Top 5 most wanted jobs in Dubai 2023

Are you thinking of traveling to the UAE for work? Are you looking for the most wanted jobs in Dubai? Then you are in the right place because, through this article, we will learn about the 5 best and most wanted jobs in Dubai.

Where the UAE is characterized by job diversity and high salaries for specialized jobs, and we had talked in a previous article about The highest paying companies in the UAEThrough this article, we will introduce you to Best jobs in Dubai Which is characterized by high demand in addition to being highly paid.

Best jobs in Dubai 2023

Many people want to travel to the United Arab Emirates with the intention of working, as the Emirates is one of the richest Arab countries and the best for obtaining a job and work.

Therefore, you find that most eyes turn to Dubai in order to search and find work, but with the increase in the labor force in the Emirates, the demand has become higher for specific groups in certain fields, and today you find many people asking about the most important jobs required in Dubai before traveling.

So that those who wish to travel to the Emirates can form an integrated idea about what awaits him from the near future in the Emirates. Therefore, today in our article, we will take you on an introductory tour to present the best and most demanded jobs in Dubai. Continue reading the article to the end to know all the details about jobs in the Emirates.

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Best wanted jobs in Dubai

Although the Emirate of Dubai is not large, but it is a global trade center and is visited by millions of businessmen and capital owners with the intention of working and achieving high financial gains. Therefore, today in Dubai you find many companies in various commercial and industrial fields.

There are many required jobs in Dubai. We will categorize the best and most demanded ones, which are as follows:

1. Human Resources Manager position

The job of human resources manager is one of the required jobs in the United Arab Emirates, especially in the Emirate of Dubai, where the employee in this job is responsible for conducting recruitment interviews in companies, in addition to that he supervises the employees and the way they work and sets appropriate plans for work and can be considered as a link between employees and management The company, and the more qualifications you have in leadership and planning, the greater your chance of getting a job in the position of human resources management, and since Dubai is a commercial center that includes hundreds and perhaps thousands of commercial companies, it is natural that the vacancy of the human resources manager is large.

2. Technology jobs

The UAE is one of the most developed countries in technology at the level of the Arab and international worlds, where commercial and industrial companies in Dubai depend on technology in the first place. Therefore, the demand for employees who have skills in dealing with technology is high, such as developing websites and mobile applications in addition to developing information systems. Designing video games and other diverse technological fields. If you have skill in one of the previous fields of technology, hurry up to be an employee in the Emirate of Dubai.

3. A job as a digital marketing specialist

The job of a digital marketing specialist is one of the most demanded jobs in Dubai, especially after commercial markets and large companies depend on digital marketing to promote their products. Therefore, it is necessary to have employees specialized in digital marketing and work professionally and with experience on digital marketing platforms, and the main goal of this job It is to increase the percentage of product sales in the company, in addition to forming a famous and well-known name in the Arab and international markets in order to win the largest number of customers. Therefore, this job is one of the most requested and best jobs at the level of the Emirate of Dubai and the United Arab Emirates as a whole.

4. Translation functions

The job of a translator or work in a field Translation One of the most requested fields in Dubai, it is known that Dubai is a tourist center to which tourists come from all over the world, and having the skill of translation means that you have a bright future full of work and success in the UAE, as the demand for translation staff is open and continuous, and the matter is not limited to the tourism field only.

Because of the Corona pandemic that hit different parts of the world, work in translation jobs has become available via the Internet and from home, and you can find many vacancies with good and appropriate salaries, and this job is one of the easiest jobs if you have experience in the field of translation and you can find a vacancy easily, because the demand The translators are increasing day by day.

5. Customer service function

You may think that this job has become outdated due to the emergence of the autoresponder, but it is still necessary in Dubai and is one of the most prominent jobs spread across the entire Emirates, as it helps the employee by answering customer questions and inquiries about a matter in addition to listening to customer complaints and recording them to fix the problem and solve it as soon as possible. What is distinctive about this job is that it is one of the easiest jobs that do not need a lot of experience and skills, but if you have it, finding a job will be much easier, as it is known that most commercial companies in Dubai always ask for work experience before anything.

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What other majors are required in Dubai?

There are some majors that are frequently required in Dubai, in addition to the previous majors that are in the list of the best jobs in Dubai, but despite that, many students who graduated from universities and wish to enter the labor market in Dubai ask about other required specializations, as they are as follows:

  1. Engineering majors in its various branches.
  2. Business management in its various departments.
  3. Specializations in information technology and computer science.
  4. Educational specializations for universities and schools.
  5. field of artificial intelligence.
  6. The field of science and epidemiology.

This was our topic for today, dear ones, as we presented you with a group of the best and most demanded jobs in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. If you want to enter the labor market in one of the previous fields, do not hesitate to search for jobs in the United Arab Emirates, as the Emirates is always working to expand more and more. Its strong economy helps to manage the human resource and increase job opportunities in Dubai and in various other emirates.

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