The most important majors required at the Dubai Police College 2023


Specializations required in Dubai Police. The topic of our article today we have chosen for you, as many applicants, as well as students, ask about specializations that are required at the Dubai Police College.

Follow along with us to find out what are the required specialties?, How to join and register at the Dubai Police College?, How much are the registration fees? All these answers we will explain to you through the following lines on the website. Technical dot comstay tuned.

Specializations required in Dubai Police

Many applicants to the Dubai Police College, boys and girls, want to know what are the most important specializations required in Dubai Police? How much is the registration fee? How do I register with the Dubai Police? Dubai Police is the strongest police force in the United Arab Emirates compared to the rest of the other emirates. It is under the authority of the Ruler of Dubai and includes more than 17,500 police officers in various positions.

An overview of the Police College in Dubai

Dubai Police is one of the most prestigious colleges in Dubai. This college was established in 1987, when it was at the beginning of its establishment as a school for police training and managed by the Emergency Department, and after work was completed to establish the entire building, it became the Police College.

Where he studies police and law sciences, and enjoys a high level of education and a distinguished and specialized teaching staff, noting that the law degree there is equivalent to a Bachelor of Laws awarded by the Faculty of Law in Egypt.

Every year, the College holds a graduation ceremony for its final year students. This ceremony is attended by the most important leadership figures in the UAE.

The objectives of the Dubai Police College are based on establishing systematic educational foundations that help spread science and knowledge in order to perform its mission in serving the country and the citizen.

What are the specializations of the Police College in Dubai?

The specializations that are found in the Dubai Police College are many and varied, and work has been done to develop them, as the specializations that are available in the Dubai Police College are in two university branches, which are as follows:

College of Law and Police Sciences:

The College of Law and Police Sciences includes the following majors:

  • Public Law.
  • private law.
  • Police sciences in managing security crises.
  • Police Sciences in Criminal Investigation.

Graduate School:

The College of Graduate Studies includes master’s programs in the following majors:

  • Master of Security Crisis Management.
  • Master’s degree related to security research.

What are the admission requirements for Dubai Police College?

After we mentioned to you the specializations required in the Dubai Police, there are several conditions that must be met by the student in order to join the Police College in Dubai:

  • One of the conditions required at Dubai College is that the student must be an Emirati citizen.
  • The student must have a general secondary certificate with a rate of 75% or more.
  • The age of the student should not be less than 17 years and not more than 21 years old.
  • The student’s weight should be commensurate with his height, and his height should be 165 cm.
  • That the student has completed the national service.
  • The student must have obtained the Emirates Standard Test in the English language, Emsat, where the average obtained is not less than 1100, or he has obtained equivalent certificates.
  • The student must have obtained 1000 points in the Emsat Arabic Language Test.

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How to register and enroll in the Dubai Police College

After we mentioned to you the required disciplines in Dubai, you should know that there are several basic steps that you need to take if you want to enroll in the Dubai Police College, knowing that it is done electronically, as the steps that must be followed in order to join the Dubai Police College are as follows:

  • You must go to the official website of the Dubai Police College, where you can go to it directly from here.
  • Work is done to fill in the required data according to the specified fields, and then click on the “Save” option, whereby logging in is done through a username and password sent to the e-mail, after registering as a new user.
  • Next, click on admission and registration in order to choose the academic specialization that the student wants to apply for.
  • Go to the registration form and fill in the data that appears within the fields designated for it.
  • This is followed by choosing the desired program and academic specialization, from among the specializations in need.
  • Then click on that the terms and conditions have been accepted, followed by clicking on filling out the form.
  • Work on writing the electronic signature of the advanced student in the designated window.
  • Next, click Save and Submit, after filling out the form completely.

How much is the Dubai Police College registration fee?

Whereas, work is done to determine the cost of tuition fees each year in the college by the director with the approval of the board of directors of the college, and these decisions are ratified by the commander-in-chief.

As for the tuition fees for students applying for enrollment in the Bachelor of Law program as well as postgraduate studies, the registration fee is 1020 AED.

Where these fees are paid after the personal interview that is conducted with the applicant to find out his readiness to join the police academy.

Note that he is refused admission to the college. In this case, the applicant cannot recover these fees. For this reason, the applicant must verify that he has fulfilled all the conditions required for the college.

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What are the most important documents required for applying to undergraduate programs:

  • A copy of a valid passport for a period not exceeding 6 months.
  • A copy of the registration record of the advanced student.
  • An original copy of the general secondary certificate.
  • 4 x 6 personal photo.
  • A certificate showing the criminal status of the student.
  • A certificate indicating that the student has completed national service.
  • Two test certificates in both English and Arabic.
  • Mathematics test certificate, if the chosen program requires it.

The graduation ceremony of the fiftieth batch of the Police College in Dubai

The graduation ceremony of the fiftieth batch is one of the most prestigious graduation parties of the Dubai Police College. This ceremony coincided with the celebration of the golden jubilee of the founding of the Federation in the United Arab Emirates.

The graduation ceremony of the fiftieth batch at the Police College in Dubai was attended by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, amid a group of wonderful and distinguished celebrations, under the supervision of the Ministry of Interior in the United Arab Emirates.

Here, my dear friends, we have come to the end of the discussion about the specializations required in the Dubai Police, in addition to how to register and enroll in them, and the fees incurred by students of the Police College in Dubai, which is one of the most powerful and prestigious colleges among the colleges of the United Arab Emirates.

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