Which is better to study medicine in Egypt or in Türkiye?


Which is better, studying medicine in Egypt or Türkiye?? A question that many students are looking for an answer to, and here we are not talking about the ranking of universities, but rather in terms of the quality of education. Many students dream of becoming doctors to help patients, and at the same time medicine is a profession that has an important role for society and for students, but it may not be possible for many to achieve their dream. By completing medicine in their countries for a variety of reasons, and they start searching for the best countries to study medicine, and Turkey and Egypt are among the most famous countries that are compared between them when international students choose to study medicine, so let us know through this article the most important questions about the two countries to get to know Is studying medicine in Egypt better or in Türkiye?? Follow us.

Which is better to study medicine in Egypt or in Türkiye?

Do you want to travel abroad and complete your university studies? Are you looking for the best country to study medicine? Many young people want to travel abroad to study medicine, where you see a lot of questions about the best countries to travel and study medicine in. Turkey and Egypt are at the top of the list for students wishing to study medicine abroad. It is known that Egypt and Turkey have ancient and distinguished universities, good teaching staff and an excellent curriculum. .

However, young people always get confused when they make the decision to travel, so you see them asking questions either on the Internet with the aim of finding an adequate answer, or asking students from their friends residing in both countries with the aim of knowing which country is better to study, Turkey or Egypt.

After the percentage of questions on this topic increased, we worked in our article to collect information about the best country to study medicine, is it in Turkey or in Egypt? You will know the answer by reading the entire article.

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Which is better to study medicine in Egypt or in Türkiye?

So, dear reader, if you had to choose between studying medicine in Egypt or in Turkey, what would you choose? What distinguishes you if you graduated from a Turkish university than if you graduated from an Egyptian university? Let us give you a simple definition of each of them, so that we can know which is better in studying medicine, Egypt or Turkey?

Study in Türkiye

Turkish universities have entered the arena of competition in the field of education, where universities are working to develop themselves in the reality of education, as Turkey has worked today to build many public universities with specialized workshops with a group of advanced equipment, which reflects positively on the reality of education in Turkey, and the Turkish government has worked To allocate a large budget for the field of education, because it is trying to benefit from the experiences that European countries and developed countries have worked on in the field of education. Finally, we do not forget that the Turkish government is working to provide scholarships in general and for most Arab countries, as Turkey attracts thousands of students from all over the world and from every year including Arab countries.

What are the advantages of studying in Türkiye?

Turkey is a major destination for a large percentage of students wishing to complete their studies outside their country, especially for Arab students, as thousands of Arab students go there, whether they are on financial scholarships or through scholarships offered by the Turkish government free of charge to all students from around the world.

There are many distinguished educational services that you can obtain from your studies in Turkey. These advantages that the student obtains from studying in Turkey are as follows:

  1. Turkish universities have distinctive designs, as the buildings of their universities are luxurious and magnificent.
  2. The ranking of Turkish universities is advanced among international universities, which has made it a major destination for many students.
  3. Turkey has a large number of foreign students, which makes it a multicultural society.
  4. The Turkish curricula are advanced and developed and keep pace with modern international educational curricula.
  5. The student in Turkey gets a lot of advantages, as he gets a lot of discounts, such as transportation, archaeological places, visiting parks for free, and many other services.
  6. Turkish universities are equipped with laboratories, research centers and workshops with the best technologies and equipment.
  7. The Turkish government is very interested in the field of education.

What are the disadvantages of studying in Türkiye?

Despite the advantages that can be obtained from undergraduate studies in Turkey, there are some disadvantages to studying, which are as follows:

  1. Many students suffer from the difficulty of communicating with the Turks, and it is one of the most difficult things that can be encountered in Turkey. Therefore, the student must learn the Turkish language in order to be able to communicate with the Turks easily.
  2. The tuition costs in Turkey are higher than the Egyptian universities, and they demand high rates for students in Turkey, unless the student obtains a scholarship in one of the Turkish universities.
  3. It is not easy to obtain university admission in Turkish universities.
  4. Finally, the cost of living in Türkiye is cheaper than other universities.
  5. Turkey suffers from economic inflation, which drives up the cost of living in Turkey.

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Study in Egypt

The reality in Egyptian universities differs from the reality in Turkish universities, as Egyptian universities are distinguished by their antiquity and ancient design. They also have a long history and experience in the field of education. Despite this, there are many modern and developed universities, as Egyptian universities occupy advanced ranks in the world, as they include Large numbers of students, and most of the educational programs in Egypt are taught in the Arabic language, and there is a section of them that is taught in English. Egyptian universities offer many scholarships for Arab countries.

What are the advantages of studying in Egypt?

There are many educational features in Egypt that make it distinct from other countries, which are as follows:

  1. Egyptian universities have a long and storied history of teaching.
  2. Egyptian universities occupy a prominent position at the Arab and international levels.
  3. The costs of studying in Egypt are lower than the costs of studying in Türkiye.
  4. Social communication is easy among students, as the official language of the Arab countries is the language of the Egyptian people.
  5. The grant provided by the Egyptian government covers all costs.

What are the disadvantages of studying in Egypt?

Despite the many advantages that Egyptian universities possess, there are some negatives, which are as follows:

  1. The Egyptian curricula are the same as the curricula in the Arab countries, and they are old curricula that are not updated and kept up with international curricula.
  2. The educational curricula are huge and include lots and lots of useless information, which pushes the student to study from external sources.
  3. Equipment is weak in Egyptian universities compared to Turkish universities.
  4. The monthly expenditure that the Egyptian government guarantees is less than living in Egypt.

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Which is better to study medicine, Egypt or Turkey?

In fact, there is no specific answer to this question, as there are many factors that differ from one country to another, but in general, studying in Turkey is better than studying in Egypt, because Turkey has high levels of learning and advanced curricula, in addition to its universities owning scientific research centers and better laboratories than universities Egyptian.

But there are some Arab students who prefer to study in Egypt because the language of teaching and speaking is the Arabic language compared to Turkish universities that teach the curriculum either in Turkish or in English, and the English language comes in second place, so the student is free to choose. We have presented the advantages and disadvantages of studying in Every country and through each student’s appreciation knows where they can study and which country is better.

Here we have come to the conclusion of our article for today, dear ones, where we have provided you with the most important details about studying in Turkey and Egypt with the pros and cons of each study country. Through reading and reflecting on everything we have presented, you can choose easily and with confidence. We hope that the article will be useful, hoping that the benefit will reach everyone.

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