Solve the problem of students’ reluctance to self-read


Welcome, dear visitors of the site.Technical dot comIn this article, in which we will talk about the phenomenon of reluctance to read, where we will learn what it is Reasons for young people’s reluctance to read? And what are the results and how Solve the problem of students’ reluctance to self-read? We will explain all these details briefly in the following lines.

Solve the problem of students' reluctance to self-read

Reading is considered one of the important and beneficial activities for humans, especially students, as it develops language in a person, expands knowledge, increases general culture, and improves memory in general. It is really considered one of the serious problems for generations, but there are certainly solutions available to get rid of this serious problem. Therefore, in our article, we will present to you the main reasons for students’ reluctance to self-read and a number of available solutions to this problem.

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What are the reasons why people refrain from self-reading?

There are many reasons that led to students’ reluctance to read, the most important of which are:

Interest in electronic activities:

Many students spend a lot of time using electronic devices such as smart phones and computers, which leads to a decrease in the time they spend reading.

Lack of stimulation:

Some students lack sufficient motivation to read, especially from parents and schools, and this makes them view reading as an unpleasant duty rather than a hobby.

Lack of time:

Some students suffer from a lack of time due to studies and social activities, which makes them prefer to spend their free time with other activities instead of reading.

Lack of suitable book selection:

Students may sometimes have difficulty finding the right book that suits their academic level and personal interests, and this is one of the main reasons for students’ reluctance to read.

Not announcing reading:

Some students may not be aware of the importance of reading and its benefits, due to the lack of advertising about it by schools and the society in which they live.

The reasons may vary for each student, but all of them neglect reading and stay away from it for social, personal or cultural reasons. Schools and families must strive to solve this problem and motivate students to read.

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What are the results of students’ reluctance to self-read?

The reluctance to read can lead to very serious problems that lead to very large negative results for the person, and the most important of these results are:

  1. Lack of knowledge: As the young generation who is not educated through reading has weak language skills and expressing what is going on inside them of opinions and ideas, and thus this leads to a weakness in expressing effectively.
  2. Producing a generation that is unaware of the historical, cultural and scientific importance of reading, and this is what leads to a lack of competencies and their scarcity among Arab youth.
  3. Lack of critical thinking: Neglecting readers may lead to a lack of critical thinking, as reading is the only way to develop this vital skill.
  4. Impact on general culture: Failure to read may lead to a negative impact on the general culture of students, when students lack new information and ideas that can help them understand the world around them.
  5. A reluctance to read affects mental health, as lack of reading may cause stress and anxiety and may affect mood.
  6. A great disappearance of poets, scientists and writers, and this result is very clear, since for a long time we have not heard of an Arab young man who won the Nobel Prize.

Solutions to address the problem of students’ reluctance to self-read

Reading must return to our homes and to the minds of our students, and awareness must be spread to reduce students’ reluctance to self-read. To solve this problem, there are several methods, the most important of which are:

  1. Spreading awareness through the social networking sites most used by students by publishing advertisements that encourage, motivate and display the importance of reading for young people.
  2. Providing the appropriate time and place for students to stimulate self-reading. A small library can also be equipped in schools containing a collection of books suitable for all ages.
  3. Motivating students in schools by teachers by highlighting the importance of reading in developing their language and cognitive skills.
  4. Providing an element of challenge among students by holding reading competitions and discussing books that students have read.
  5. Imposing a subject called reading to be part of the educational curricula for students.
  6. Spreading religious awareness among students and teaching them that seeking knowledge is one of the heavenly duties.
  7. Reducing leisure times on social networking sites, with the aim of learning to benefit from the Internet with knowledge and intellectual development.
  8. Developing reading tendencies, as it works on the psychological side of students and developing their reading tendencies.
  9. Family awareness, as stimulating reading is not the prerogative of the school only because the student spends more time with his family, so parents must provide appropriate books for their children.

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Tips for getting students to read

  1. Dear student, you encourage discovery, as reading helps you discover and experience new and unfamiliar things.
  2. Reading boosts self-confidence, encourages trying despite failure, and helps succeed.
  3. Dear student, choose your appropriate book because the wrong book will make you bored and bored.
  4. If you use your phone a lot, I advise you to listen to audio books on the Internet.
  5. Occupy your free time by reading your favorite books instead of wasting it with things that do not benefit you.
  6. Reading helps you develop your writing skills and learn about different cultures and the diversity of life skills.

In conclusion, reading is one of the basics of success and renaissance of the future generation, and therefore we must pay more attention to it. I hope that we have obtained your satisfaction in this simple topic that we learned through about the phenomenon of students’ reluctance to read, its causes, results and methods of treatment. I hope that the article will gain your admiration, hoping to benefit from him to everyone.

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