The best types of gold bullion for investment 2024

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  • January 9, 2024
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The best types of gold bullion for investmentWelcome, website visitors Technician dot comIn this article, we will learn about the best gold bullion for investment and trade, as trading and investment in gold is considered one of the most famous and important types of investments in the modern era, as gold bullion is pure gold that is designed in different shapes and types, and there are many designs for gold bullion, They are classified either on the basis of dust, weight, or shape, and also according to the degree of purity of the gold from impurities.

Therefore, we find that many people do not know about the forms of gold bullion, nor do they know anything about the types of gold bullion, their prices, and what are the best types of gold bullion in the world. Some may come to them asking, “How do I know the original gold bullion?” Therefore, we will learn more about this topic. We will also know what is the best investment in gold, and is buying gold bullion profitable?

The best types of gold bullion for investment

Have you ever heard of gold bullion? Do you know how useful it is and how to trade it? Many people are confused about how to preserve their money and invest it in things that will benefit them financially, as investing money in gold bullion is classified as one of the most famous investments in our current era. Gold bullion differs in weight, caliber and design, due to the multiplicity of alloys and the presence of many advantages and disadvantages for each alloy.

There are some gold bullions that are common among people and are marked with a financial stamp. This type of bullion is not widely invested, and the weight of the bullion varies from one country to another, as the weight of the bullion starts from 1 gram up to 5 kilograms. In this article, we will review the best bullion with a full explanation of the details. attached to them.

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The best types of gold bullion for investment

Investing in gold bullion is an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio and protect yourself from inflationGold bullion is one of the most common options for purchasing gold for investmentAndHere are some of the best types of gold bullion for investment:

Swiss gold bullion

Swiss gold bullion is known for its high quality, precision manufacturing and purity of up to 999.9, which is considered the first choice for investors. They are indisputably the best bullion for investment and savings, And often They are issued with the Swiss Hallmark seal, which guarantees their purity and true weight.

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BTC gold bullion

BTC gold bullion is a good choice for investors to save their savings, It is one of the most famous types of gold bullion in the world, as it is distinguished by its attractive design and precise weight, and BTC gold bullion comes in 24 carat (999.9) carats.. whatAvailable in several different weights, from a 1 gram bar up to 100 kg.

SAM gold bullion

SAM gold bullion is also another popular choice for investorswhere It is distinguished by its reasonable prices and accurate weight, in addition to being available in all weightswhich makes it from The best types of gold bullion for investment.

Gold bar weighing 100 grams

The gold bullion weighs 100 grams and is 24 karat. This bullion is classified among the best gold bullions in trade and commerce, as many people save it for buying, selling, and investing.

This is due to the fact that the alloy is one of the most famous and traded alloys in all parts of the world, as it is widely accepted by most people. The alloy is also characterized by its low cost during its manufacture, as the cost of its manufacture is considered the same as the cost of manufacturing alloys weighing 10 grams or 20 grams, and its wide and widespread spread has made it a practical process. Selling it is easy, as the alloy can be sold all over the world and in any country, as it is the most in demand among countries.

The most important factors about gold bullion for investment

When choosing a gold bar for investment, it is important to consider the following factors:

  • Bullion Purity: Bullions must be made of pure 24-carat gold.
  • Verifying the weight of the bar: The weight must be clearly written on the bar.
  • Ensure the presence of the stamp: The bullion must be stamped with a hallmark to ensure its purity and weight.
  • Price comparison: You should compare prices between different sellers before purchasing.

What gold bullion are available in the Middle East?

There are many gold bullion bars of various weights and types available in the Arab world, but each country has specific types and weights of bullion. For example, in the Arab Gulf countries, bullion weighing 1000 grams is widely and widely available among the Gulf people, due to the great demand for it, while in Arab Egypt, it is abundant. Bullions weighing 20 grams and 50 grams. This is due to the difference in financial income between the two countries and the significant difference in the standard of living.

Classification of gold bullion in terms of shape, weight and caliber

In order for the gold bullion to be traded correctly, it is classified according to its shape, weight, and gold standard. The shape and design come at the forefront of the classifications, as it is the basis on which the bullion is evaluated. At first glance, the shape of the bullion and its approximate price are recognized.

Most of the designs come in a rectangular shape, which is the most common shape, and they also come in a square shape, and their weight ranges around 20 grams. This type of bullion is intended for a wide range of people due to its investment in amounts that are feasible for most people.

Purity of gold bullion

As for the degree of purity of the bullion, the grades differ in three ways. If you are one of those who want to buy an alloy and you care about the degree of purity of gold, you will have three options for the degrees of purity:

  1. 999.9 grade alloy
  2. 999.5 grade alloy
  3. 995.5 grade alloy

The first alloy comes in the category of the highest price among the alloys, as the degree of purity of the gold is high, and then the price ranges according to the degree of purity that is highest in each alloy.

Moving on to classifying bullion according to the karat of gold in it, there are many people who classify bullion according to its karat, and this classification is widespread in particular among gold traders and money investors in gold bullion trading. The options for classifying gold bullion based on karat are divided into three options:

  1. 24 karat gold alloy. This alloy is completely copper-free. It is extremely pure and almost completely free of impurities. This alloy is used in the manufacture of gold coins.
  2. A small percentage of melted copper comes from this alloy. The reason for copper being included in it is that copper helps jewelers make jewellery, gold accessories and ornaments in general. The gold alloy is identified as 22 carat by the following number written on it: 0.9167.
  3. An 18-karat gold alloy. This alloy contains a high percentage of copper dissolved in it. It is one of the lowest price and quality alloys. These alloys are used in the manufacture of gold accessories for children. This alloy is distinguished by the number written on it: 0.750.

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The best brands of gold bullion

  1. Gold bullion brand (BTC1) The number of people who work in trading this type of bullion is very large, thanks to its high quality. The company has all different designs and weights of bullion, and therefore the company is classified among the list of the most famous brands of gold bullion.
  2. L’azurde gold bullion. These alloys are classified among the best alloys in the world thanks to their high quality and high purity. Therefore, the company is classified among the list of large companies in the trade of gold bullion. The company also offers many gold jewelry and accessories.
  3. Asahi brand gold bullion is one of the companies preferred by a very large number of investors, as this company offers gold bullion in different weights that suit most traders and investors, in addition to the distinctive shapes that the company designs the bullion from.

In conclusion, we have learned about the best gold bullion for investment, and we have shown the most important brands of gold bullion, in addition to the most important differences in which each alloy has a different shape, caliber, and weight. And the extent of its spread among countries.

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