The 8 best paid jobs in Egypt 2023


Hello, dear esteemed people, in this article, which we will shed light on The highest paying jobs in Egypt For the year 2023, with the decline in the cost of living and the significant increase in prices, young high school graduates want to know what are the highest-income jobs in Egypt, to provide them with their luxury in life. Previous article we talked about the best companies in Egypt in terms of salaries Today, we will complete the series to find out what are the high-paying jobs in Egypt.

The 8 best paid jobs in Egypt 2023

In light of the current difficult living conditions in Egypt, it has become necessary to obtain a high monthly salary so that the individual can provide the necessary basics to complete their daily activities.

And many people ask about jobs that receive a high salary in Egypt, where there is a large percentage of people who want to travel to Egypt and work, but before doing the travel procedures they want to know the value of the salaries of employees in Egypt, so we will do our part today in this article to present the salaries of some jobs in Egypt Continue reading to the end of the article to know all the details about job salaries in Egypt.

The highest paying jobs in Egypt

In this paragraph, we will learn about the best and highest-paid jobs in Egypt, and these jobs are as follows:

1. Surgeons and doctors

The demand for doctors in Egypt is great, so it is natural that their salaries are high compared to other people, but you cannot become that famous doctor or well-known surgeon except after years of experience and serious work, as the medical profession requires more and more experience and dedication to work To preserve people’s lives, doctors also carry out many other tasks, such as treating patients and reviewing the daily and various cases that may come to the hospital.

However, it is one of the highest paid medical specialties in Egypt. As for salaries, the salary of a doctor or surgeon reaches 34,000 Egyptian pounds per month, and sometimes it reaches 41,000 Egyptian pounds per month.

2. Anesthesiologists

The job of an anesthesiologist is one of the most demanding jobs in Egypt and the highest paid. It is an important job alongside the doctor in charge of the operation, as the anesthesiologist works in planning and implementing surgical support. Their responsibility also lies in ensuring that they guarantee patients before the operation. In the end, their role is very important before the operation to ensure its success in the way the correct.

  • That’s the average salary of a doctor Anesthesia reaches 31 thousand Egyptian pounds per month, and it can reach 49 thousand Egyptian pounds per month.

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3. The judge

The judge’s salary is the highest in the law sector in Egypt, as their tasks are multiple by attending and looking into people’s violations and issuing a fair judgment in the end. The judge must also possess great knowledge and experience in law to be based on a fair judgment. Therefore, obtaining a judge’s job is not an easy matter, as it must You spend many years studying, so this job is one of the highest paid jobs in Egypt.

  • The average monthly salary of a judge reaches 28,000 Egyptian pounds per month, and the greater the experience, the salary increases to 37,000 Egyptian pounds.

4. Attorney

The job of a lawyer is one of the most important jobs in society and is among the list of the highest paid jobs in Egypt, but the work of a lawyer differs according to the specialization he specializes in, which is the type of law, as there are several types of lawyers, including those who practice family law, some of whom specialize in criminal law, and finally those who specialize with corporate clients Just.

  • The lawyer must be well trained to be able to advise their clients on the case. The monthly lawyer’s salary reaches 23,000 Egyptian pounds.
  • And if the lawyer has more experience in his field, his salary can reach 27 thousand Egyptian pounds.

5. Bank manager

The job of a bank manager is one of the highest paid jobs in Egypt, as their tasks are multiple in the banking sector. They supervise the management of daily banking operations, in addition to their supervision of spending, budget, financial statements, and other tasks.

It is important that the bank manager has experience in dealing with financial affairs and they must have long knowledge and experience in the industry.

  • The average salary of a bank manager is 21,000 Egyptian pounds per month.
  • And if he has experience in managing banks, his salary reaches 24,000 Egyptian pounds per month.

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6. Executive Director

The CEO’s salary is one of the highest in Egypt, as the CEO’s tasks are multiple, represented in managing the various departments in addition to setting the company’s strategic goals. They also focus on growth and investment during their meetings with investors and businessmen. The CEO must have a far vision for the project.

  • The salary of the CEO in Egypt reaches 20,000 pounds per month.
  • If the manager is experienced, his salary increases to approximately 31,000 Egyptian pounds.

7. A specialist in orthodontics

A specialist in orthodontics is also considered one of the highest paid jobs in Egypt, as the demand for specialists specializing in orthodontics is very large in Egypt, and the more experience the specialist has in this field, the higher his salary, but he must have spent many years of training to be able to Gaining this experience that many people are looking for.

  • The salary of an orthodontist reaches 16,000 Egyptian pounds per month.
  • In the event that the specialist has experience in this field, his salary may reach 19 thousand Egyptian pounds per month.

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8. The pilot

The pilot job is one of the highest paid jobs in Egypt. They are responsible for transporting passengers by air to their destinations. The pilot must be experienced and competent in driving the plane and dealing with emergencies that may occur with him.

  • The pilot’s salary in Egypt starts from approximately 14,000 Egyptian pounds, and it is constantly increasing throughout the year.
  • And if he has experience in the field of aviation, his salary reaches 24 thousand Egyptian pounds per month.

In conclusion, we have come to the end of our article for today, where we presented you with the highest paid jobs in Egypt, in addition to the most important details about each job. If you want to work in Egypt and want to get a high salary, then these jobs are the best jobs to get a high salary. We hope that the time out It is useful to read the article.

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