What is the self-employment document in Saudi Arabia? What are its conditions and advantages?


The self-employment platform is one of the most important initiatives undertaken by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With the aim of organizing and motivating the engagement in self-employment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this initiative was launched in order to grant the self-employment document in Saudi Arabia in many areas to practice self-employment. In order to achieve its economic goals and provide human resources and job opportunities.

The step of issuing the self-employment document is necessary for anyone who has the skill of a particular profession that falls within Freelancing And the freelancer. This document has many advantages that the free worker can obtain and benefit from to open new fields of work. This document is an official document issued by the Saudi government attesting to the beneficiary that he is able to carry out his work in the Kingdom.

What is the self-employment document?

The self-employment document in Saudi Arabia is an official document approved by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. This document is granted to individuals specialized in a number of professional activities. It provides them with opportunities to practice free and independent work in the activities that the Ministry has indicated in its online platform for self-employment.

This document enables the person to have the freedom to work full or part time. This is in the fields of work that you specified on the portal after obtaining the self-employment document, which is valid for one year from the date of its issuance.

The self-employment document has many advantages, however, obtaining it does not require paying any fees, whether in order to obtain the document or to benefit from other available benefits.

In addition, the issuance of the self-employment document does not require full time, but the document can be issued even to a government employee who seeks to increase his income as well., and it can be renewed by entering the self-employment portal.

Conditions for issuing a self-employment document in Saudi Arabia

The self-employment document can be obtained or issued in Saudi Arabia through the self-employment portal launched by the Kingdom. The conditions for obtaining the self-employment document are as follows:

  • The holder of the self-employment document must have a Saudi nationality.
  • The age of the policy holder must be between 18 and 60 years.
  • Have an activated account on the Absher service.

How can a self-employment document be obtained in Saudi Arabia?

It is possible to register and obtain a self-employment document, by following the following steps:

  • Visit the freelance e-portal.
  • Verify that your activity exists within the portal.
  • Click on the “Issue your document” icon.
  • Create your own account on the self-employment portal, then verify this account via the Absher platform
  • Upload the documents required to issue the document, then issue the self-employment document.

Benefits of self-employment document in Saudi Arabia

One of the most important benefits that can accrue to you is the issuance of the self-employment document that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides to self-entrepreneurs.

1. The document is free

Issuing the self-employment document is completely free and does not require any fees from the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this feature encourages everyone to own the document.

2. Obtained electronically

The document can be issued electronically as one of the electronic services provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development. Where you can apply for it and take it out easily and in a short time without facing any obstacles and without leaving your home.

3. Provide multiple electronic payment solutions

By owning the policy, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia provides all policy holders with many innovative digital payment options and solutions in the Kingdom.

4. Having priority in the services of the Ministry of Business and Social Development

Possession of the document gives a greater opportunity to benefit from all the services provided by the Ministry of Labor and Social Development in the Kingdom.

5. It is recognized as an official document in the Kingdom

Possession of the self-employment document gives its owner its use in all government agencies in the Kingdom as an official recognized document through which he can contract with specific agencies to work in the Kingdom.

6. You hear about opening a bank account

Among the benefits that freelancers obtain from obtaining a self-employment document is the possibility of relying on it to open a bank account for its owner.

7. Many other electronic services

Issuing the self-employment document gives you the benefit of many other electronic services provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to business owners based on the document.

What are the occupations in the self-employment document?

The majors for which you can issue a self-employment certificate in Saudi Arabia include the following:

  • Specialization or professions selling via the Internet.
  • Specializing in electronic services.
  • Interpretation professions.
  • Maintenance and technical services business.

As for the jobs that allow you to issue a self-employment document inside Saudi Arabia, they include the following:

  • Beauticians and make-up professionals.
  • Hairdressing specialist.
  • Songwriter and singer.
  • Voice specialists.
  • Pedicure specialist and work in beauty centers.
  • musicologist.
  • Voice specialist.
  • Sound effects designers.
  • Script writers.
  • Painter.
  • Engineer software
  • Designer or developer of electronic games.
  • Content writer
  • Photographer and Photographer.
  • Videographer and cinematographer.
  • director.
  • the product.
  • Cartoonist and artwork.
  • Fine painter.
  • Comedy entertainment presenter.
  • Event organizers.
  • Optical illusion specialists.
  • Microsoft Office specialist.
  • Business planners.
  • Specialists Public relations.
  • Functional researcher.
  • data extractor.
  • Competent SAP.
  • Cloud specialist.
  • Electronic payment developer.
  • Mobile application developers.
  • PHP developers.
  • Content Designers.
  • Software quality testers.
  • Autocad drawing software experts.
  • Data recovery specialists.
  • Website developer.
  • sports commentators.
  • Athletes’ agents.
  • Specialists in the field of perfumes.
  • Network specialist.
  • Data analysts and information systems.
  • Hardware maintenance technician.
  • Tailor.
  • Animal trainers and specialists.
  • Interior and graphic designers.
  • E-marketing and social media campaigns officials.

How to cancel the self-employment document?

In a suit, if you want to cancel the self-employment document, you can do so. But after the expiration of the validity period of the document, which extends for a year. Which is calculated from the date of its issuance, after the end of this year, the holder of the policy has the right to choose whether to renew it or not.

Is self-employment allowed in Saudi Arabia?

Only Saudi nationals are allowed to work a part-time job in Saudi Arabia. In other words, self-employment is legal in Saudi Arabia but only for Saudis.

Does the freelancer pay taxes in Saudi Arabia?

Just like every other individual who earns income has to pay taxes, freelancers are also required to pay taxes and file income tax returns as per the IT Act.

What is the self-employment document?

The self-employment document in Saudi Arabia is an approved document issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development in Saudi Arabia. It is granted to individuals who work or provide services or products in various fields. areas of self-employment different. This document allows freelancers to practice independent work in accordance with the activities and laws approved by the Ministry through its self-employment portal.

What are the conditions for issuing a self-employment certificate in Saudi Arabia?

+ Possessing the holder of the self-employment document, Saudi nationality.
+ The person’s age ranges from 18 years to 60 years.
+ Having an activated Absher account.


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