The professions required in Iceland 2023, and how much are the salaries for work in Iceland?


What professions are in demand in Iceland?? What are the advantages of working in it? How much are the salaries and wages in Iceland? And what are the conditions required to travel to it?

Let us, dear readers, through our article today, go on a journey to get to know more about European Iceland, and the most important professions required to work in it, follow along with us.

The professions required in Iceland 2023, and how much are the salaries for work in Iceland?

Many young people want to emigrate abroad from work and secure a better future and improve the social and economic situation. The countries of the Schengen area are considered the best in terms of work, especially the country of Iceland, which is considered one of the best cities in which you find many job opportunities, and Iceland is considered one of the countries that attract thousands of employees And owners of professions and certificates in various fields.

Therefore, we find many people looking for work in Iceland, whether Egyptians, Algerians or Moroccans, want to know what are the required professions and jobs in Iceland, and although the required professions in Iceland are not a list issued officially, the list of the most demanded jobs in Iceland is issued by Institutions, companies and trade unions in Iceland.

Therefore, through this article on the website, we will learn about the most demanded professions in Iceland 2023, in addition to knowing the salary of a worker in Iceland and the hourly wages in it, in addition to simple information about working in this country.

Profile of Iceland

Iceland is one of the European countries that is characterized by its clean atmosphere and beautiful nature in the world, although it is one of the countries with cold weather, and its population is small, not exceeding four hundred thousand people.

The attractive Iceland is targeted by the most important directors in order to portray its landscapes and the rural atmosphere that enchants the beholder, especially in the summer, when it also witnesses a large number of tourists who come to visit it and enjoy its scenery.

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Work in Iceland and its advantages

Despite the small population in Iceland, there are many job opportunities available in it, which made it more attractive and attractive to most Arab people who wish to immigrate to Europe.

This is due to the following reasons:

  • Work salaries in Iceland are among the highest in European countries.
  • Various fields of work.
  • More importantly, the Icelandic government’s efforts to expand and open up to the world, and to attract the largest number of workers from abroad.
  • Working in Iceland is one of the wonderful opportunities for Arab citizens, due to obtaining a long-term visa.
  • Iceland is one of the Schengen countries, which allows, through the Icelandic visa, entry to all member states of the Schengen Agreement, and this is also a good opportunity.
  • The work system in Iceland is similar to other European countries, where working hours do not exceed forty-eight hours per week, in addition to additional working hours, meaning that they come at a rate of 7 to 8 hours per day.

What professions are in demand in Iceland?

As we mentioned above, there are many job opportunities available in Iceland, and they include several areas such as work in construction, technology, health care, tourism, and other fields of work.

Below we will provide you with a list of the best and most demanded professions in Iceland for the years 2023-2024, as follows:

  • Work in the field of construction.
  • Handmade.
  • accountant.
  • Systems manager.
  • graphic design.
  • Web developer.
  • Work in the processing and canning of fish.
  • Work in the aluminum smelting industry.
  • Work in the field of geothermal energy.
  • Work in the field of hydroelectric power.
  • Work in the medical and pharmaceutical products industry.
  • Work in restaurants.
  • Work in the tourism sector.
  • Work in the field of health and medical services.
  • Business economic analysis.
  • Product Marketing Management.
  • Research scientist.
  • Chemical engineer.
  • Financial management department.

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How much is the job salary in Iceland?

Iceland is ranked among the list of most European countries in which high salaries are obtained for workers and professionals, as the average salary exceeds five thousand US dollars. While the minimum wage for work in Iceland is $ 2,600.

In general, we can say that the salary of the worker in Iceland It varies according to the nature and type of work, in addition to the available experience. Below we will mention for you the salaries of some professions or jobs in Iceland, noting that if you do not find an answer to the question about a salary, you must know that the hourly price of work ranges between 30 to 40 US dollars in Iceland, and among these professions:

  • The salary of a doctor in Iceland is up to 15,000 USD.
  • Nursing salary in Iceland reaches six thousand US dollars.
  • The salary of a pharmacist reaches ten thousand US dollars.
  • The CEO’s salary is $13,500.
  • Product Manager salary up to $8050.
  • IT manager eight thousand Americans.
  • Architect salary to 8200 USD.
  • The salary for a Finance Director in Iceland is $7,800.
  • Attorney seven thousand US dollars.
  • Software engineer salary up to 6700 USD.
  • Electrical engineer salary up to 6800 US dollars.
  • Responsible for a project with a salary in Iceland of up to $7,100.
  • The salary of a Human Resources Manager is $6,300.
  • A sales manager in Iceland has a salary of $6,100.
  • Marketing manager salary in Iceland up to 6200 USD.
  • The salary of a practical researcher in Iceland is $5,900.
  • The salary of a civil engineer in Iceland is $5,900.
  • The economic analyst’s salary is six thousand US dollars.
  • The salary of an operations manager in Iceland is $5,700.
  • Accounts manager salary up to 5700 USD.
  • The salary of a web programmer is $5,700.
  • The salary of a data analyst in Iceland is $5,500.
  • The salary of a fashion designer is $5,600.
  • The salary of the Assistant Executive Director is $5,500.
  • Content marketer earns up to five thousand US dollars in Iceland.
  • The salary of a university professor in Iceland is $5,500.
  • Customer support His salary in Iceland is four thousand US dollars.
  • As for the salary of a chef, his salary in Iceland reaches 4800 US dollars.
  • The waiter’s salary in Iceland is $2,800.
  • The treasurer’s salary reaches 2,600 US dollars.

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What are the conditions for traveling to Iceland?

After we have highlighted the areas of work available in Iceland, which you can obtain through several methods, including the Internet, we will talk about the conditions for traveling to Iceland and how to obtain a visa in order to work in it. Note that the validity of this visa does not last for more than six months at least.

Traveling to Iceland may be done in one of two ways:

  1. The first is to have an employment contract for which the applicant is granted travel by an Icelandic employer.
  2. The second is to travel to Iceland without a prior work contract or any agreement, but rather after obtaining the visa, where the search for work there begins.

It should be mentioned that the Icelandic government grants a visa to the category of skilled workers who have a greater share of work in Iceland.

In addition, it is not required for those wishing to travel to Iceland to master the Icelandic language, as most of the population there is up to 95% fluent in speaking English, and this is one of the proofs required to work in Iceland.

In conclusion, we talk about the professions required in Iceland, we find that there are many job opportunities available in them, in addition to that Iceland is one of the European countries with the highest salaries, and it provides many facilities for granting a travel visa to it, in an effort by the Icelandic government to open up on the world and attract the most skilled workers.

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