The percentage of money that AdSense shares with publishers, depending on the type of ads


Do you know what percentage of the money that Adsense shares with publishers?

This is one of the most talked about topics in forums and blogs that use AdSense to monetize their blog. Until now, very few publishers were aware of the percentage of revenue that AdSense shares with publishers. today in Official announcement Now, the AdSense team has revealed the exact details of the percentage of revenue they give to publishers.

I have summarized the advertisement here for you to learn how revenue is shared between AdSense and you according to different types of ads.

Percentage of money that Adsense shares with publishers: Adsense ads for content

Adsense for content is the most widely used ad inventory adsense . One of the main reasons for this is content advertising, which helps in optimizing CTR. AdSense revealed that it pays 68% of the revenue to its publishers, and the remaining 32% is kept to maintain and develop new technology. This 68% seems fair to me.

The percentage of money that Adsense shares with publishers: Adsense ads for search

For people who use Adsense for search They pay you 51% of the income. This sounds low to me, but I’d love to know your thoughts on the matter.

Percentage of money that Adsense shares with publishers: Other Adsense ads

For other ad units such as AdSense for Feeds, AdSense for Mobile, and AdSense for Games, Google added that they will not disclose the income share for this, as they are rapidly evolving, and we are still learning about the costs associated with supporting them. The revenue shares of these products may vary from product to product because our costs in building and maintaining these products can vary widely

Why did Adsense reveal its share of the profits?

Sharing this vital information will help publishers build more trust in Google AdSense. For me, it seems to be the growing effect ofOther ad networks Getting Google to disclose its share of AdSense revenue, they also added

Additionally, when considering different monetization options, we encourage you to focus on the total revenue generated from your site, rather than just revenue sharing, which can be misleading. For example, you will receive $68 from Adsense for content for $100 of ads shown on your site. If another ad network is offering 80% revenue share, but can only collect $50 from the ads shown on your site, they will earn $40. In this case, the higher revenue share will not make up for the lower revenue of the other ad network. “

Your opinion !!

I would like to know your reaction to the 68% share of Google Adsense share. Do you think 68% of the stock is decent or should it be more?

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