The 7 best blogging platforms to create a professional blog (explanation and review)

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  • November 27, 2023
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Blogging is one of the favorite hobbies for millions around the world, as it allows sharing thoughts and experiences with the public in an interactive environment. aThis hobby can also be developed into a job quickly if the appropriate conditions are available, especially familiarity with the technical side and mastery of content marketing techniques. If you are confused about which blogging platforms are suitable for your project, then you are in the right place. Allocating ten minutes of your time to carefully browse this guide will enable you to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each platform, as well as choose the most appropriate one for you in terms of terms of use and operating cost.

The best blogging platforms to create a professional blog (explanation and review)

Our team explained and reviewed the best blogging platforms in detail to help you choose the appropriate platform to easily create a professional and profitable blog with the least possible investment.

WordPress .1

There is no doubt that WordPress is classified as the best blogging environment on the Internet, as it combines ease of use and the ability to comprehensively control all site powers and settings. Also, blog design does not require technical expertise, especially with thousands of ready-made templates and plugins. This ensures a good user experience at the lowest cost, and the WordPress core is constantly updated to close all security vulnerabilities. WordPress algorithms are optimized and optimized for search engines, which helps articles rank high in search results while reaching a targeted audience as quickly as possible. All of these factors have made WordPress occupy the throne of the best and most widely used blogging platforms. The latest statistics indicate that more than 60% of the websites available on the Internet were designed using WordPress. If you are new to blogging, I definitely think this guide is about Steps to creating a successful blog and making money from it It will save you a lot of time in your quest to achieve a respectable income from blogging as quickly as possible.

The most prominent obstacle that beginners face in working on WordPress is the impossibility of performing advanced customizations without technical experience, but you can use the services of freelance developers to Freelancing sites Specialized. Personally, I trust more the experience of elite freelancers on the platform Fiverr Business To make any complex customization, the company selects them and subjects them to quality tests periodically. Also, the need to use a lot of plugins to cover all tasks leads to slow loading of pages and weakens the user experience, but this problem can be overcome by using servers optimized for WordPress applications. For example, the pages of our website, An Adventurer’s Blog, load quickly even though it was designed with WordPress, due to its installation on hosting servers. Cloudways Professionalism, which is classified as The best global web hosting companies As we previously pointed out. Finally, it is necessary to pay attention to the evaluation of add-on developers, as any add-on with weak codes or that is not constantly updated may make your blog vulnerable to hacking. By the way, we also recommend that you read this wonderful guide dedicated to reviewing The best WordPress templates, which is used by most professional WordPress blogs around the world. An adventurous blog using a template Divi It has been paid since its launch, and our experience with it has been very good in terms of ease of settings and wonderful updates that occur on a monthly basis.


  • Free and open source platform
  • Ease of use and management
  • Full control of permissions and settings
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO)
  • The user experience is very advanced
  • An abundance of ready-made templates and plugins
  • Full access to site files (FTP Access)
  • Updates are made constantly


  • Advanced customization requires technical expertise

Blogger .2

It is the turn of the Blogger platform of the giant Google, which began providing its services to bloggers a long time ago, exactly in the late last decade in 1999. Blogger was designed to suit beginners, because its settings are easy and the article editor it relies on is very simple. also Work in blogging On the Blogger platform, it is inexpensive. Google provides a link with the ( extension and hosting with unlimited resources for free. Personally, it is preferable to link the blog to a private domain by purchasing it from someone Domain reservation sites like NamecheapThis makes it appear more professional and credible to followers. Also, the Blogger core is subject to the supervision and development of Google, so it is theoretically impossible to hack it, except for human errors of the blog owner or loss of the email password associated with it for any reason.

The most serious disadvantage of Blogger is the restricted ownership of the blog. Google has the right to delete the blog if it violates the terms of use. It also prevents access to the site’s files, and therefore you will not be able to make any advanced customizations or add any other component to the site. Also, the Blogger platform’s article editor tools are limited and boring, which does not help in editing articles that are organized and attract the reader’s attention. For example, it is difficult to create organized tables or integrate third-party content seamlessly, which is what every blogger needs to publish high-quality articles with a high conversion rate. Another important point is facing problems with optimizing the blog for search engines (SEO Optimization) and not accepting Blogspot extensions by most advertising companies, which thus negatively affects the size of expected profits. Frankly, Blogger is a blogging platform suitable for amateurs who have a ready-made audience base, while it is recommended to avoid it for serious people and professionals because it is unfortunately not conducive to developing e-commerce solutions.


  • Simple settings
  • Hosting is free
  • Compatibility with Google services
  • Safe and hard to penetrate,


  • Ownership of the blog is limited and conditional on respecting Google policy
  • Advanced customization permissions are restricted
  • The experience of writing and editing articles is boring
  • Not prepared and optimized for electronic marketing
  • Problems linking with advertising companies
  • Not suitable for professional blogging projects

Joomla .3

Joomla is one of the best open source content management tools (CMS), which has a good reputation among the developer community. The most important advantages of using the Joomla platform is the ability to control all site features, and it also allows the use of several templates simultaneously on the same site. Also, Joomla is unique in supporting the flexibility of changing display sizes as desired, a feature that is not provided by most competing blogging platforms. The previous characteristics explain why it is widely used by online stores and companies with global geographical targeting, because they allow displaying a special and different interface according to each country.

It is true that Joomla is a professional platform, but unfortunately the high development cost makes it beyond the reach of beginners and professionals alike. Imagine that any simple modification requires code review, which consumes time as well as money if you use the services of a specialized developer. It is also common for Joomla application files to be large in size, which causes a drain on server resources and slow page loading while browsing. Based on my experience in blogging for more than 10 years, I believe that the Joomla platform is only suitable for companies that work on… Create an online store Attached with the blog. It is also common knowledge that blogging is classified under The best electronic projects Low cost, so you must adhere to keeping operating expenses and content production to a minimum.


  • Open source and flexible development
  • Flexibility to display content at record levels
  • More advanced user management
  • Use multiple templates simultaneously
  • Support and integrate multiple languages ​​into the Joomla core


  • High technical expertise is required
  • It is necessary to hire a developer to make modifications
  • Intense consumption of hosting server resources
  • The operating cost is somewhat high

Squarespace .4

The Squarespace platform is considered one of the first companies to develop content management platforms, especially for blogging or e-commerce. The most important strength of the Squarespace platform is the good phone application, especially as it allows making changes to the design and settings of the site without the need to use a computer. Also, customer service is responsive and accessible across many channels, unlike competing blogging platforms that rely primarily on online development communities. The list of templates and plugins provided by the platform is also good, but it is not really up to competing with its counterparts in WordPress or Joomla.

Negative opinions about Squarespace focus on the slow loading of pages, which negatively affects the user experience and the size of the blog site’s profits. Also, working on the platform is more complicated than necessary, so most beginners face difficulty in creating a blog or online store without obtaining help from a third party. It is also noted that the platform is not compatible with some necessary tools and add-ons, and therefore you may find yourself forced not to use them despite their importance. Despite all the disadvantages of working on Squarespace, it still has a large user base and achieves good profits, and this is due to its targeting beginners and offering generous commissions to marketers in exchange for referring new users.


  • Compatibility with e-commerce systems
  • Make design adjustments using the mobile app
  • Excellent customer service response speed
  • The ready-made templates are excellent and attractive


  • Working on the platform is too complicated
  • Disastrous download and browsing speed
  • Integration with a few tools and plugins
  • The cost of operation and development is high

Medium .5

Now it’s time to review some personal blogging platforms such as Medium, which most bloggers use to share their thoughts and mainly for non-profit purposes. The most prominent strength of the Medium platform is its availability of a large visitor base, especially as it allows sharing posts with the ability to choose appropriate meta tags and hashtags. This helps to reach a highly targeted audience, which reflects positively on the number of followers and the writer’s reputation. The article editing tools are also good and easy to use, so organized, high-quality articles can be published in record time.

In all honesty, Medium is not suitable for professional blogging projects, as it imposes restrictions on ownership and terms of use like Blogger. It is also not allowed to make modifications to the design or reserve a special domain, which makes the blog design completely uncompetitive with other blogging platforms. Another negative note is that the blog is prohibited from being linked to other advertising companies, so there is no way to market the content and generate income except for the Medium Partner program, which pays small amounts for the number of impressions. For your information, owning a successful and professional blog is a prerequisite for making a profit from blogging, but developing new content marketing solutions is what controls the amount of profits. For example, a blog with a traffic rate that does not exceed 10,000 visitors can achieve more profits than its counterpart with a million visitors, and we have previously discussed this disparity in this detailed guide about Ways to profit from blogging.


  • The article editor is professional and simple
  • Reaching a targeted audience for free
  • Form a network of relationships with professional bloggers


  • Lack of design control
  • Strict policy and terms of use
  • The platform system limits users
  • Limited options for generating income from the blog
  • Do not allow a private link (URL)
What is the best blogging platform?

Wix .6

You probably came across Wix before browsing our article about the best blogging platforms, as social media sites are full of exciting ads as well as paid recommendations for use by quasi-“experts” in e-commerce. The Wix content management platform allows blog design by drag and drop only, and it is also equipped with pre-settings that allow the integration of third-party plugins. The Wix platform was mentioned only to warn bloggers and website owners against using it, as it is the worst of all and it is impossible to manage a professional website project with it.

The options for applications and templates are almost non-existent, which leaves you limited in your website design plan. Also, slow downloading and browsing, along with many annoying ads, which destroys the user experience. Wix also restricts the use of third-party add-ons, in order to blackmail customers into purchasing paid add-ons on its store. The secret of Wix’s popularity is its marketing plans, which are based on luring customers with exciting slogans such as “Create a free online store,” as well as the attractiveness of its generous rewards system directed at marketers.


  • Blog launch speed
  • Design by drag and drop
  • Support for third-party applications


  • Template and plugin options are limited
  • Slow loading pages
  • Bad user experience
  • Too many ads in the free plan
  • Restrictions on accepting add-ons from third parties

Tumblr .7

Tumblr was designed to contribute to the free flow of information on the Internet, so it has succeeded in becoming one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world.. The Tumblr platform does not impose any restrictions on the nature of the content, so it is considered an ideal choice for bloggers in areas that have restrictions such as pornographic content, minority affairs, or others.

The majority of the audience browsing Tumblr is limited to emerging audiences and young age groups, so it is not ideal for displaying ads. The platform also reserves the right to delete or ban the blog, which is not suitable for any blogger who wants to build a profitable blog. Imagine with me the magnitude of the shock of spending long days producing and marketing content, only to be surprised one day by being denied access to the control panel and communicating with followers.


  • Simple content editing tools
  • It is free and does not place restrictions on the content
  • Ideal for visual content,


  • Limited and restricted powers
  • The design is simple and transcendent
  • Content cannot be monetized


Remember that owning an online blog is like investing in real estate, so it is preferable to choose a blogging platform that allows complete control over all the details of the blog and does not require exorbitant operating expenses.. In short, if you are wondering what is the best blogging platform? The direct answer is WordPress because it is considered the best content management platform in terms of flexibility of use, quality of user experience, simplicity of settings, full access to all powers, and adoption of the latest security standards. It is also open source and has a huge community that includes millions of experts and developers around the world, which ensures that WordPress is updated periodically. To ensure the best results, it is recommended to install the WordPress core on cloud hosting, which ensures a fast-loading and browsing blog. Now it is your turn to participate in the discussion by sharing your experience with blogging platforms, and the site team is fully prepared to answer all your questions in the comments section below.

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