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  • January 11, 2024
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Privacy and security are two important factors that are crucial for all users without exception. Many users may want to log in to certain sites that may be new or suspicious without using their personal email. Based on this logic, what is known as the temporary email was created, which can be used once without exposing personal emails to annoying spam messages.

How to create a temporary email for free

You can create a temporary email easily and for free on the Internet, as there are many sites that offer this service. With a small search for sites that provide temporary email services, you will find many well-known and safe sites. On the other hand, there will be no obstacles to obtaining a temporary email, such as the need to register on the site, add your phone number, or write personal information. When you enter the site, you will find the temporary email in front of you and the message box waiting for incoming messages.

There will be many options when creating a temporary email. Some sites allow you to change the temporary email if you want. There is also a page refresh button if messages are delayed, in addition to the delete button and the copy button. Thus, it will be easy to obtain a temporary email with just a few simple steps, registration or many procedures.

Top 5 Free Temporary Email Creation Sites

To facilitate your search, we will present to you the 5 most prominent sites that provide temporary email services, knowing that they are completely free as well. They are as follows:

1- Temp-Mail website:

Temp-Mail website - temporary emailTemp-Mail website - temporary email

It is one of the most famous and reliable sites for providing temporary email service, which does not delete the temporary email address until you delete it yourself or the domain list changes. This may be a good or bad point depending on your needs, but it means that you do not need to ask for an extension of time. In terms of safety, it is Temp-mail Only stores emails for up to approximately two hours. It also removes any personal details such as your IP address once you are done using the service. Temp-mail can be downloaded as an app from the AppStore or Google Play Store as well as using the service on any browser.

Temp Mail

2- GuerrillaMail:


This site is an excellent service for creating a temporary email, as it allows users to click on verification links and then delete the email. It also removes spam before it reaches your inbox. It is characterized by giving you many options, as it allows you to choose more than one temporary email address with more than one domain. On the other hand, it allows you to create your own domain with a password to access it through the tools menu on the site. keeps GuerrillaMail Inbox within 1 hour. Although the generated addresses themselves are endless. To further enhance privacy, GuerrillaMail can only be accessed with HTTPS encryption, and is an open source service.

Gorilla Mail

3- Ten Minute Email: 10minutemail:

Ten Minute Email 10minutemailTen Minute Email 10minutemail

Allows the temporary email created by the service 10minutemail Use email for only 10 minutes. After this period, any messages in the inbox will be deleted, in addition to the temporary email as well. The temporary email can be entered anywhere you want as long as you do not close the email page in the first 10 minutes. The 10-minute email also retains messages. Users can also reply with their temporary address, and reset the timer by 10 minutes if they need more time with their address. It is possible to retrieve incoming email messages for 10 minutes even if the timer expires. The service also does not request any personal information for use.

Ten Minute Email

4- Email on Deck:

Email on Deck EmailondeckEmail on Deck Emailondeck

It is considered a site Emailondeck One of the most accessible temporary email service providers, as it can create a temporary email in just two steps. The site also keeps your inbox for approximately 24 hours and deletes the mail automatically. On the other hand only premium users can send anonymous mail to any email address. A premium account will also remove ads and allow users to save their created email address as well as create custom addresses. Emailondeck’s website is impressively secure, and can be accessed via encrypted HTTPS.

Email on Deck

5- Maildrop:


What distinguishes the site maildrop It allows you to create a temporary email of your choice. You write the email and it sets the domain for the site, Maildrop. This feature enables you to remember your temporary email. Accessing the site is easy and does not require login or personal information.

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mile drop

What is the benefit of having a temporary email

When we talk about creating a temporary email, we do not fully understand how useful it is. The most important question is: Why do we need temporary email if there are already regular email service providers such as (Gmail, Hotmail, yahoo,…etc)? If both the temporary email and the regular email are completely free. Based on this, we can ask what a temporary email is used for. To know the answer, we must look at it from all aspects and determine what are the benefits of temporary email.

1- Security:

The temporary email service you choose has strong security measures to protect your personal information. It does not require entering personal information such as name, date of birth, or phone number. It is also almost impossible to hack or track any temporary email, unlike regular email. On the other hand, it is useful in protecting your online privacy as there is no way for any website to track your temporary email.

2- Create multiple accounts:

It is helpful to have more than one active account on the same website. For example, you may want to maintain separate personal and professional accounts on the same social media site. Thus, using temporary email addresses makes it easy to create as many accounts as you want. All without your service provider being able to detect your activity.

3- Ease of registration:

You can create a temporary email in just a few seconds without requiring login information or personal data as well. In addition, you can obtain a temporary email through applications that say you should download them to your phone.

4- Easy to dispose of:

The temporary email can be removed easily without the need for any strict procedures. Just exit the site and after a certain period the temporary mail and every trace of it will be deleted.

The difference between a temporary email and a real email

It is easy to distinguish between a temporary and a real email. Every temporary e-mail can be distinguished by the random letters and numbers it contains, in addition to the fact that the domain is a random, unknown word that does not belong to a specific party. While the real email most likely has understandable and clear words and ends with an official domain belonging to a well-known company. For example, @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, and others indicate that this email is not temporary.
The main difference here between a real email and a temporary email is that you’re not just deleting an email, you’re getting rid of an entire email address.

This table shows the main differences between temporary email and regular email:

Standard Temporary email Regular email
registration Completely anonymous Requires personal information
Automatic deletion of emails Yes no
delete account Easy and complete Slow and incomplete
Geographic independence Registration is allowed on all types of sites It may not be accepted during the registration process
Protection from aFor unwanted messages (spam) Even if someone sends you an unwanted message, you won’t see it Weak filters do not guarantee complete protection.
RPs check During registration ((Captcha Not available on most sites Required by almost all email providers
Number of accounts An unlimited number of accounts can be created There are some restrictions on the number of accounts
Recording speed No registration required It takes some time and verification
Possibility of hacking The chance of successful hacking is close to zero. Can be successfully hacked
password No password A password is required to access the account

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In the end, there are many reasons why temporary email is a need for every internet user. Temporary email also makes using the Internet simpler, safer, and faster, reducing the overload of your email while protecting your online identity from being compromised.

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