The best companies in Saudi Arabia in terms of salaries 2023

What are the highest salaries in Saudi companies? Where many young people with experience and high qualifications seek to search for jobs in companies that offer the highest salaries in their field, and the best and largest companies in Saudi Arabia are the ones that contribute significantly to raising the economy and the national income of the country, and therefore it is often the big companies that give the highest wages to employees compared to other companies.

So what is it The best companies in Saudi Arabia in terms of salaries? What are the highest salaries in Saudi Arabia, whether the salaries of private companies or government companies? This is what we will present to you through the website, in which we will learn about the highest salary companies in Saudi Arabia for the year 2023-1444.

The highest salary companies in Saudi Arabia 2023

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is one of the largest and richest Arab countries, as it is the first and last major destination for the Muslims of the world. It also enjoys an excellent oil land that made it one of the richest Arab countries. All these matters and basic points helped the Kingdom to develop rapidly and the spread of commercial and industrial companies in it of various kinds in a large way.

Also, the Saudi local market needs the proliferation of companies in order to adequately cover people’s needs of all things, and this wide spread of companies in the Kingdom has contributed to a significant increase in job opportunities, and the demand for those with certificates and experience has become greater, which has contributed to the increase in salaries in most companies .

In light of the development taking place in the Kingdom, there are many people looking for companies that give high salaries rather than companies with low salaries, as the question about these companies has become a lot and multiple, so we will, in our article today, present the best companies in terms of salaries.

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The best companies in Saudi Arabia in terms of salaries

Many university graduates in the Kingdom want to get a job with a high salary in one of the companies spread in Saudi Arabia, so you find them asking about the best companies that advertise job opportunities with good salaries, but before we present to you a group of companies, you should know that work in the company is based on several Conditions represented in the functional field and the years of experience that the applicant possesses. The longer the years of experience, the higher the salary, but we will, in this paragraph, provide clarifications on this subject. The companies are as follows:

Saudi Aramco

Saudi Aramco is one of the largest companies that was established in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and it is a giant company in the entire world. The history of the establishment of this pioneering company dates back to 1933. This company specializes in the field of oil, gas, various petroleum products, and almost everything related to these matters, including oil refining and exploration. .

The company also includes a relatively large team of more than 54,700 employees. The company offers many services because it has contracts with a large number of hospitals in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and in the world as well.

The company includes special stations for fighting fires that may occur suddenly in the company. It also provides health insurance of the highest quality. It also includes a fleet of approximately 79 aircraft, two helicopters and two airports in the United States of America.

Therefore, it is considered the best company in Saudi Arabia in terms of salaries, as the company offers the employee housing in addition to his salary, which amounts to 30,000 Saudi riyals, and many rewards and incentives in order to motivate employees to work and continue production.

Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC)

SABIC is one of the best Saudi companies in terms of high salaries, as many young job seekers seek employment in this company, as it gives high salaries and is classified as one of the most prominent international companies. It is an old company specialized in the field of petrochemicals, polymers, fertilizers, metals, plastics and other products. The company was founded in 1976.

The company includes a large work team, as the number of employees in the company reaches approximately 33 thousand employees, and it has obtained a classification as one of the largest international companies for the petrochemical industry. It also has a special classification in the Arab world, as it is the largest non-oil industrial company in the Arab world.

The company offers many distinguished services to the company’s employees in all fields, as the company offers many development programs and training programs, in addition to more benefits such as silence, transportation allowance, and medical insurance.

This is because the company grants 10% transportation in addition to 25% housing, and in the event that housing is not available from the company, the company offers an increase of 1500 Saudi riyals, and the salary of a secondary school graduate in the company reaches 3500 Saudi riyals.

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Saudi airlines

The Saudi Airlines Company is one of the best companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and this company is one of the leading companies, as the history of the establishment of this company dates back to 1945, as this company provides services to more than 100 destinations to all parts of the world and varies between Asia, America, the Middle East and Africa It offers many services and facilities.

The company provides good salaries and many monthly bonuses, in addition to a free travel ticket for the employee, as the salary of an employee who has a high school certificate is about 5800 Saudi riyals, and as for the salary of employees who have a diploma, the price is 6380 Saudi riyals.

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Schlumberger Corporation

It is one of the prominent companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where this company is considered one of the best companies working in the field of oil in various parts of the world. The company includes approximately 120 thousand employees of various Saudi nationalities and other foreign nationalities, as the number of nationalities reaches approximately 140 nationalities, and it is a leading company In the field of oil, where its foundation dates back to 1927.

The company has more than 85 branches distributed all over the world. The company works on drilling oil and natural gas wells. The company offers good and high salaries to employees.

Where the salary of the employee in the company reaches 18 thousand Saudi riyals, and it increases with the increase in years of experience, in addition to bonuses, transportation housing, and other rewards and advantages. The company offers many training programs to develop the skill and efficiency of employees.

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In conclusion, we have come to the end of our article for today, where we presented you with the best companies in Saudi Arabia in terms of salaries, as these companies are among the prominent companies and the best to apply for a job with a high salary. Therefore, we hope that the article has won your admiration.

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