What is Google Adsense?


What is Google Adsense? Do you know how to make money from it? Do you think that’s difficult? is it possible and how’s that ?.

Today I will explain to you everything about Google Adsense.

There are many ways to monetize your website, and most of them have to do with advertising third-party products or services to your visitors. There are many advertising programs that can help you earn money nowadays, but the most popular one is Google Adsense.

This advertising program was launched in the middle of 2002 by Google It is currently the most popular advertising program on the Internet. It provides a good opportunity for webmasters and site owners to monetize their traffic – every year, Google pays out more than $10 billion to publishers. If you ask yourself, “What is AdSense, and how can I make money with AdSense?” The following article will give you some of everything you need to get started.

Advantages of Google Adsense

  • A large number of publishers and advertisers. As of today, more than 10 million websites are using it.
  • High level of security, safety and transparency for both advertisers and publishers. This is another good feature of Adsense. Google acts as an intermediary between the two sides and understands that the entire process is transparent and clear to all. All necessary metrics can be tracked in your Google Analytics account.
  • Variety of ad formats. In Adsense, advertisers can run scripts and ads HTML Video ads and much more in many different sizes. As a publisher, you can experiment with different types of ads and see which ones generate the most revenue.

Check out and learn from the most used sizes by other publishers. For example, in our own study, based on an analysis of over 63,000 advertisers and publishers, we discovered that the most popular ad sizes are 728 x 90 and 300 x 250:


How does AdSense work?

The whole process is very simple. You could Create an Adsense account , inserting a small amount of code into your website pages – that’s all you need to get started. Google will display targeted ads on your page that are either relevant to your website content or to users’ previous searches, based on its proprietary algorithms.

Your website visitors will start clicking on these ads and – in the best case – you will be paid for it. Google AdSense works on the basis of CPC and profit sharing. This means that your main task will be to provide as many clicks as possible to those ads.

Tip: Don’t try to trick Google and artificially increase the number of clicks. Do not encourage your visitors to click on ads and – of course – do not click on your own ads under any circumstances! Google has a very careful and sophisticated system to prevent click fraud. Once it notices some suspicious activity on your website or has any doubts about the quality of your traffic and clicks, it may suspend your account.

How much can you earn from Adsense?

Google charges advertisers for each ad click. Publishers get 68% of the CPC (or 51% when it comes toAdsense for search).

The commission you get is highly dependent on the competition and CPC in your niche. In practice, the commission per click can range from $0.20 to $15. Most themes/niche bring in less than $3 per click for publishers. However, there are some subjects and specializations that can be very profitable.

There are several variables involved The amount of earnings you will earn from Adsense .

Traffic and visits are the most important

Finally, and most importantly, your earnings also depend on the amount of traffic going to your website. You can choose the most expensive prestige and choose The best placements for your ads but this does not make sense if no one comes to your site or blog.

Keep in mind that only a very small number of your visitors will click on the ads (there are no official statistics from Google, but webmasters usually report that a CTR of 1% to 2% is very good). Most likely, the clicks will bring you less than $1 per click. Now you can calculate how much traffic you need to earn the amount you want. So, if you want to make money through Adsense, you must have a lot of traffic. This will require a lot of work and a lot of unique and quality content.

This means that it always makes sense to build a website on a topic that you know a lot about. It will be easier for you to generate a lot of good content and this work will be fun. Don’t expect to make $1,000 a month with a 10-page website. It is recommended that you create at least 20-30 pages of content before you start working with AdSense.


To sum up briefly, you can make good money with Google AdSense, but it is not a program where you can get rich quick. There are some logical rules to follow that will help you lay the foundation for high and stable profits:

  • I love the topic you are writing about and you know a lot about it.
  • In addition to producing unique and relevant content, do this regularly to let Google know that your site is constantly being updated with new information.
  • Do not attempt to deceive Google with any kind of “fake” clicks.
  • Do some research to find the most profitable niches in terms of CPC And search for demand. Build your content plan according to these ideas.

This will help you get a lot of traffic and generate income through AdSense.

Do you know now what is Google Adsense? Do you want to know more? Follow with me.

Why do bloggers prefer Google AdSense over other ad networks?

Easy to setup

Once you have an approved Google AdSense account, all you need to do is add code to your theme file, and ads will start appearing on your blog.

Here is a complete guide about How to create and set up a new Adsense account.

Adsense means recognition of efficiency

Adsense is one of the most highly rated and recognized advertising programs out there. However, not all types of blogs are approved by AdSense, and if you were lucky before with an AdSense account, then you are doing something right.

One adsense account for all websites

With most ad networks, you need to manually add all of your sites, and after site-by-site approval, you can place ads on that site.

With AdSense, once you have an approved AdSense account, you can place ads on any website that complies with the AdSense Terms of Service. There is no need to set up different accounts for different blogs.

This is extremely useful for a blogger or media agency that is growing and adding new online property.

The AdSense payment system is reliable

The main problem you will face with small advertising companies is the issue of payment. Even though you meet the minimum payout, you may have difficulty getting your payment. AdSense, on the other hand, is very transparent in terms of payment, and you are unlikely to have any problems getting your AdSense payment.

There is no doubt that Google AdSense is one of the best programs for making money online with a blog.

AdSense helps you earn recurring income which is idle for anyone who leaves their online job to make an online career. Also, the quality of the ads is distinguished, as it will not reduce the quality of your blog even if you display more than one ad.

In the next section of the AdSense guide, you will learn everything about Google AdSense.

Google Adsense guide for beginners

I have tried to add as much information as possible and many AdSense tips and tricks that users can implement to increase their revenue exponentially.

One thing I would like to say:

Google AdSense is very strict about its policies, so be sure to read the official AdSense guide to learn about the best practices for monetizing through AdSense without any risks.

How to increase your income from Adsense

Discussions and reviews

Various adsense topics

I will continue to update the Adsense guide whenever a new one is released, and enrich it with many helpful tips and posts as they appear.

If you need any particular tutorial on adsense just let me know.

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