What are the disadvantages of studying medicine in Türkiye?


In this post, you will find a comprehensive guide on Disadvantages of studying medicine in TürkiyeAnd also its advantages. In addition, we will answer some questions about studying medicine in Turkey, such as how much does it cost to study medicine in Turkey? How long is the study of medicine in it? To know whether studying medicine in Türkiye is good or not? So follow us to know the details.

Disadvantages of studying medicine in Türkiye

Disadvantages of studying medicine in TürkiyeWhere we will present to you, through this article, for those wishing to study medicine in Turkey, all the details that must be taken into consideration about the matters that would constitute some obstacles during the course of studying medicine in Turkey.

We will also answer many questions that may arise on this subject, in terms of the difficulty of studying, the costs of studying medicine, as well as the language in which medicine is taught at the University of Turkey.

This is so that the matter appears clear and clear before taking the steps to choose to study medicine in Turkey. So Follow the next lines with us, and learn more about the disadvantages of studying medicine in Türkiye.

Disadvantages of studying medicine in Türkiye

Before we talk about the most important advantages offered by the University of Medicine in Turkey, we must talk about some aspects that will determine whether studying medicine in Turkey is good or not, can be dealt with and whether it is appropriate or not, before deciding and making a decision. The final on the start of the journey of studying medicine in Turkey.

Here are some of the negatives and disadvantages of studying medicine in Türkiye:

  • The intensity of competition for study seats in medical colleges; Especially in public universities has led to higher acceptance rates compared to other universities.
  • High tuition costs in most private universities to study medicine in Türkiye.
  • Exposure to severe pressure and a feeling of constant tension due to exams and the continuous study that continues throughout the academic year.
  • One of the conditions for Turkish universities is the availability of a specific level in terms of language, either teaching in Turkish or English, for students applying to study medicine in Turkey, or attending the so-called preparatory year before starting the study. In the end, it is one of the advantages that facilitate the way for students to pursue their studies towards success, in addition to the ease of dealing with patients.
  • The difference in salaries between foreigners and Turks after graduation, as the salaries of foreigners are much lower than the salaries of Turks.
  • The Turkish language may stand again as an obstacle in the student’s study when pursuing studies after graduation, as the study of medicine does not end only upon graduation, but the doctor needs to continue and continue the studies.

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What are the advantages of studying medicine in Türkiye?

And after we mentioned the disadvantages of studying medicine in Turkey, we must also learn about the most important advantages that are available in medical universities in Turkey, which are as follows:

  • Quality in education and raising the academic level, through the study of advanced curricula.
  • Full medical specializations are available in Turkish universities, starting from the study of human medicine to dentistry, as well as clinical medicine and medical sub-specialties.
  • Using the latest scientific and advanced methods, in addition to technological techniques, especially in the study of human medicine.
  • Providing support by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education to all medical schools in Turkey, private or governmental, using the latest means.
  • The fame of Turkish universities and the increase of their reputation in the world through the participation of Turkish medical colleges in international medical and scientific research, which in turn contributes to raising the levels of experience among Turkish university students.
  • There are several options for studying medicine in Türkiye in Turkish or English.
  • Turkey is progressing in the health field, especially in the field of health tourism, as patients from all over the world come to it, either for treatment or plastic surgery, which in turn also leads to an increase in the experience of students.

Some questions about studying medicine in Türkiye

We also promised you, dear readers, to provide all information about matters related to studying medicine in Turkey, so we will ask these questions through the following:

What are the costs of studying medicine in Türkiye?

  • There is a difference in the costs of studying medicine in Turkey between public universities and private universities, or it may be a scholarship provided by the university.
  • Even costs vary from one private university to another, by a large margin.
  • In any case, you can go to the website of the university where you want to study medicine, and find out the cost of studying there before applying directly.
  • However, it can be said that the prices of studying medicine in Turkey within private universities range from ten thousand to twenty-nine thousand US dollars, and from here we notice the big difference in the costs of studying in private universities.

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What is the duration of studying medicine in Türkiye?

The duration of studying medicine in Turkish universities is 6 academic years in the first four years of studying academic subjects, while the last two years are for practical training.

What are the conditions for applying to Turkish public universities?

to apply in Turkish public universities The following conditions must be met:

  • General secondary certificate or its equivalent.
  • The student must obtain an average of 90% or more.
  • A detailed statement of the student’s grades.
  • A copy of the student’s valid passport.
  • A certificate showing that the student is fluent in one of the Turkish or English languages.
  • A certificate that the student has passed the YOS or SAT exam, so that he can join the department for which he was chosen.

What are the conditions for applying to Turkish private universities?

In order to apply to study medicine in private Turkish universities, some requirements are required to enroll in them, as follows:

  • A copy of a valid passport.
  • The student’s general secondary certificate or its equivalent, and it is not required to obtain the same rates as the public university.
  • Presenting an international certificate in the language in which the student wishes to study.
  • In the absence of the international certificate, the student is subjected to a placement test in the language by the university, before joining the chosen department, and accordingly, it is determined whether he will join the department or join a preparatory year for the language before starting the study.

Here, my dears, we have reached the end of the article about the disadvantages of studying medicine in Turkey, and we have also answered some inquiries about studying medicine in Turkey. Our goal is always to provide information Useful for you, with best wishes for success.

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