The required jobs and professions in Malaysia 2023


Are you thinking of working in Malaysia and wondering what are the most required jobs and professions to work in Malaysia? So this article is directed to you, dear reader, as it is financially considered one of the countries that attract thousands of displaced people who hold professions and experiences in scientific fields and specializations and professional professions, as part of the labor migration program in Malaysia, so before you think about traveling and wasting time searching for job opportunities in Malaysia First, you must be aware What are the required professions in Malaysia?So, follow us on our website Technical dot com To learn about the required professions in Malaysia.

The required professions in Malaysia 2023

Traveling abroad has become the dream of many young people, as staying in the motherland is no longer feasible today, so it has become necessary to travel to work and secure a decent life full of freedom and financial perfection, as salaries today in most Arab countries are no longer commensurate with the cost of living, so we all see the high cost And the outrageous rise in prices, which is not commensurate with the value of the salaries paid.

Therefore, some have come to look at foreign countries as a main destination for work and securing the future, and Malaysia was among the destinations that many people think of, especially for Egyptians, Syrians and Yemenis, as Malaysia has a strong economy and multiple industries and there are various types of investment in it, which made it a unique place to create investments and establish companies Which led to an increase in employment opportunities in the country.

Where there are many professions that need employees and experienced workers to work in Malaysia, and the Malaysian government today seeks to fill this shortage by attracting those wishing to work from abroad. Today, we find many young people searching online for the required professions in Malaysia in order to travel and work there.

This is what we will present in our topic today, just follow the explanation, dear reader, to learn all the details about the most demanded jobs and professions in Malaysia for the year 2023.

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required professions in malaysia

Since the language used in Malaysia is English, it has made it a special place for many foreign workers to work. It is a language that many around the world master, which saves time for learning a new language if traveling to other countries. Today, there are more than 80,000 vacancies in Malaysia in 42 fields. Diverse and different. These occupations are as follows:

1. General Manager and Chief Executive Officer

This profession is one of the most demanded professions in Malaysia due to the multiplicity of companies and the increase in the need for executive managers. This position includes several other branches such as the manager of technical personnel, the general manager and the executive director, as mentioned in the introduction to the paragraph.

2. Financial Director

This job position is within the list of the most available and common professions in Malaysia. Of course, the applicant must possess skills, university degrees, and experience to obtain this job position. Several other positions branch out from this profession, all under the shadow of the financial manager job. These branches are as follows:

  • User account management.
  • Audit manager.
  • Risk Management Manager.
  • Budget manager.
  • and tax manager.
  • and Finance Director Credit Manager.
  • and Director of Actuarial Valuation.
  • and risk modeling manager.
  • and purchasing manager.

3. Human Resources Manager

It is also one of the common jobs in Malaysia, as the demand for it has increased recently, and the applicant must have a university degree with experience in this field. A group of branches branches out from this position, which are as follows: Recruitment Manager, Occupational Safety Manager, and Environment Manager and Quality and Health and Safety Manager.

4. Policy and planning directors

It is one of the highly demanded professions in Malaysia, and it is classified as a high-paying profession. Several functional branches branch out from this position, as follows:

  • Corporate planning manager.
  • Director of Regulatory Affairs.
  • Director of Strategic Planning.

The best jobs and professions required in Malaysia 2023

There are many professions that are classified as the most demanded jobs in Malaysia, which are as follows:

  • social science.
  • Chef.
  • Petrochemicals.
  • trade and business.
  • construction engineers.
  • Information technology specialists.
  • Computer engineers.
  • Doctors.
  • nurse.
  • Interior designer.
  • Pharmacists.
  • tax advisor.
  • teachers.
  • veterinarian.
  • Accounting.

Work in Malaysia

Malaysia is one of the distinguished countries for work and living, as it is characterized by being a country with low costs and a wonderful investment environment, which attracted the attention of many businessmen abroad, which made it a suitable place for investment and trade. Malaysia is also characterized by a low unemployment rate, but the negative thing in the matter is the decisions issued by The Malaysian government accepted regarding foreign clients because it does not allow foreign clients to work in the event that there are Malaysians who need to work, meaning that it prefers citizens of the original country over foreign workers, unless the foreign worker possesses a higher educational degree or has good experience in his field.

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How to get an employment contract in Malaysia

The Malaysian government seeks to attract foreign workers who have experience in their field to travel to Malaysia and work in it. Therefore, the steps for obtaining a work permit have been facilitated, as it has become easy to obtain a permit for a period not exceeding 15 days and with a high salary, and the period of the permit is either for a year or sometimes more than the year.

When the work permit expires, it can be renewed after obtaining the approval of the employer. The work permit gives the worker in Malaysia a variety of advantages, such as opening a bank account in Malaysia, or even obtaining a real estate loan.

But despite the advantages that can be obtained, taxes of up to 24% must be paid, and it is important not to think of working in Malaysia without a work permit, as the penalty imposed by the Malaysian government is harsh, so I always work on obtaining a work permit and renew it immediately after its validity period expires in order to Do not be subject to legal penalties.

Many people wishing to travel to Malaysia ask about a permit to enter a companion or family through a work permit. In fact, it is possible to obtain residencies for the wife and children over the age of 18 by obtaining a work permit, and without the permit, it is not possible to obtain residencies, because your presence in The country will be illegal and will be punished.

In conclusion, this was our topic for today, dear ones, as we presented to you a group of professions and jobs required in Malaysia, where if you are thinking of traveling to Malaysia to work and are looking for a list of required professions, you can rely on the content of the article mentioned above. We also provided you with the most important details about living in Malaysia. We hope that the time will be Taking time to read the article is helpful.

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