The 14 most luxurious brands that should be in your makeup bag

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  • January 11, 2024
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In this article we will present to you The best international makeup brandsBeauty products are considered an essential thing for all women, and this thing drives them to search for names The best makeup always.

However, there are many available Types of makeup There are affordable prices in the market, in addition to well-known high-quality brands. They may be a little expensive, but they are always the best.

Of course, the issue of choosing makeup varies depending on the type of person. Every person has a special type of makeup, so we have a list that we have compiled. The best types of makeup brands Which will make you addicted to it from the first use, as it is one of the most famous and best companies in the world in manufacturing cosmetics.

The best makeup brands in the world

The best makeup brands in the world

Cosmetic products are an essential part for most women and must always be in their bag, and their great interest always drives them to search for the best makeup brands in terms of quality.

Makeup is considered the tool that women use to complete their appearance and beauty.

There are many brands of makeup on the market, some of which have average efficiency and an acceptable price, and some of which are of high quality and fantastic prices, but they are very wonderful.

Choosing makeup is not an easy process, as it varies according to the nature and type of the skin, as well as price differences and the buyer’s budget.

But if you, my friend, are obsessed with makeup and have the ability to buy the best brands, then I advise you to read on, because in this article we will introduce you to the best types of makeup brands in the world.

1- Chanel brand

One of the best brands in the world in the makeup industry, and its sales value continues to increase since its founding in 1909, which was started by Gabrielle Coco Chanel.

It offers many products such as perfumes, shoes, clothes, bags, makeup and accessories. This brand is loved by many women in the world.

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2- L’Oreal Paris brand

If you are wondering what is the best makeup brand? This company is considered the most distinguished among companies that produce French cosmetics.

This company was founded in 1909 and includes many products for skin and hair care, among others, in addition to distinctive and beautiful perfumes.

It attracts many consumers under the slogan (because we deserve it). This brand is very famous and considered the best-selling in the world.

3- Dior brand

It is considered one of the best cosmetics in the world and contains many products, including perfumes, makeup, and others. The brand is very famous and preferred by many women in the world, so many classify it as the best makeup brand.

4- Avon brand

This company began its establishment in 1886 in the United States of America and is one of the very famous brands in makeup.

It includes many products and is famous for certain types of makeup brands, such as eye shadows, nail polish, skin cleansing products, and others.

The sales rate for this brand is very large, because it has a global marketing method, as it contains 6 million representatives of the company who reach homes.

This company’s prices are fairly suitable for all categories while providing high quality, which has led to the spread of this brand very quickly.

5- Mac brand

The best brand ever in the makeup industry, which has a very wide reputation because it meets all women’s needs.

Mac stands for Makeup Art Cosmetics. This brand was founded in 1984 in Canada.

Among its works is that it raised about $86 million for charitable causes in 1994. This brand is spread in all countries of the world. It produces many products, including mascara, eyelashes, concealer, and others.

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6- My Belin brand

One of the most famous brands in the world and was founded by a 19-year-old young man. He was the first to create a mascara for eyelashes, which was a mixture of carbon dust and Vaseline.

This company produces many products for the skin, eyes, menstruation, etc., in addition to products for children. This company is distinguished by its high quality of products and large sales.

7- Revlon brand

This brand cares about the extreme care that every girl needs to complete her beauty looks, and its products are always wonderful.

It includes many products such as perfumes, skin care products, mascara, lipstick, and many creams.

It is the most famous and best brand in the world.

8- Smashbox brand

This company has a very popular reputation due to the high quality of its products.

It was founded in 1989 in Maryland, USA. Its products include skin cosmetics, eye shadows, and lipsticks.

9- Fresh Core brand from Real Techniques

It has 5 brushes for the eyes, the first for eyeshadow foundation, the second for applying eyeliner, the third for eyebrows, etc. This brand may be considered the best ever.

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10- Estee Lauder brand

This company began producing perfumes in 1953, after which it completed the production of various cosmetics and became one of the best makeup brands in the world.

It followed a great marketing system and used celebrities and magazines to showcase its products. So it became a global brand in a very short time.

11- Bourjois brand

One of the most famous brands in the world, founded in 1863 in Paris, whose products are distinguished by high quality.

This brand offers a distinctive foundation that hides imperfections and gives a very beautiful look. In addition to primer, concealer, mascara, lipstick, and other distinguished products.

In addition to the ideal moisturizing products, they contain vitamins that are very healthy for the skin.

12- Sephora brand

The most famous of all, which was founded in Paris in 1970 and occupies a great position in the field of fashion, beauty and care, and has achieved very large sales, especially in Saudi Arabia.

It is distinguished by the high quality of its products and the large number of its headquarters and branches around the world.

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13- Huda Beauty

This brand has gained great fame, especially in the Arab world. It was founded in 2013, and Huda Kattan is considered one of the most influential figures on the Internet.

Its products are famous for their high quality, offering more than 140 ideal cosmetic products such as foundation, contour, and beautiful lip products. In addition to the distinctive eye shadow.

14- Max Factor brand

This brand is available in many Arab countries, especially in Saudi Arabia. It was founded in 1909 and enjoyed great success and wide fame. It is distinguished by the high quality of its products.

Thus, we have presented to you the most important international brands in the field of cosmetics and others. If you are wondering about the best original French or American makeup brands, or which French company is famous for makeup, then you will definitely find what you are looking for in this list.

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