The future of e-commerce in the Middle East

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The Saudi Minister of Commerce, Majid Al-Qasabi, revealed that the growth rates E-Commerce In the country, it is estimated at 32% annually, which is one of the largest percentages in the region. With these figures, Saudi Arabia is one of the top 10 developing countries in the field of e-commerce in the world. After this news how will it be The future of e-commerce in the Middle East ?

Pointers from to Amazon Saudi Arabia

In June 2020, the Saudi site was officially moved to Amazon Saudi Arabia, and thus Saudi Arabia will be the second Arab country after the UAE in which the Amazon store is officially opened, just as the American giant (Amazon) opened Amazon Egypt last year on the 1st of September Which introduces the company to the largest Arab consumer market in terms of population, as the population of Egypt exceeded 100 million people.

Digital infrastructure and financial technology

Among the main obstacles to the spread of electronic commerce via the Internet is the availability of a minimum level of digital infrastructure, in addition to the culture of online shopping, which we can include in the following points:

The country’s ability to fully control online payment operations (using bank cards), and Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are the best in the Arab world in this field.

The ability to protect and maintain cyber security in stores andElectronic platforms Constantly attacked by hackers.

A city that is easy to reach, and what is meant by the possibility of delivery without problems, as many Arab countries whose cities may not provide the appropriate environment for the success of electronic commerce.

Shopping culture via the Internet: The residents of the Arab Gulf have acquired a culture of online shopping, especially with the offers offered by major stores such as the Amazon discount code, Namshi discount code Noon discount code…etc.

the future …

In a statement to the Saudi Al-Arabiya channel, the communications sector official believes thathash And e-commerce for Google that the Middle East and North Africa region will witness an acceleration in the use of e-commerce in the coming years.

Currently, e-commerce represents 3 percent of retail trade in the Middle East, which is below the global average of 10 percent, while in China it is 20 percent and the United Kingdom 17 percent.

The Google official, Sarkis, believes that the United Arab Emirates, in addition to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, have the necessary infrastructure to move forward in the growth of e-commerce in the future. the world, especially in Saudi Arabia.

As a result of these positive indicators, Emaar acquired 51% of the Namshi store, which specializes in selling clothes, especially in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, for $ 151 million. Over a billion dollars.

Among the most important challenges facing e-commerce in the region is the limited products compared to other regions of the world. For example, the Amazon America store provides access to more than 20 million products. It is also possible to order even from Amazon European countries, while in Saudi Arabia the supply does not exceed 5 million products. With the difficulty of ordering from sellers outside the Kingdom with additional costs.

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