Why are Xiaomi phones cheap?

Why are Xiaomi phones cheap? A question asked by many who want to buy a new phone, you may not be a user of Shawami devices, but Xiaomi must be among the brands that you think of when searching for a new phone, and whether it is one of the devices with limited capabilities or the leading phones you always find that prices Xiaomi devices are clearly cheaper than their competitors, although they may have the same specifications and even more than that, so what is the reason for this? Is it recommended to buy Xiaomi phones? Follow us to know the details.

Why are Xiaomi phones cheap?

Do you want to buy a mobile phone? Do you want to buy a mobile phone with good specifications? Are you confused between Chinese phones and phones issued by other companies? This article is directed to you, dear reader. Continue reading to the conclusion to know all the details.

Chinese companies always occupy the arenas of competition, no matter what the product is in the market. You find a Chinese company competing with other companies in terms of price and quality. We always see price differences between Chinese products and products issued by other companies such as Korean, Japanese or American.

Where Chinese companies put their touches on almost all products, including mobile phones, where Xiaomi entered the field of competition recently and fiercely, as it offered a group of mobile phones at cheap prices, which is strange, as mobiles produced by other companies and of the same category are more expensive and in stages.

This called for a lot of questions from customers, as most of them asked why Xiaomi phones are cheaper than other brands, so we will work today in this article to provide the answer to this question.

Why are Xiaomi phones cheap?

In fact, the reasons behind the licenses of Xiaomi phones are multiple, so these reasons cannot be summarized in one paragraph. Rather, there are a set of points that must be clarified in order to get an integrated idea about the reasons for the low prices of Xiaomi phones compared to phones produced by other international companies.

These points are as follows:

1- First, privacy

Despite the great features and tools provided by Xiaomi, it still raises a lot of questions and exclamation points about the privacy of its phones, as a security researcher claimed that Xiaomi web browsers collect data even if the user is browsing in hidden mode and that this data includes records Searches, web addresses, and other data.

Many people believe that data collection today is a real process that takes place today through mobile phones on the number that the company Xiaomi claimed to have bypassed this problem and addressed it, and according to some other statistics, the company Xiaomi uses unique numbers in order to identify devices as the device records the folders that It opens in addition to the screens that the user passes through, and the settings page and status bar are recorded.

2- Design

The designs produced by the Xiaomi company are not clear, as the company does not spend money in order to produce unique and distinctive designs and does not give wide interest in this field, so you find most of the designs of the Xiaomi company are ordinary in shape, which is the opposite of what we see in other international companies, for example Apple It spends millions annually to design its smart phones.

3- Production costs

The costs of producing Xiaomi phones are lower than other companies in several stages, and the reason for this is that Xiaomi is working to manufacture all its phones in China, meaning that it buys the internal parts of the product from China, and the labor cost is lower, in addition to the fact that the company does not import its products And phone parts from abroad, all of these things work to reduce the costs of producing their phones, unlike what we see in other international companies.

4- Advertisements

This problem is one of the most annoying problems that many users complain about, as a lot of ads appear in the user interface of the Xiaomi company, and the reason for this is because the company contracts with many electronic stores in exchange for material profits, so these ads appear on the user interface and cause great inconvenience to users It is one of the reasons for the low prices of Xiaomi phones.

5- Production line

It is one of the important points that caused the decrease in the costs of Xiaomi phones, as the company produces small quantities of mobile phones and sells them in the market. Warehouses, while the first shipment is sold, so this method is one of the ways to reduce the costs of Xiaomi phones, as placing phones in warehouses means paying more money to keep the phones stored.

6- Advertising campaigns

The Xiaomi company does not incur advertising costs for its phones in the markets, on television, and others, as it works in a smart and distinctive way by nominating one of its phones by a YouTuber or vlogger in general, or through some advertising transmission between users, that this method saved Xiaomi Posting advertisements on the streets or on television.

Other international companies may excel in some fine details, in terms of design, or in terms of the operating system, but in the end, each phone remains terrifying and loving. Buying a Xiaomi phone In the end, Xiaomi remains one of the global companies, and it competes with its phones in the market strongly, and today there is a large number of users of Xiaomi phones.

Here we have come to the end of our article for today, where we presented to you the reasons for the licenses of phones produced by the company Xiaomi. As we mentioned, there are some points that are important and there are other points that are not considered for some users. If you are a user of Chinese phones previously and would like to try Xiaomi phones Because of its cheap prices, there are no major defects except for the points we mentioned above. We hope that the article will be useful, dear.

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