Solve the problem of Tabby rejection and how do you contact Tabby customer service?

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  • January 10, 2024
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Why is it rejected? The problem of Tabby rejection is considered one of the annoying problems that individuals may face when ordering a purchase, especially when you have previously been accepted. However, Tabby depends on several factors to determine whether an order is accepted or rejected, so through the website, we will learn what are the reasons for Tabby rejection, and how to solve it. The problem of Tabby’s rejection of steps.

Solve the problem of Tabby rejection

Tabby Company is one of the largest companies specialized in the field of delivering orders from local stores to customers. The company has many branches in different countries. The company was established in 2010, and although the company is somewhat newly established, it has provided many distinguished services to customers, which Making it one of the most famous companies in the world for delivering orders.

The company seeks to provide more convenient and distinctive services to customers so that the customer can have a smooth and comfortable user experience, but in the recent period some have begun to face a problem with Tabby rejecting requests, and questions have been pouring in on the Internet to inquire about this topic.

Therefore, today we will do our part in this content by highlighting ways to solve the problem of Tabby rejecting requests.

Reasons for Tabby’s rejection

There may be many reasons for the rejection of applications from Tabby, and before we present the method for solving the problem of Tabby rejection, we will in this paragraph present the complete reasons for Tabby rejection, which are as follows:

1. History of bad reputation

A history of bad reputation is one of the most important reasons for rejecting user requests from Tabby. There are some customers who have a bad history with Tabby in terms of non-compliance with making payments and installments, or if the customer delays payment every time. Doing these actions will be recorded in the customer’s record and with Repeatedly the client’s requests will be rejected by Tabby.

2. Failure to meet the requirements

In order to obtain Tabby services, a set of important requirements must be met and all specified conditions must be fulfilled, such as the minimum per capita income, the ages allowed to use Tabby services, and other conditions. Failure to fulfill any of the specified requirements will result in the user’s request being rejected.

3. Legal or regulatory restrictions

Also, one of the reasons for rejecting user requests by Tabby is because of the local restrictions and laws that Tabby adheres to. It is possible that the requested product is covered by special local laws and regulations that Tabby cannot bypass, and in this case the customer’s request will be rejected.

4. Identity verification problem

To obtain all services from Tabby, you must provide all personal data about the user. If Tabby faces difficulty in verifying the user’s identity, especially if there is no match between the user’s identity and the required documents, the result of your request will certainly be rejection, due to doubts about the data you provided to Tabby. .


If your request is rejected by Tabby, it is best for you to verify the main reason behind the rejection of your request from Tabby. You can do this quickly by contacting Tabby customer service and by asking the support team. It will explain to you all the reasons for rejecting your request from Tabby and will provide you with some advice and instructions that will definitely help you. In solving your problem.

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Solve the problem of Tabby rejection

If you want to solve the problem of your Tabby application being rejected, you can do so easily by following some instructions that will help you solve the problem. The instructions are as follows:

1. Contact customer service

You must contact Tabby’s customer service and fully explain the problem you are facing and inquire about the reasons for rejecting your request from Tabby, then request a solution to the problem and the support team will certainly help you.

2. Check the terms and rules

One of the points that may help you identify the reasons for rejecting your application from Tabby and how to solve it is by verifying that you meet all of Tabby’s conditions and rules. If you find any clear violation of the laws and rules or a defect in the conditions, you must correct this problem quickly, and if you do not know how to fix it, you can communicate. Contact the support team at Tabby and ask them for some additional guidance and advice that will help you solve the problem you are facing.

3. Submit a reconsideration request

If you see that the reasons for rejecting your application from Tabby are unjustified or unknown and that there is an error, you can solve this problem by submitting a request to reconsider the rejection issue, but in this case you will need to provide some documents and evidence in order to support your application and to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

4. Find other options

If you do not benefit at all and the problem of your request from Tabby being rejected continues, in this case you must look for other solutions, such as looking into the refund policy to find out the problem or by going to one of the institutions specialized in protecting consumer rights and explaining the problem you are facing and submitting a complaint regarding the problems and obstacles you are facing. In rejecting your request from Tabby.

Important note:

If you decide to file an official complaint, you must keep all correspondence with the company that relates to your explanation of the problem and its continued rejection by the company. This will help you clarify your problem and your position on Tabby.

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How do I contact Tabby customer service?

There are several ways to contact Tabby customer service, as follows:

1. Dial

One of the easiest ways to contact Tabby customer service is via the customer service number to ask your inquiries, and the customer service representative will help you solve your problem by rejecting your request from Tabby.

2. Email

You can contact Tabby through e-mail, where you can send a message via mail to their email address, but you must describe the problem you are facing in detail, and the Tabby support team will respond to you immediately.

3. Live chat

Tabby recently provided a live chat service through the website or through Tabby’s application, and you can easily communicate with customer service through this method. This method will help you solve all the problems you face, whether they are due to the rejection of your request from Tabby or other problems.

4. Social media

Or you can communicate with Tabby through social media, as Tabby has many accounts on communication platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, and through the accounts you can ask many inquiries to share your problem and learn how to solve it.


The summary of our article, my dear followers, is that you can solve the problem of Tabby’s rejection through the solutions that we presented to you above. We initially presented to you many reasons for Tabby’s rejection of the customer’s request, and we also worked on providing ways to communicate with Tabby’s customer service. We hope that the article will be useful, hoping that it will benefit everyone.

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