What are the duties of a seo expert?

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  • February 23, 2023
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Seo expert

Most marketers think that entering a few keywords on all pages of a site is what an SEO expert does. However, SEO professionals perform a range of tasks that go beyond keyword research.

They perform tasks such as testing and analyzing various elements of a website, optimizing website content, improving search engine ranking, and much more.
Let us discuss in detail the role and responsibilities of an SEO expert.

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Who is a seo expert?

A seo expert is an in-depth person who specializes in digital marketing, has experience in research and analysis, and has a lot of experience that helps him solve all problems related to appearing in search engines.
The SEO expert helps you to show your site in Google and improve its site to show it in the first results in search engines.
The SEO expert can also know the strength of your site, its ranking, and the study of competitors as well, in order to implement changes to your site and make it in the first positions, in order to increase visitors and customers to your site.
An SEO expert usually works in digital marketing agencies, web development companies, or internal marketing teams in organizations and works as a freelancer in Free job sites also .

What are the duties of a seo expert?

There are many tasks that the SEO expert performs, because SEO is not just adding keywords! Rather, it is a review, audit, analysis and research.

Among the tasks that the SEO expert performs are:

Google keyword analysis

Among the main tasks, we find that he must be aware of the correct way to search for keywords, their percentage of appearance, and the percentage of competition for them, in order to add them or create appropriate content based on them.

Carrying out advertising campaigns in Google

The SEO expert should also be aware of how to place ads in Google and how to run them, and analyze their results to get the most out of them.


The SEO specialist must know the method by which a backlink is created and how to get a good backlink in a legal way and help the site to appear and increase Google’s confidence in the site, because there is a backlink that harms the site.

Content modification

The SEO expert can also modify the previous content on the site, if the content does not meet the basic and good criteria for the content.

Ad analysis

One of the tasks of the SEO expert is also to analyze Google ads for competitors and determine their goals, to create better ads than them and compete with them.

Code modification

The SEO expert must be familiar with some programming languages ​​or have a specialist in programming languages, in order to make the necessary modifications to some codes if necessary, in order to add improvements to the site or improve its speed.

Editorial team review

An SEO expert can also review the editorial team and advise them on how to write content based on keywords.

Create a content plan

The SEO expert can develop a content plan for a period of one or two months, according to the owner of the site, in order to write appropriate and well-designed content for Google, and he can also develop a plan for the site and implement it or give it to the owner of the site to implement it.

Site analysis

One of the tasks of the SEO expert is also to analyze the site and provide tips or a weekly report for the site, to know the status and performance of the site, and to measure key performance indicators to understand the number of submissions, the number of registrations, the percentage of sales to the site, the number of downloads, and more related things that differ depending on the nature of the content Posted on the site.

Site indexing

Provide SEO recommendations for site code, content and meta tags based on search data and site key performance indicators (KPIs) collected from Google Analytics , Google Search Console and a variety of tools.


One of the secondary tasks of the SEO expert is the skill of communication, whether in writing or verbally, to communicate with the owner of the site, the company, or the service providers he works on, such as: excellent written and verbal communication skills (e-mail, phone, etc…).

These are some of the tasks that a seo specialist masters. Tell us your opinion in the comments. What are the tasks of a seo expert?

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