What is Chat GPT and How Does it Work? How is it Different From Other AI Tools?

what is chat gpt
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  • January 11, 2023
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What is chat gpt?
chat GPT capabilities
Chat gpt problems
Comparison of ChatGPT with other chat models
GPT-3 form
Alexa & siri Alexa and Siri and the difference between them and ChatGPT
Cortana Cortana model

In November 2022, the research organization OpenAI launched a new website that relies entirely on artificial intelligence in the process of conducting conversations.

It is called (Chat GPT).

Chat gpt has been trained on lots of data from the internet to be able to understand the language of users, and to be able to produce an understandable response.

This led to the threat of traditional search engines, especially Google.

Chat GPT can provide the information you request clearly and accurately, rather than providing links on the Internet.

This is a quantum leap in search engines.

What is ChatGPt?

It is a chatbot Developed by (open ai)

what is open ai
open ai

The company using artificial intelligence technologies. He was trained with the Human Feedback Reinforcement Learning System (RLHF).

Initially, the company built a prototype using supervised learning technology. Where AI engineers have conversations they play both sides.

And I mixed this new dialog dataset with the InstructGPT dataset.

InstructGPT is the model that the company created in 2020.

After that, the company started training the model with reinforcement learning technology and repeated the training until they reached the current result. [2]

Chat GPT capabilities
It is difficult to define a specific scope of work for chat gpt due to its wide resources.

It includes all areas that depend on writing, from simple answers to writing articles or films in all languages.

What has gotten him buzzed the most in recent weeks is his ability to help write code for software development and the web.

In addition to explaining complex topics in general and simplified terms, and writing general tasks such as articles and letters. [2]

artificial intelligence
robot ai

ChatGPT sometimes writes answers that seem reasonable but are incorrect or don’t make sense.

Fixing this problem is difficult.

Training the model to be more careful will cause it to reject questions that it can answer correctly with just a simple rephrase of the question.
It often overuses certain statements, such as reiterating that it is a language model trained by OpenAI.
Ideally, the form should ask clarifying questions when the user submits a vague query.

Instead, ChatGPT usually guesses what the user wants.
Although the company has made efforts to have the model reject inappropriate requests, it will sometimes respond to malicious instructions or exhibit biased behavior due to its self-learning that it sometimes misidentifies data.

But the company always monitors users’ opinions to develop the model and get rid of this problem.
It is not available in a number of Arab countries such as (Syria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia…) [2]
Comparison of ChatGPT with other chat models

GPT-3 form

GPT-3 is the predecessor to ChatGPT.

It is also the third generation of OpenAI’s GPT language model, which is one of the most powerful language models available today.

It can handle natural language pretty well, but ChatGPT is still chat-oriented.

ChatGPT is capable of more powerful processing by connecting conversations, including language translation, text summarization, and question answering.

On the other hand, ChatGPT is specifically designed for conversation with humans. It has been trained on a large collection of data from actual conversations between trainers.

So it can create a more appropriate response to communicate with users.

It is also faster and more efficient than GPT-3 in general.

Which makes it a better choice for use in chat applications. [3]

Alexa & siri Alexa and Siri and the difference between them and ChatGPT
Siri and Alexa can interact with the physical world and complete actions on other apps/devices. While ChatGPT can do none of that (at least for now).

This is because it is designed to provide more detailed and comprehensive answers to a wide range of questions and not to make actions and actions.

Siri and Alexa are used in more applications in our daily lives (turning off the lights, sending messages…) while ChatGPT is for use cases related to conversations (answering questions, writing assignments, writing codes, explaining what the user is asking…).

In terms of security, ChatGPT has more data privacy than Alexa and Siri.

Also, you can easily delete ChatGPT chats with a click of a button after you get the help you need, plus there is no chat history.

Therefore, your data is used when you wish to do so.

These features give ChatGPT a clear edge over Siri and Alexa when it comes to data ownership and privacy.

Also, the applications of artificial intelligence are more accurate when they are specific to a specific field.

Thus ChatGPT is quite accurate in everything it can do at the moment.

In addition to generating human-like responses without any kind of grammatical errors.

It can also adjust its answers if you modify your questions to provide you with more accurate answers than Alexa or Siri.

Plus you don’t need to repeat the topic or question to get an accurate answer.

ChatGPT understands the context of the conversation and responds accordingly, just like a human would! [4][5]

Cortana template compared to ChatGPT
Cortana uses voice to carry out user requests, similar to both Siri and alexa, and this is what sets it apart from ChatGPT.

It was developed by Microsoft.

Cortana uses Windows Search to help you search the web on Windows devices. It also provides you with quick answers, translations, and calculations.

It sets alarms for you and performs other tasks that don’t require personalization, even if you’re not signed in and haven’t given Cortana permission to use your personal data.

Cortana can offer you search suggestions as soon as you start typing or speaking.

But what sets ChatGPT apart from it is its ability to find the exact and specific answer without having to enter links or read articles.

That the ChatGPT database depends on his continuous learning from his dealings with users and not only on the data (codes, articles…) ready. [6]

With the revolution that took place due to ChatGPT’s ability to communicate with users and answer questions efficiently

it is believed that such applications will take over the work of traditional search engines, in addition to the spread of many news and articles about the possibility of taking over many professions such as translators, programmers, and designers.

On the other hand, some believe that these applications can be helpful and time-saving if people keep pace with development and benefit from them to get easier, faster and more creative results.

What do you think of artificial intelligence technologies?

Do you find such applications helpful human beings or compete with him?

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