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  • February 16, 2022
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Many people spend their spare time browsing YouTube and social networking sites, so how about spending this time making some money by filling up simple and easy surveys. It is worth dedicating a little time of your free time to making money.

Survey websites are sites that offer you money in exchange for giving them your opinion, what a wonderful way to profit!!

Surveys usually related to your opinion on some products or services offered by companies, and all you have to do is to give the suitable answers according to available options.

Most of the surveys asks about your opinions on products such as milks, the coffees you regularly drink, fast food meals etc.

There are three parties that benefit from surveys, the company that needs information about certain products or services, the platform that conducting surveys among the public, and the person who does the survey itself, which is you, of course.

As for the first company, you get the information in exchange for a sum of money, which goes to the survey company, and a percentage goes to the survey website and the rest will be sent to users who fill up surveys.

With that being said the internet is full of fake websites and Applications that claim of pain a lot of money for taking surveys, but people end up wasting their time, so I decided to share my experience by talking about a website that is authentic, pays directly without turning surveys to point, yes it is not much money but it I real, $1 per survey.

Survey time is one of the best is one of the best survey platform provides multiple options for withdrawing the money such as PayPal, Amazon, Coinbase and Target. Personally I use PayPal to withdraw my money and below are my recent profits.

You can make PayPal account (it is very easy and simple) to withdraw your profits from PayPal to local bank account.

Link to make PayPal account:


 Survey Website Link:


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