Tips to avoid violating Google Adsense policies and not being banned

Learn tips Avoid Violating Google Adsense Policies!!

There are several practices that may lead to adsense blocking your site and stopping ads, among these practices, placing ads in popup windows …. Follow with me to know all the practices rejected by Saysat Google Adsense.

I started in March 2012 with AdSense, but the real use and income behind it was later, and since then it has been a big part of my blog monetization technique.

In the first year, I earned only about $10.2k from Adsense (the first month I didn’t make $30), it was no small feat, and I realized that no matter how many Adsense alternatives we are talking about, AdSense is one of the best and highest paying ad network for any blogger.

I have already shared some Practical tips to increase your revenue from Adsense However, as I mentioned, AdSense is very strict about rules and violations, which means that you have to take care of a few things to make sure that you are not violating AdSense policies.

We all know that getting AdSense approval is not easy and we need to do many things to keep our AdSense account active.

Recently, I received an email from the AdSense team stating that AdSense has been disabled on one of my sites. I realized that this is the right time to update this post and make new Adsense publishers aware of Adsense policies and things to avoid, which may lead to account ban.

Out of context but since 2011, when Google launched Google Panda, it has also made some major changes to its AdSense quality guidelines.

In particular, in 2011-2012 we noticed that many AdSense publishers were banned due to copyright infringement and low quality pages. Another major cause of another ban is an invalid click, which is quite a big topic, and I’m going to cover it in another post.

Google Adsense is very strict about policies, that’s why I removed Global Translator to save myself from getting banned from Google Adsense.

These are the simple mistakes that an AdSense publisher should avoid:

Tips to avoid violating Google AdSense policies

1. Invalid clicks

This is how you max out your AdSense accounts and put them in the danger zone.

Most of the publishers who start with AdSense usually ask their friends to click ads or click their ads from headlines IP different.

If the Addition team detects any such activity, they put your account in “disabled mode” to protect their advertisers.

Also, many new publishers ask their readers to click on ads, which is discouraged adsense Also as stated in their program policies.

2. Using Adsense on a blog in a language that is not supported by Google

At the time of writing, not all languages ​​are supported by Google to qualify for a program adsense . If you have an approved AdSense account, and you are using it to show it on a blog, whose language does not qualify as per the Adsense TOS, then you need to make changes ASAP.

If you use any method to make your blog multilingual and display ads on it, it can be considered as a violation.

Below List of Adsense Supported Language.

3. Sending advertisements via e-mail

Many publishers have started sending ads adsense Inside the email, sometimes it goes viral. Google finds it against the policies of the program, so the owner is punished with a ban.

4. Competitive contextual advertising

Make sure you are not using any other contextual advertising software. Make Google Adsense your only favorite advertising program. Although for monetization you can use many other ad networks.

5. Change the code / Adsense code

So you are a programmer? It doesn’t matter, it is not allowed to change your AdSense code in any way, which is not accepted by Google.

Image shading: Placing a Google AdSense ad unit with image adjacent can be a great and smart move, but guess what? Do that and Google Adsense will kick you out of its gates.

The Google TOS terms of use do not allow the use of your AdSense display ads with the adjacent image.

6. Copyrighted content

If you are running Adsense on a site that distributes copyrighted content like movies, songs or any other files, you will most likely get an instant ban.

Adsense is not allowed to place Adsense ads on website that distribute copyright material.

7. Linking the site to a site that distributes illegal content and has no copyright to the content

This is something I came to know about in 2013. This is also the biggest reason why most of the sites get banned by the third party. adsense.

If you are linking to sites such as (online movies), illegal or pirated software, or Keygen sites, your AdSense service may be disabled for that particular site. The following is the other type of content, which is not allowed for the sites you work with adsense:

  • Porn, adult material
  • Violent content and radiating violence
  • racist content
  • the pirate
  • Gambling / casino
  • Pages selling drugs and alcohol (beer or hard alcohol)
  • Pages selling weapons and ammunition

These are just examples. There can be many. Therefore, you should avoid putting any such content on your blog or at least avoid displaying adsense ads on those pages.

8. Make ads appear to be part of the content

You’re free to make your ads blend in with the content by changing the color or size, but don’t make it look exactly like the content. In the image below, you can see what kind of simulation is not acceptable:

Tips to avoid violating Google Adsense policies
Avoid violating Google Adsense policies

Other things to know:

  1. Do not have your adsense ads installed anywhere on your site. Making them not move in one aspect of the site is against the AdSense implementation policy.
  2. Using AdSense ads on a site that curates videos from YouTube or other video hosting sites can put your account in a ban box. To avoid this, make sure that you also have original content on your blog. A good idea is to add 200 to 300 words of content in your words describing the video.
  3. Do not place Adsense ads on 404 error pages, checkout pages, login and thank you pages or site policies.

But if you are a victim of the Adsense ban game, we offer you several Alternatives to Adsense .

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