The best 4 projects have a future in Yemen


We have discussed ideas in previous threads Successful small projects in YemenHowever, there is a large percentage of people looking for ideas Projects that have a future in Yemen It guarantees them success and continuity in generating profits.

The idea of ​​searching future project It is something that reflects the extent of a person’s ambition and desire to achieve success away from intense competition and to obtain a distinguished project that proves itself over a very long term..

Therefore, below we will show you a group of the best ideas Projects have a future Promising and big in Yemen, these projects are among the best future projects in Yemen, as they may need you Feasibility studyGood project planning.

The best 4 projects have a future in Yemen

Projects that have a future in Yemen

Yemen is considered one of the countries that witnessed a remarkable development in the field of work, as it was a place for establishing and expanding projects in recent years, and the vast majority of Yemeni citizens are looking for a project with a prosperous future in light of the professional development taking place, so what is this project that will generate profits for you and will expand in the future significantly without loss Financial, this is what we will present in this article to present to you a number of projects that have a broad and great future that can be established in Yemen.

The first project: exchange shops

This project is considered one of the most profitable projects in the practical field, because the exchange shops took a wide field in Yemen and developed in a very large and wide manner, due to several factors that existed in the Yemeni labor market. The exchange shops helped greatly and the large number of expatriates who send large amounts of money to their families in different foreign currencies such as Dollar, euro and others.

What are the factors that contributed to the development of the field of exchange?

  • Exchange rates vary dailyThis is because the exchange rates differ greatly and many times, as the exchange rate is not fixed and can change within minutes on a daily basis.
  • Increase the amount of money transfers from foreign countries As it is because of the low Yemeni salary and its interruption at times, many people resort to obtaining external money transfers from their children and relatives.
  • Lack of financial liquidity treasury in Yemeni banks : This is what made the exchange grow and expand, as if you obtain a money transfer, you will often not be able to exchange it from the Yemeni banks or from the Islamic bank due to the lack of money in the bank’s coffers, so you will have to go to the nearest exchange store.
  • People keep their money in foreign currencies instead of the Yemeni riyal: The deterioration of the Yemeni currency and its depreciation prompted many people to save their money in foreign currencies so as not to risk it because the Yemeni riyal has become unstable recently, especially merchants and real estate owners.

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The second project: a private school

Recently, many private schools have spread in Yemen, due to people resorting to enrolling their children in schools that provide their children with a complete and comprehensive education and comfort in learning. More than 500 private schools were established in the Yemeni governorates, and their owners relied on competition in registration costs. Therefore, the project of opening a private school is considered One of the most acceptable and future projects in Yemen without fear of financial loss.

What are the factors that contributed to the development of the private school project?

  • Low salary of a government employee: The deterioration of the Yemeni currency led to a very large decrease in government salaries, especially in the northern governorates, which led to people resorting to working in the private sectors because of offering very high salaries.
  • Teachers’ desire to teach in private schoolsBecause of the low salaries in public schools, it has become difficult for the teacher to secure a salary through which he can secure his strength and the sustenance of his children. Therefore, the vast majority of teachers resort to working in private schools, in addition to the facilities provided in private schools for the teachers’ children.
  • Parents’ desire to provide the best education for their childrenThis is due to the provision of excellent education in private schools and the deterioration of education in public schools. Parents find that paying any amount for their child to receive the best education is not reprehensible.
  • The impoverishment that is taking place in the Yemeni government schoolsSince recently, a lot of abuses occurred in public schools, which caused fear in the hearts of parents for the future of their children, in addition to the disappearance of the educational staff within public schools.
  • The lack of sound curricula for education Because of the ongoing wars at the present time, sound scientific curricula are no longer available to be followed in the public school. Therefore, private schools have been resorted to that offer correct and diverse scientific curricula, interest in languages, and interest in the religious and moral character within the curriculum provided.

The third project: Wi-Fi networks

With the development of technology all over the world, the Internet has played a major role in people’s lives, as it has been relied upon in many life and daily matters such as learning, paying bills, work, etc. Therefore, the Wi-Fi network project is one of the very successful projects in Yemen because it has become the presence of a Wi-Fi network in Every house is normal in every Yemeni house, and it does not require a large capital to start with.

What are the reasons that contributed to the progress of the Wi-Fi networks project?

  • The semi-permanent power outage in Yemen: Because of the ongoing wars in the past years, this led to a weakness in the power transformers, as you will not be able to watch TV or see the latest news, and this may lead to a complete interruption of life outside the wall of your house, so people resort to the Internet for entertainment, knowing the latest news, learning and other necessary things .
  • Internet is weak in many areasThe expansion of Internet networks and the addition of a number of new networks for Internet broadcasting will help to raise its quality, especially in remote areas such as villages.
  • High prices of Internet packages within telecom networksIn the event that a Wi-Fi network is not available in your home or place of work, you will have to activate Internet packages on your network, and the high prices of these packages may lead to your spending a lot of money, and you can buy a Wi-Fi network at a very low price, permanent and not expired, so you will definitely resort It away from the high prices of the packages.

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The fourth project: buying and selling real estate

In most countries where wars break out, the real estate market declines significantly, but in Yemen, and in the last five years, the real estate market has witnessed a remarkable development, due to reconstruction and modern construction. Therefore, the project of buying and selling real estate is one of the thriving projects in Yemen and has a great future in Yemen.

Factors that helped advance the real estate market

  • The depreciation of the Yemeni riyal : After the increase in the number of expatriates and working in foreign countries, they began to resort to buying real estate on Yemeni lands, because the salaries of foreign countries can enable you to own real estate at a low price, due to the depreciation of the Yemeni currency.
  • Leaving the original people of Yemen : Because of the outbreak of wars and the poor living conditions, many Yemeni people are selling their properties and traveling to foreign countries, and this thing helped move the market for buying and selling real estate.
  • The nature of the Yemeni people The vast majority of the Yemeni people could not adapt to the bitterness of life in Yemen and rose towards development. Despite the war, the Yemeni people resorted to resistance, reconstruction and increased investment.

At the end of our article, we have shown you the best 4 projects that have a future in Yemen, but there are always different ways to profit. You only have to search for your profitable project, which you think is the project through which you will be able to make your way to wealth or at least financial independence..

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