Who Can Apply For Loan? What Are The Required Guarantees?

Required Guarantees for a loan
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  • September 24, 2022
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Many of us believe in loans, as one of the main sources of financing, when we need to cover emergency expenses and future goals that our available resources cannot cover.

There are many guarantees for individuals when applying for a loan from the bank or any credit institution.

The guarantees are one of the main conditions and determinants when obtaining a loan from the bank, and they differ according to the borrower and the nature of his work, whether he is (public sector employee – private sector employee – free professions .etc.).

By the customer and the bank shall recover his full money after the loan expiry period.

Banks offer different financing programs for customers, and the interest rates of these loans vary according to the guarantee available to the customer.

In this report, my bank will explain to you the most important guarantees that the customer must have before applying for a loan, and the individuals who can apply for a loan from banks.

Who can apply for a loan?

The categories that banks are interested in and allow them to get loans are as follows:

 Government employees, bank employees, petroleum sector employees.

 • Employees of coded companies in banks.

• Employees of international companies working in your country.

• Large companies in your country (private sector).

• Doctors and pharmacists.

• Pensioners and university principals.

• Self-employed and business owners.

• Banking transactions or companies inquiring about financing companies.

What are the most important guarantees required when applying for a loan?

The most important documents required when applying for a loan are as follows:

Transfer of salary to the bank: One of the guarantees that banks guarantee when applying for a loan, as the bank guarantees that the monthly installment of the loan will be deducted from the client’s salary.

Transferring the installment “without an arranged transfer”: in this case, the customer checks to transfer the loan only periodically as agreed with the bank, (before accepting the guarantee the guarantee the customer regretted all the evidence to the bank to confirm the financial installments).

 Income Proof: The availability of a client’s net income document (bank account statement or commercial register for liberal professions) is one of the guarantees that the bank may adopt.

Savings vessel “certificate/deposit”:

It is one of the most secure guarantees for the bank. The client’s possession of deposits in the bank is a sufficient guarantee for the bank to name the client’s request when applying for a loan, as banks specify a percentage that can be obtained and an easy interest.

Real estate or a physical asset:

Recently, banks have relied on this type of guarantee, but there are still a limited number of banks that offer loans with the guarantee of an asset or real estate, as this asset is the bank’s way to recover its money.

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