What is the skill of storytelling, what is its importance, and how do you learn it?

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  • January 7, 2024
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Storytelling skill is one of the most important Soft skills Which can be mastered by anyone, regardless of their age, country, nature of work, goals…

Narration is simply the difference between success and failure, whether in your personal relationships, studies, work, business, and other various aspects of life.

Do not believe me? Read this article and I promise you that at the end of it, your outlook on many things will change and you will arm yourself with a skill that will help you succeed and overcome life’s obstacles.

What is narration skill?

Stories are an important component of life. Look around you and think carefully. You will find a story for everything, even yourself – dear reader – a moving story.

Think about when you want to convince your friend of something, or you are trying to get a job in an interview, or even selling a product or service to your client, what do you do?

Yes, exactly, in one way or another, you tell him a story, and one of the most important elements of stories and tales is the method and style of storytelling.

This is why the skill of narration is one of the most important skills that if you can master it professionally, you will be able to do anything you want in life. We will come to this shortly, but first let us define narration more clearly.

Storytelling is a method of telling a story, in which you use words and visuals to build a narrative for your audience.

It is a very ancient human activity, as old as man itself, and we humans use it for education, entertainment, communication, selling, and marketing.

The Power of Stories: Why is narrative important?

Story has tremendous power only if you use it correctly, and this is what makes the skill of narration a magical force for those who master it.

It enables you to:

  • Establishing a specific narrative regarding an event or action for the public.
  • Evoking emotions and bringing empathy to you and your story.
  • Building connections between different people, as story is a common factor that brings people together.
  • Inspiring, motivating and influencing the audience.
  • Persuasion (Especially in marketing and sales situations).

And other superpowers of story that can literally change the world. We have been programmed for thousands of years to operate our minds with stories.

Different forms of narrative

There are 4 main forms of narrative that you should be familiar with:

1. Oral Storytelling: The oldest form of narration at all, and it is often what is meant when mentioning the skill of narration, and it was used in ancient societies until now.

What distinguishes this type of narration is that it sparks the listener’s imagination and makes them more connected to the story by imbuing them with their own imaginings and meanings.

2. Visual Storytelling: Visual narration is also one of the oldest and most famous types of narration, as evidenced by cave drawings that have been around for thousands of years.

This form or type of narration is often combined with visual storytelling to establish a strong story, as happens in films and series.

3. Written Storytelling: Who among us has never read a novel before? Written novels or stories are one of the most important forms of written narrative ever.

Since man wrote the language instead of pronouncing it, he used stories, and you can know this in a simple way by seeing the inscriptions of any of the Pharaonic temples or any monument in your country.

4. Digital Storytelling: This is the most important form of narration for us in this article. With the development of technology and the emergence of social media, and before that, television and radio, we found the need for a form of digital storytelling.

This caused the emergence of new narrative techniques and technologies to adapt to the requirements of these media and achieve the desired results.

Now we find that the skill of digital storytelling is highly in demand on the Internet for e-commerce, marketing and other modern fields.

Storytelling Techniques

Learning different narration techniques is a very important part of developing the skill of narration and mastering it like a pro. It may take some time and effort, but it will pay off.

There is a very large group of narrative techniques, each of which suits specific circumstances and situations, the most famous of which are:

  • Pixar technology
  • The Mountain Technology
  • False Start technique
  • Petal Structure Technology
  • Hero Journey

There are, without exaggeration, dozens of other technologies that are worth getting to know and know their use cases.

Due to limited time and space, we will talk about only one, which is Pixar’s technology, which I find amazing for developing your narrative skill. It consists of a set of stages:

The first stage: Once upon a time… (Once upon a time, there was…): At this stage, the world is clarified and presented as an introduction for the listener to immerse himself in the new, different world.

The second stage: Every day… (Every day,…): At this point, Pixar shows the normal state and natural world of the character or hero before the problem occurs.

The third stage: But one day it happened… (Then one day,…): Here the action begins, as a change occurs in the world, causing a set of rapid consequences and events that force the character to make difficult decisions.

The fourth stage: Because of that… (Because of that,…): Events and their consequences follow.

The fifth stage: Then because of that…… (Because of that,…): Then the events and their consequences follow.

Stage Six: Until finally (Until finally,…): At the end of the film “In Tabat and Nabat,” the happy ending occurs after the difficult events when the hero achieves his goal.

Elements of a good story (one of the most important components of narration skill)

Although narration is an innate skill in all of us – with differences, of course – we all do it without thinking or realizing its rules.

However, there are actually useful elements related to the skill of narration for you, and we must focus on them if we want to tell a strong and powerful story that achieves results from it.

Those elements are:

1. The topic or theme Theme: It is your story and its events, and it is the medium that you use to influence the listener and achieve the results you want, and that topic is the most important element in creating the necessary communication situation for the listener.

2. Characters Characters: The characters in any story are what we all have in common and in which the listener or recipient sees themselves.

Therefore, you must pay attention to creating the character of your story, whether that character is you, someone else, or even an inanimate object such as a city, a car, or anything else.

3. The ocean Setting: They are the spices of your story, things like place, time, timing, and other details that give your story credibility and realism and make it believable.

4. Point of view POV: Stories, by their nature, have multiple angles and perspectives, and therefore one of the most important elements of narration skill and the elements of any story is the point of view, because it is your point of view that captivates and attracts the recipient’s attention and directs it as you want.

5. The plot Plot: In short, the plot is the engine of events, and it is what actually happens in your story.

6. Conflict Conflict: It is the crucial point in your story at which the recipient begins to place themselves in the events of the story and generate questions related to your topic, and from here the impact occurs and emotions arise.

7. The solution or result Resolution: It is one of the most important elements of the story in which the conflict is resolved, and the recipient reaches a conclusion behind the story.

The role of narrative skill in business and marketing

In our time, there is nothing wrong with the skill of narration and its impact on business and marketing. Today, it is absolutely indispensable in any form.

Open any ad for a product or watch any business presentation by one of the founders of tech companies (you can even go back to Steve Jobs’ presentations).

You will find the impact of this skill and its ability to work magic on people’s minds And move them as the skilled speaker wants.

In general, one of the most important roles of narrative skill in business and marketing is:

1. Interaction Engagement Communication with the public: Story is the best way to communicate with your audience who is waiting for you, whatever type of narrative you use.

2. Create a memory of you, your product and your story Memorability: And you know this well, you certainly remember the advertisements with a story that were shown on television or the Internet from time to time, as the story is a good way to create a strong memory in the minds of the audience.

3. Emotional impact: One of the most important features of the story is that it has a great emotional and emotional impact, as it puts the listener in the shoes of the story’s hero.

4. Persuasion Persuasion: Stories are one of the most important persuasion tools used by many entrepreneurs around the world, and they may be your means to persuasion, success, and influence.

5. Marketing your brand Branding: In short, a brand without a story never exists.

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Resources for learning narration skills

There are a group of sources that helped me a lot in developing my narration skill, which I will share with you in the next few lines:

1. Reading novels and watching movies: That is the first source you should rely on and learn from, in my opinion.

2. Reading news stories and press reports: You will learn and benefit a lot from the ability of brilliant journalists to link events together and create a story from them across different fields, specializations, and topics.

3. Digital storytelling course From Edraak: It is one of the best Arab resources that deals with the skill of narration and how to develop it. It is presented in cooperation with the ARIJ network, Arab Reporters for Investigative Journalism.

4. Narrative and influence course Storytelling and influencing From Coursera: One of the very special online courses that helps you communicate and achieve results.

5. course The Complete Storytelling Course for Speaking & Presenting From Udemy: One of the most distinctive online courses.

6. course Storytelling 101 from SkillShare: One of the creative and short courses on narrative skill.


In this article, I tried to provide you with all the information you need to develop your Storytelling skill.

In it, I presented to you topics such as: defining this skill, why it is important, its different forms, effective techniques, and many more.

Finally, I would like to leave you with a set of tips and experiences that I have gained during my years of work, which are:

1. Speak naturally, do not try to imitate anyone else’s voice or style.

2. Do not use complex and difficult words. The simpler you are, the better.

3. Don’t forget to use a call to action (CTA) in your story and talk.

4. Do not leave holes or gaps in your story, try to make it as tight as possible.

5. Also, do not neglect the details, but also do not overwhelm yourself with details.

6. Tell a story that benefits others, do not make it devoid of meaning.

I hope you have benefited and enjoyed this article, and if you have a question, ask us in the comments below and we will answer it for you.

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