Solve the problem of stopping the we line without going to one of the company’s branches


we line stop problem It is a problem that many Wee customers who have been exposed to this problem are looking for a solution, especially since the Wee network has become one of the telecommunications companies that has a huge user base in Egypt because of the distinguished services and offers it provides, in addition to the high performance that it possesses. If you are a We customer and you have A suspended line and you want to know how the We line works after it is stopped? Follow along with us to learn how to activate a Wei line easily.

Solve the problem of stopping the we line without going to one of the company's branches

WE enjoyed wide popularity in Egypt, where many people wanted to buy a WE SIM, but people began to face many problems when activating the SIM on their mobile phones, because the SIM stopped after purchasing it from the company, and there are many reasons for stopping the WE line, but on Although there is a problem with the line stopping, there are many solutions to this problem.

The most important reasons for stopping the WE line

Before we get to know how to solve the We line stop problem, we must first know what is the reason for the We line stop? There are many reasons for stopping the line after purchasing it, including:

  • The chip may not contain a problem, but it needs self-activation because WE follows the system of needing self-activation upon purchase.
  • However, the card may be damaged as a result of exposure to moisture or extreme heat, and this may lead to communication failure and service interruption.
  • One of the reasons for stopping the service may be the lack of coverage in some areas.
  • There may be technical malfunctions in the communication equipment or the cellular network.
  • The card may be expired and has not been reactivated, which leads to its suspension.

We solve the problem of stopping the We line

As we mentioned at the beginning, the problem of stopping the we network is one of the annoying problems that many WE line users are looking for a solution to, and with a lot of complaints because of this problem, WE has provided a set of solutions to all customers in order to provide excellent services, and we will show you a number of these Solutions.

You can solve the problem of stopping the WE line by activating it from the official WE website

You can solve the problems that you face when activating the WE line through the official website of the telecom company, through a number of simple steps provided by the WE company to facilitate the customer to solve his problem quickly and without multiple steps and without the need to go to the main center of the company and waste your time through the steps next:

  1. Log in to the official WE website of the company from Here.
  2. Then the required data is entered, such as the national number, the service number, and the mother’s third name.
  3. Then complete the steps required by the company to successfully activate the line and solve the problem.

The second way to solve the problem of stopping the WE line is through customer service

What distinguishes WE from the rest of the Egyptian telecom companies is that it supports fast-responding customer service in order to ensure that the customer does not suffer from problems during his activation of the WE line, as customer service mainly works to address all customer problems and answer all their questions and inquiries, and the problem of stopping the line can be solved By contacting customer service by calling 111 at a price of 15 piasters per call only, where the call is made through the following steps:

  1. First, call “111”.
  2. A customer service representative will respond to your call quickly.
  3. The employee begins by presenting a number of questions to you in order to be able to identify your problem and collect some personal information registered in the company about you, and begins to ask about your full name.
  4. It checks whether the font you are asking about is the same font that you are experiencing the problem with, or another font.
  5. In the event that the line that the employee showed you is not the line with which you are facing the problem, you must tell him to help you.
  6. You tell the employee the correct line that you want to activate.
  7. The employee may ask you for your national number, but do not worry, this is a simple procedure to ensure that you are the owner of the line and that you will not be subject to theft of your line.

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Solving the problem of activating the internet on the WE line

Some WE customers suffer from the problem of the Internet service not working after activating the line, because they did not receive the necessary settings messages to activate the Internet on the phone, because the settings messages automatically adjust the Internet settings and save them on the phone periodically.

And the problem can be solved and we activate the Internet line in a guaranteed way on all operating systems, whether Android or IOS. You can follow the following steps to solve the problem:

  1. Enter the phone settings.
  2. Click on “Mobile Data Connection”.
  3. Choose “Access Points”.
  4. Click on the (+) sign in the list to add a new access point.
  5. Set the name of the TE internet point.
  6. Modify the APN access point name to
  7. Click on the three vertical dots at the top of the page.
  8. Click on “Save” from the drop-down menu.
  9. After following these steps, an access point dedicated to the WE network will appear, and the Internet service can be used easily.

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Providing the old line retrieval service from WE

Telecom Egypt provides effective solutions to the problem of stopping the communication line by WE and continues to provide great services to all its customers, including the possibility of reactivating the old WE line for free without any additional costs. mobile.

And one of the most important advantages that you get in the event that you retrieve an old line for you in the company WE.

  • When activating the old WE line, the customer can benefit from the 30 times the shipment offer.
  • The first ten customers are given free of charge.
  • One piaster is charged for each unit used from the remaining 20 times.
  • Customers can recharge the balance through all available recharge channels.
  • Units cannot be used outside of the WE network.
  • All mobile lines customers who have activated their suspended lines can benefit from this special offer.

And to my dear esteemed people, we have come to the end of this explanation, through which we learned how to solve the problem of the We line that does not work without going to one of the company’s branches, in addition to the method of activating the we Internet line. I hope that you like the article, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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