The maximum number of AdSense units you can put on each page


What is the maximum number of AdSense units that I can put on each page?

Most beginners and even some proficient ones often ask What is the maximum number of AdSense units that I can put on each page? “Well, the number of ads allowed per page may pose a threat to your AdSense account and may be banned or restricted if you display an excessive number of ads.

Note: This article was updated in January 2022 with the latest information. Read carefully, as this can help you Earn more money from adsense .

We all know that Google Adsense It is (by far) the best high content ad network.

But AdSense also has program policies that are strictly enforced. If they find that a website is in violation of their terms of service, they will permanently disable the violating account.

It is very important to follow the quality guidelines and read the AdSense guide to avoid getting your AdSense account banned.

Here is one of the most common questions new bloggers ask:

What is the maximum number of AdSense units I can put on each page?

Google AdSense offers different types of ads and most of them are categorized in the following formats:

  • Adsense module in the form of content
  • Adsense module in the form of a link
  • Adsense for search

(AdSense used to offer video modules, too, but they’ve finally pulled that option.)

Here are the maximum AdSense ad units allowed per webpage:

Adsense module in the form of content

Earlier, AdSense had a maximum of 3 ad units (while Premium Partners had a limit of serving up to 6 ad units).

In August 2016, AdSense raised the ad unit limit per site.

You can now place an unlimited amount of Adsense ads on the page.
However, advertising and other paid promotional materials added to your pages must not override your content.

In other words:

You also need to maintain the quality and credibility of your site after narrowing the field to visitors.
AdSense content units are available in the following sizes:

  • 728 * 90
  • 468 * 60
  • 234 * 60
  • 125 * 125
  • 120 * 600
  • 160 * 600
  • 180 * 150
  • 120*240
  • 200*200
  • 250 * 250
  • 300 * 250
  • 336 * 280

Personally, I’ve found 336*280 and 160*600 to be more effective.

You can also use ads from several other parties.

(Note: I started showing ads with Ezoic which also helps me in increasing my overall revenue).

Adsense for search

For a large website, the performance of the Adsense for search units is very good.

What is the maximum number of AdSense units that I can put on each page?

As I mentioned above, Google lifted the restrictions for this case. As long as your ads do not exceed your content, there is no cap on the number of ads on one page.

It is important to note that while choosing the number of ads, you should consider the short posts on your blog. If you decide to place more than 5-6 ad units, and you are sidelining them with a plugin, you may be annoying your short posts with a large number of ads.

AdSense has clearly stated:

“We may limit or disable ad serving on pages of little or no value and/or excessive advertising until changes are made.”

So I suggest you put 3 to 8 ads per page.

For example, an article of 100 words should not exceed 4 ads. While an article of 3,000 words should be suggested, it should not exceed 8 ads.

I usually stick to between 3 and 8 units depending Article lengthAnd some of my sites use Google Adsense for automatic ads, distracting me from the number of the number, so Google takes care of your allowance.

But you should set your limit according to your blog layout and word count, and you should consider the number of paragraphs as well.

See also: How to create and set up a pure AdSense ad unit and the results to appear on your blog

Some things I learned from my own experience:

  • Sometimes fewer ad units will perform better than more ad units.
  • Placing ads above the content leads to better results.
  • Better performance for display text ads + text ads

There are many different options available for placing ads, but I highly recommend using minimal ad units or only using ads at the bottom or in the sidebar.

Tell us how many AdSense ad units you use on your blog.

Now that you’ve raised your limit, are you using more AdSense ad units, or are you keeping it the same?

Share your experience in the comments!

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