The best sites to buy cars from Japan at a cheap price

In this article, we will get to know you better A site to buy cars from Japan To start trading in Japanese cars, which is considered one of the best profitable trades for which there is no fear, especially in countries where there is a high demand for Japanese cars such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, the Emirates and many other countries, as Japanese cars enjoy strength and durability, especially the amazing development in the past years, and this Which made it the most widespread around the world.

But How to buy a car from Japan? How much are car prices in Japan in dollars? All of these are questions on the mind of every person or trader who wants to import cars from Japan, but there are Conditions for importing cars from Japan You should know it before buying the car, and you should know better Japan car auction To get the cheapest prices for Japanese cars, so in this article we will explain to you how to buy a car from Japan through the best car sales sites in Japan.

The best sites to buy cars from Japan

Japan is one of the most famous countries in the automotive industry, which has gained great popularity in various parts of the world, due to the quality of workmanship and strength in performance, in addition to making cars that are suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

Let us, dear readers, learn through our article today about the best Japanese site for selling cars and what are the best types of cars available in Japan in addition to the conditions for importing cars from Japan to Saudi Arabia, Egypt or any other country, and many other details on how to buy a car in Japan, follow us As long as you please.

How are cars sold in Japan?

There are many ways to sell cars in Japan, the most famous of which are:

  • Selling directly from car agencies in Japan.
  • Selling through a Japanese website dedicated to selling cars.

The best car brands in Japan

Japan is famous for manufacturing many different types of cars. Among the most important agencies and types of Japanese cars are as follows:

  • Mitsubishi Agency: One of the most prominent agencies in the labor market, and it is one of the types of modern Japanese cars.
  • Toyota Agency: One of the best and most important types of cars in Japan, and the most desired in various parts of the world.
  • Suzuki Agency: It is characterized by its wonderful style of performance, which led to an increase in demand for it.
  • Nissan cars: high speed, excellent service and performance, and the ability of this type of car to travel long distances in all environmental conditions.
  • Subaru: well-known in the Japanese car market.
  • Lexus agency: which is one of the most beautiful and latest Japanese cars because of the many advantages that are available in it.

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The best site for selling cars in Japan

There are many Japanese websites that specialize in selling cars electronically, saving the customer the trouble of traveling and the costs that will be paid in searching for Japanese cars, in addition to the services provided by those sites in order to sell cars, the most important of which are:

location JTC Japanese car dealership

JTC is one of the most reliable sites in the world to buy cars from Japan to any country around the world at prices you will not find in any Japanese car store. It is the cheapest site for selling cars from Japan, and among its most important features:

  • Completely free site.
  • The site presents the latest cars, in terms of type, color, and performance.
  • It also allows easy dealing with overseas buyer as well as used car exporters in Japan since 2005.
  • The site provides the most important tips and instructions for driving a car.
  • The site provides comprehensive and complete information about the vehicle and in detail.
  • In addition to publishing the latest car news firsthand.
  • It provides customers with all electronic payment methods.

location Cars Dire:

CarsDire is one of the most famous websites for selling cars in Japan, where the visitor can:

  • It puts the full specifications of the car you want to buy for free.
  • This site also provides car specifications in terms of speed and size.
  • Those who want to buy a car can view many types of cars to choose the type they need.
  • In addition, this website provides a driver’s guide that guides the driver on how to handle the vehicle on the road.
  • Cars Dire is a diverse and rich site that includes many interesting portals such as news related to cars and exhibitions, as well as car competitions.
  • This site supports both Arabic and English, knowing that this site will be offered in different languages ​​in order to meet the needs of all people around the world.
  • has over fifteen years of experience in the field of selling cars on the Internet, as it includes everything related to cars, including buying, selling and leasing, as well as car news.
  • Credibility in dealing with clients.

location Mascus for cars

Mascus is one of the most reliable sites in Japan for buying cars. It includes many types of modern and classic cars, and has won the trust of the largest number of customers.

Mascus is one of the most developed websites in the world for selling all kinds of Japanese cars, in addition to selling trucks and heavy equipment.

One of the most important features of the Mascus site:

  • An easy, comfortable and good site through which the designers were keen to allow all users to use it with ease.
  • Mascus is available in more than thirty-eight languages ​​around the world, as it has twenty-eight offices around the world, to meet all local and international needs.
  • Cheap and discounted prices for cars that suit all segments of society, including those with limited incomes.
  • All the cars displayed on the site are good cars, even for used cars, he does not sell until he performs a thorough and comprehensive examination of the car in order to ensure the confidence of customers in the site.
  • The site also allows the customer to pay in several ways, either to pay electronically in one and full payment, or to pay in installments for a period of up to three years.

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location Auto24 To sell cars in Japan

Who among the car enthusiasts does not know Auto 24 dedicated to selling new and used cars, as it is one of the most famous sites for selling modern cars in addition to the presence of many famous international brands, and this site deals with several well-known companies and dealers in Europe and the world, and therefore it is A reliable choice for anyone who wants to buy a car from Japan.

The most important feature of this site is that:

  • The site provides the latest cars in all colors and the most important features.
  • Prices accepted on this site are compared to corporate prices.
  • The site makes a partial discount on the price of the car for the customer whose subscription has passed for nearly two years or more.
  • It contains many new cars, as cars are classified according to brand and date of production, in order to allow the customer to easily search and use the site.

What are the conditions for buying a car from Japan?

In order to buy a car from Japan, you must review all the conditions related to the sale process, and the conditions may differ from one country to another according to its laws. It is important to review the import and export laws in your country, but there are basic conditions for buying a car from Japan, which are as follows:

  • That the import and export laws in the country of residence be reviewed.
  • All financial taxes and fees must be paid, and all funds must be paid in full.
  • The car is subjected to a full examination before the sale process for the sake of trust and credibility between the seller and the buyer.
  • In addition, some countries stipulate that the car must be newly manufactured, or not exceed two years from the date of its manufacture, and that the supplier of the car is the first owner.

At the end of the discussion about the best Japanese site for selling cars, we have mentioned to you the most important of these sites in addition to how cars are sold from Japan and the most important conditions that must be met before the purchase process.

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