What is this black dot in iPhones ?

what that little black dot on your phone

What is this black dot in the iPhone next to the back camera?

iPhone, technology has become our world and an integral part of our daily lives, especially smart phones, and it has become very difficult to dispense with it. At a time when none of us can live without these smartphones, especially the world’s best-selling iPhone, the latter has been manufactured in a way that meets the needs of each individual.

The benefit of the black dot on the iPhone
In fact, this black point in the iPhone is a small microphone, but it does not pick up your voice, but rather blocks the noise and noise around you, so that the person you are calling can hear you in a pure and complete clarity without distorting other sounds. So without this tiny dot next to the camera and flash, you won’t be able to hear the call clearly if you are in a crowded and noisy place.

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