily create recipes on your food blog.

Your recipes will include Schema markup, which will allow search engines and social networks to display information about your recipes. This will increase your clicks and shares, giving you an easy way to grow your food blog.

Read more about the plugin at this page.

Block Patterns for Food Bloggers + Recipe Card Blocks for Gutenberg & Elementor = Full-fledged culinary site/blog on WordPress.


Although these templates come with food images and placeholder text, they can easily be used for any other type of website. If you have a custom post type for movies, books, portfolios, team members, or any other content, these templates can be just as relevant.

*Instagram company activities are prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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