Terms of employment in Dubai Police 2023 for foreigners and citizens

Terms of employment in Dubai Policeas there are many jobs announced by the UAE in many areas of police jobs, and in order to invest this golden opportunity for those looking for Job opportunity in the Emirates sThrough today’s article, we present to you how to be employed in the Dubai Police, and what are the conditions for employment in it? In addition to mentioning the papers and documents required for employment in the Dubai Police.

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Terms of employment in Dubai Police
Terms of employment in Dubai Police

Since Dubai Police jobs 2023 are among the most important and most important jobs in the United Arab Emirates, which are accepted by many citizens and expatriates, many are wondering how to work in the Dubai Police? How do I apply for admission to the Dubai Police, and what are the required specializations in the Dubai Police, whether for women or men? Therefore, we have prepared this guide for you with a simple definition of Dubai Police and the conditions for employment in Dubai Police for foreigners.

Definition of Dubai Police

The Emirates Police was established at the beginning of June 1958, as its headquarters is now in an area called Al-Tawar, north of Al-Ittihad Street, after its headquarters was located in Naif Castle until 1973, when it later became one of the centers affiliated with the Dubai Police.

Among the most important information about Dubai Police is that it:

  • It is considered one of the modern Arab security agencies, as the Emirates Police employs more than 15,000 employees, who enjoy high academic degrees in various specializations.
  • The tasks of the Dubai Police are reflected in working to improve the way of life in the UAE, by adhering to the rights approved by the UAE Constitution in order to comply with the laws and maintain security and safety in society and its safety.
  • The head of the Emirates Police is the ruler of Dubai, His Highness Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may God protect him.
  • Dubai Police is one of the most important security agencies at the regional, international and local levels.
  • Dubai Police is an indivisible part of the larger security apparatus of the Emirates Police.

Terms of employment in Dubai Police

As there are several conditions that must be met in order to join the police job in Dubai, as follows:

  • The person applying for the job should have a bachelor’s degree in his educational attainment as a minimum.
  • To possess planning and organizing skills, as well as time management skill.
  • He should also have the ability to communicate effectively, whether written or oral, and the ability to solve problems.
  • One of the conditions for applying is also to be proficient in the Arabic language, and to speak English fluently.
  • Add to that the Hindi, Korean, and other languages, knowing that they are among the important good advantages for the applicant.
  • He must have 3 years of experience in another job he used to work in.
  • The age of the applicant should not be less than eighteen years and not more than thirty years.
  • Knowing that there are some positions in the Dubai Police, in which the age of the policeman must not be less than twenty-two years.
  • The ideal weight and height, where the applicant’s height should be commensurate with his weight, in addition to his height not being less than 165 cm.
  • Also among the conditions for application is that his civil record be free of any criminal cases, that he has not completed compulsory military service, and that he has not been dismissed or refused, regardless of the reason.
  • The applicant must pass all the tests that he will be subjected to, in addition to passing the personal interview test. He must also undergo all medical examinations and procedures in order to ensure the applicant’s physical and health safety.

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Conditions for joining the required jobs in Dubai Police for expatriates

In terms of the term (community police), the government of the United Arab Emirates was keen to approve the employment of expatriates to the UAE as part of the work of its security apparatus.

This is in order to advance the UAE economy and work to improve it, and the reason for this is that most of the residents of the UAE are expatriates, meaning that their original origin does not return to the Emirates.

In order to employ non-nationals in the Emirates Police, there are several conditions that must be met, as follows:

  • The applicant must have a bachelor’s degree or diploma.
  • The applicant must be an adult with great capabilities that enable him to perform his duties to the fullest.
  • To pass all physical and health medical tests and examinations.
  • Be fluent in speaking Arabic and have the ability to read and write fluently.
  • All expatriates working in the Dubai Police are also required to renew the two-year contract after its expiration date.
  • Note that expatriates are employed in the UAE within the Dubai Police support units, and not within one of the basic operations, as positions are changed only for those who are qualified and distinguished from foreigners only.
  • Expatriate police officers do not wear police uniforms, only local officers wear them.
  • Expatriate employees in Dubai Police undertake tasks related to information technology as well as computer engineers, forensic doctors or specialists to work in Dubai Police.
  • They also undertake work tasks alongside the community police in Dubai by patrolling residential areas and collecting information on everything related to violations and working to combat corruption. Thus, the UAE government guarantees a safe and problem-free environment for all members of the Emirati community, citizens and expatriates.

Papers and documents required for employment in Dubai Police for expatriates

When an expatriate applies for a job in the Dubai Police, he must provide the required papers, which are as follows:

  • Complete CV.
  • A copy of the identity.
  • A copy of the passport.
  • A copy of the residence.
  • A recent color photograph.
  • A certified copy of all academic certificates that he worked to obtain; In addition to the experience certificates available to him.

Papers and documents required for citizens in Dubai for the Dubai Police job

Below we present to you the documents required for citizens who want a job in Dubai Police, as follows:

  • The applicant must have a certificate of excellence, as it is issued by the Dubai Police General Command, and issued by the Intelligence Department in Dubai.
  • Submit a certified copy of the study certificate, provided that it has been attested by the Ministry of Education in Dubai.
  • The applicant must have an EMSAT certificate in English or its equivalent.
  • Having a clear copy of the passport.
  • A certified copy of the registration.
  • A personal color photograph.
  • A true copy of the birth certificate.
  • A certified copy of the identity card.
  • A copy of the driver’s license.
  • He must have obtained the national service completion certificate issued by the National Reserve Service.
  • Submit a no-objection certificate issued by the National Reserve Authority.
  • If an experience certificate is available, a certified copy of it must be submitted.

The highest salaries in Dubai Police

Salaries in Dubai Police vary according to the job title that the individual occupies, as the highest salaries in the Dubai Police job are:

  • The salary for the team leader position in Dubai Police is equivalent to 23,000 AED.
  • The salary for the position of Head of the Curriculum Department of the Public Authority is equivalent to 25,000 AED.
  • As for the salary of the head of the Department of Bioengineers, which is equivalent to 25,000 AED.
  • The salary of senior engineers is equivalent to 24,000 AED.
  • The salary of the Head of Planning and Performance of the Public Institution in Dubai Police is equivalent to 38,000 AED.

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Dubai police jobs salary

As for the salaries of jobs in Dubai Police, they are as follows:

  • The salary for a job in Dubai Police ranges between a minimum of 7,500 AED and a maximum of 14,000 AED.
  • As for the salary of the security policeman, it ranges between four thousand dirhams and up to six thousand dirhams.
  • While the salary of the lieutenant, after increasing the salaries in the Dubai Police, reaches 24,000 dirhams, after it was previously 20,000 dirhams.

How to apply for Dubai Police job

After reviewing all the conditions and required documents, you can go to the registration link in order to apply for a police job in Dubai from here.

At the end of the discussion about the terms of employment in Dubai Police 2023, we have provided you with all the details related to obtaining a job in Dubai Police 2023, in addition to how to apply for it, as the UAE remains, as we have always been, seeking to advance the country towards prosperity by providing all means possible and to preserve the security and safety of the United Arab Emirates, land and people, thanking you for your kind follow-up to us, dear visitors.

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