The required professions in Croatia 2023 and important information about working in Croatia


Are you looking for a job opportunity abroad? Do you want to travel to Croatia in search of suitable job opportunities? Are you asking about The most demanded professions in Croatia? If you are asking all these questions and looking for answers, keep reading the article to the end.

The required professions in Croatia 2023 and important information about working in Croatia

Croatia is one of the countries that have a strong and prosperous economy. It is one of the economically and socially flourishing countries. It is also one of the countries of the European Union, which helped it provide new opportunities for work and investment in the country.

Which made it a destination for young people who want to travel to one of the European Union countries with the aim of stability and work. Therefore, you find many young people asking before traveling and applying to Croatia about the most required professions available in Croatia.

As the answer to this topic saves time and money for the person wishing to travel to Croatia so that he can benefit from the answer if his profession is required or not, which is what we will work with in our article today, as we will present to you the most required professions in Croatia.

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The professions in demand in Croatia

There are many professions available in Croatia, which are among the best professions for work, as these professions come with good salaries and are suitable for living a decent life. The professions are classified as follows:

  • food processing.
  • pharmaceutical.
  • Chemicals.
  • mechanical.
  • Building contractors.
  • Cooks and cooks.
  • Administrators.
  • treasurer.
  • Textiles.
  • flight attendant.
  • Shipbuilding.
  • Building.
  • Maid jobs.
  • Truck drivers.
  • Specializing in stitching.
  • nannies.
  • maids.
  • wood products.
  • sailors.
  • Diving instructor.
  • divers.
  • minerals.
  • tourism jobs.
  • carpentry teachers.

Since Croatia is a tourist country visited by many tourists around the world, a large percentage of Croatians work in the tourism field. According to some statistics, the percentage of Croatians working in the tourism field has reached nearly 60%, and the service field in Croatia has gained a large percentage of workers, as the percentage of Croats who work in the field of services to nearly 20%.

Work wages in Croatia

In fact, salaries in Croatia are somewhat low, as the minimum wage reaches 373 US dollars per month, or approximately 2,600 kuna.

The average salary of ordinary workers amounts to 871 US dollars, or approximately 5842 kuna.

Visa to find a job in Croatia

The percentage of inquiries about a work visa in Croatia, which allows a foreign person to travel to Croatia and enter it for a temporary period in order to work, has increased, and this type of visa comes for a period of about one year.

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Employment laws in Croatia for foreigners

Many Arabs and foreigners in general want to travel to Croatia for work, and in order to travel to Croatia, there are many different visas that enable foreigners to obtain them in Croatia.

The work permit or work contract is one of the most common visas in Croatia, as holders of this type of visa allow them to work in a company in Croatia.

There are other types of visas, which are self-employment or highly skilled immigrant visas, in addition to the student visa.

In order for foreigners to work in Croatia on a regular basis, the traveler must have a valid work permit. Without this permit, the foreign individual cannot work in Croatia.

In order to obtain a work permit, one must go to the Croatian consulate or embassy in the country of residence of the applicant, and he will be able to obtain a work permit for a period of one year, and the applicant can renew it later.

How to get a work permit in Croatia?

To obtain a work permit in Croatia, some of the applicant’s papers must be submitted, which are a valid passport, in addition to a work contract submitted by the Croatian employer. Without this work contract, it is not possible to obtain a work permit in Croatia.

Before applying, the Croatian employer must obtain confirmation from the Croatian Ministry of Labor stating that there are no Croatian workers who can do the job offered by the Croatian employer, or even the presence of citizens from European Union countries. After obtaining this confirmation, the applicant for a job in Croatia must submit This papers to the Croatian Consulate or Embassy to obtain a work permit.

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Opening hours in Croatia

With regard to working hours in Croatia, they differ between shops and government places, for example, schools and companies open between six and seven in the morning and close later at four in the afternoon, and some close at six in the evening.

As for the stores, they open from Monday to Friday, and the working hours start from nine in the morning until five in the evening. Business in Croatia varies between stores.

1. Shopping malls

Shopping centers open from Saturday to Monday from eight in the morning until 8 in the evening, but on Sunday the working hours are from ten in the morning until 6 in the evening.

2. Banks

Banks open from Monday to Friday, and there are some banks that open on Saturday, and the working hours start from eight in the morning until four in the evening.

3. Post offices

Post offices are open from Monday to Friday from eight in the morning until four in the afternoon, and there are some offices that open on Saturdays.

4. Restaurants and cafes

As for restaurants and cafes, they are open throughout the week from eight in the morning until eleven in the evening.

This was our topic for today, dear ones, as we presented to you the most required professions in Croatia for the year 2023. If you want to travel to Croatia and are looking for the most wanted jobs in Croatia, you can rely on the content mentioned above to choose the appropriate job, and we also provided you with the types of visas available to obtain a job opportunity in Croatia In addition to some important information about the work system in Croatia, we hope that the article has won your admiration, dear readers.

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