The best site to mine USDT currency for free with full explanation

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  • January 7, 2024
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Are you looking for a guaranteed way to earn USDT? And you want to know how to get free USDT? In this article, we will learn about the best free USDT mining sites.

Recently, a site called “MAMS Defihub” has spread, and many consider it one of the best sites for mining USDT currency, especially since it provides additional ways to earn USDT currency, such as inviting people through a special referral link.

What is this website, and how do I register and work on it? What withdrawal methods does it provide? This is what we will learn about in the following lines.

Best free USDT mining site

Digital currencies have recently brought about a real revolution in achieving high profits without spending any significant effort, and digital currency mining operations have recently spread very widely, as there are many of these digital currencies and many ways to make profits from them, as we will talk in our article today, dear ones, about the best site. To mine USDT for free, in response to many questions about whether USDT can be mined. If you are interested, follow this article to find out the answer.

Best site for USDT mining

There are many sites where you can register and start mining USDT currenciesGet USDT for free One of these sites is MAMA Defihub, which is very excellent for mining all digital currencies, including USDT, but there are a set of steps and procedures that must be followed for a correct and profitable mining process, and these steps are as follows:

Register on the MAMS Defihub website

First, you enter the site and then choose the country code in order to enter personal data such as number, email, etc. After entering them, the site asks you to create the account password, but this word is only for logging into the account again and not for withdrawals and deposits, as you must pay close attention to this point. After choosing that word, the site will ask to create another password that will be used in withdrawals and deposits of digital currencies on the site. When that is completed, the invitation code is entered, which is often sent in the form of a text message via the phone number. Finally, you press the subscribe button and that’s it. You’re done. The registration process is on the site and the USDT mining process can begin.

The website can be accessed and registered through the following link:

Activate the account on the MAMS Defihub website

This process is done by depositing at least 5 USDT by logging into the personal account and clicking on the Recharge button. Then the name of your wallet appears on the site, so you copy it and go directly to any digital wallet and paste the address in the Deposit field and choose the value you want to deposit. It should not be less than 5, and upon completion of that, return to the site, go to the personal profile, and click on the Recharge completed button, and then the deposit process is completed and the account has been activated.

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How to make money on the MAMS Defihub website

First, we will talk about the profits or returns that the site gives for each specific amount of USDT currencies, as this has been divided into 5 main groups, which are as follows:

  • The first group, VIP 1, includes a number of USDT coins between 0 and 4999 that will earn a minimum daily interest of 3%.
  • The second group, VIP 2, includes a number of USDT coins between 5,000 and 49,999 that will earn a minimum daily interest of 3.5%.
  • The third group, VIP 3, has USDT between 50,000 and 99,999 and will earn a minimum of 4% daily interest.
  • The fourth group, VIP 4, includes a number of USDT coins between 100,000 and 199,999 and will earn a minimum daily interest of 5%.
  • The fifth group, VIP 5, contains USDT tokens equal to 200,000 or more and will earn a minimum daily interest of 6%.

When you register on the site and activate the account, you immediately get 200 USDT for free, after depositing 5 USDT in order to activate the account, as the site mines it daily at a rate of 3%, meaning every 24 hours, you will get profits that you withdraw by clicking on Recive.

There are two ways to make a profit through the MAMS Defihub website:


The site automatically mines the existing currencies that were previously deposited in your account on a daily basis, and the lowest interest rate is 3%, as shown in the aforementioned groups, and it withdraws your profits on a daily basis, as it does not require any significant effort from you other than entering the site daily and pressing the Recive button to withdraw profits.

Invitations or referrals:

In this method, profit is achieved by obtaining benefits in exchange for inviting new people to register on the site, where you send the invitation link to one of your friends, and when he registers via this link, you will receive benefits or commissions divided into three groups, the first with an interest of up to 10%, the second 5%, and the third 3. % These levels are proportional to the number of people who registered on the site via your invitation link. The more people there are, the greater the commission or interest in this method, which is the most widely used in the process of making profits through this site, but it is preferable to increase the number of USDT coins deposited to ensure greater interest and achieve Highest possible profit.

How to withdraw profits on the site

It is very easy and does not require any effort, as as we mentioned previously, the site offers daily benefits, that is, profits are obtained every 24 hours, and it is preferable to withdraw them every 24 hours by entering the profile and pressing the Recive button, but to save them and transfer them to your wallet, you will click on the withdraw option and enter the number. The USDT currencies you want to transfer to your wallet, paste the name of your digital wallet, click Transfer, and then the profits are transferred.

This site is considered the most famous and most widely used site for mining USDT coins for free. The more USDT coins deposited, the greater the profits. Therefore, deposits must be continued continuously, and over time, a very large fortune will be achieved through mining such digital currencies.


We have mentioned to you, dear ones, in this article about Best site to mine USDT coins for free This is in detail, as we mentioned the best site in addition to the method of registering on it and the mechanism for activating the account. We also explained the profit mechanism and conditions in addition to the method of withdrawal and deposit. Anyone can enter the field of mining as it is considered one of the most famous fields for making profits and the most widely used in our current era, and here we reach the end. I hope the article was useful. Thank you.

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