Which is better, Samsung or Huawei? Huawei vs Samsung


When you think about buying a new Android phone, you fall between many options that make you confused about them, so you have to search and compare phones in terms of performance, camera, shape, specifications, etc…

And when you compare phones, you often find between Samsung phones and Huawei phones, as they are among the best modern Android devices, so you immediately move to a question between you and yourself.Should I buy Huawei or Samsung?Where all the two devices lag behind according to the person’s preference for the things he is looking for in the phone, some are looking for devices with a large screen and a high-resolution camera, some are looking for devices with a medium or somewhat cheap price, and some are looking for a phone with a battery that lasts for a long period of time without charging and many more.

Therefore, in this article, we will explain to you a simple comparison that determines for you which is the best Samsung or Huawei mobiles? What is the difference between Huawei and Samsung? On the basis of that comparison, you can count on buying the phone, whether it is Huawei or Samsung.

Which is better, Samsung or Huawei?
Which is better, Samsung or Huawei?

Do you want to buy a new phone? Are you looking for an Android phone with good specifications? Confused while choosing your mobile phone? This article is directed to you, dear. Continue reading to the end to know all the details.

Smartphones are one of the most used things in our time, and it has become a main purpose that a person always carries and cannot be abandoned, because it is used extensively in communication with others or for work and for many other purposes that cannot be counted.

In the context of this issue, mobile phones are no longer produced by a single company, as many foreign companies entered the race to compete in the production and manufacture of smart phones. Today, we find that the market is crowded with mobile phones with similar specifications.

Therefore, the customer falls victim to choice, so he will not be able to choose that easily. Today, there are several companies specialized in manufacturing smart phones and are well known in the markets. In our article today, we will discuss a comparison between phones produced by Samsung and Huawei. Those of us who do not know these two companies have stormed the market with force and competition. There are severe differences between them, and we will present to you the most important differences between the two companies.

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Which is better, Samsung or Huawei?

It is a really important question and it is asked by many people who want to buy a mobile phone, so they cannot know the best type, whether the phone is provided by Samsung or Huawei, at first if we are talking about the quality of phones, it can be said that the two companies manufacture mobile phones with high quality, which is undeniable. I hid it, it is known that Samsung is a giant and pioneering company in the field of electronics industry of all kinds, as well as Huawei, as it has proven the worth of its mobile phones in the markets, and the company has wide fame in the global markets.

Comparison between Samsung and Huawei phones

For a close comparison, there are some points that must be compared in order to get to know together which of the two companies, Samsung or Huawei, is better:

1. The Healer

The processor is one of the most important main parts of the phone, which must be focused on when we buy a mobile phone. It is responsible for the central processing unit of the smartphone, in addition to the GPU unit, in addition to the display processor, communication unit, video processor, and random memory RAM.

The more advanced this basic part of the phone is, the higher the performance of the phone, which is a major point of competition between companies, as the phone that has an advanced processor will perform better in running programs and will save more battery power.

As for the comparison between Samsung and Huawei, the processor chips that Samsung uses are advanced with higher performance, because Samsung uses Exynos processor chips, which is a type of advanced processor that gives Samsung strengths compared to the processors used by Huawei, which are manufactured by multiple companies and are not the same. The quality of the processors used by Huawei.

Therefore, it can be said that Huawei’s reliance on these chips manufactured by multiple companies earned Samsung higher points in terms of the processor. According to some experts in the field of smart phones, they have proven that Samsung is advanced in terms of the processor.

2. Comparison in terms of battery

Many users care about the battery, as it is one of the most necessary specifications in the phone. Some of us want to own a phone whose battery charge ends quickly. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the battery capacity and the duration of its charging. Also, taking care of the battery has become more important after the emergence of the fourth generation technology of networks, which is a technology known for its large consumption for energy.

As for the comparison between Samsung and Huawei, there are no differences between the two companies, because Samsung and Huawei put batteries with a capacity of 4 to 5 thousand mAh or more on their phones, and they are batteries that are imported from the same manufacturer.

With regard to the fast charging technology that comes with phones, we find that Huawei is superior to Samsung in this technology, as Huawei provides a battery charging speed of up to 40 watts, so that the phone charges within a few minutes, while Samsung provides a normal charging speed of 25 watts.

3. A comparison between Huawei and Samsung cameras

The camera is classified as one of the main parts of the phone, and it is of wide and great interest by users, with the spread of social networking sites and the interest of many in publishing their private diaries on their personal accounts. Modern settings and more features within the camera to meet the needs of users.

According to some recent statistics, users care about the accuracy of the camera, its performance, and the accuracy of video shooting more than the performance of the processor. Its sensor, the Samsung phone camera takes pictures in bright colors and accurate details, as it helps to capture live pictures at all times and with the best accuracy, and the Samsung camera also includes a technology that helps improve light sensitivity in low light mode by merging 4 adjacent pixels so that they all work as a large pixel.

As for Huawei, it worked on developing its cameras greatly, as it contracted with Leica, as it is a famous and well-known company in the field of cameras, and the company showed its skills in cooperation with Huawei. Huawei showed its P9 phone with high imaging efficiency and is really distinguished among mobile phones.

Conclusion, Which is better, Samsung or Huawei?

In fact, the comparison between the two companies is difficult, and it is not possible to answer the question which is better. Both companies work hard to provide distinguished, high-quality mobile phones. As for choosing the phone, it is up to the user in terms of the things he is looking for. As we have seen, Samsung excels in terms of processor performance and Huawei excels in terms of The camera, every user knows the specifications that he wants, and in this way he can choose the phone he wants with the specifications and features that he wants to be present.

This was our topic for today, as we presented to you the most important differences between Samsung and Huawei, so that you can choose the phone from any company after reading the differences that we mentioned above, and as we mentioned previously, it remains optional for the user, as he searches for the features he wants and chooses the phone from the company that provides these features Within a specific budget, we hope that you liked the article, my friends.

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