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  • December 8, 2023
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Are you looking for small projects in the Emirates? A project for 3,000 dirhams, a project for 10,000 dirhams in the Emirates.. This article will provide you with investment ideas and successful businesses with capital that varies according to the project. Foreigners from all over the world come to the Emirates, especially Dubai, to search for jobs, build a new business, or for tourism. This creates a lot of business and investment opportunities.

25 successful small projects in the Emirates 2023

In the next part, we will present some of the best investment ideas in the Emirates. It only requires a little investment and some experience (you will find a project for 3,000 dirhams or less, and a project for 10,000 dirhams or more):

Project 1: Fitness technology and wearables

Dubai has witnessed a significant rise in interest and awareness in fitness and wellness.

This growing trend opens opportunities to explore business ideas related to fitness and wellness technology. Some potential business ideas include:

  • Fitness Tracking Apps: Entrepreneurs can develop fitness tracking apps that offer features such as exercise tracking, calorie counting, heart rate monitoring, and integration with popular fitness platforms.
  • Wearables: Entrepreneurs can consider designing and manufacturing their own range of wearable devices that offer advanced features, sleek designs, and seamless integration with mobile applications.
  • Smart gym equipment: Entrepreneurs can develop smart gym equipment that offers interactive workout programs, personalized training plans, or virtual training sessions.

Ease of use and user experience are vital to success in this industry, as well as compatibility with popular fitness platforms to provide a more comprehensive and streamlined fitness experience.

Project 2: Investing in stocks

Investment is the path to wealth and financial independence, and we can invest in two ways:

  • Either we invest in a business, and this is an active investment that requires, in addition to capital, experience in the field or industry to which the business belongs.
  • Or do we invest in stocks and this is a passive investment, meaning that it requires capital and does not require working hours, attendance, and experience?

The difference here is clear, passive investing gives freedom of time and possibility Earn passive income Or growing capital over time, and active investment in business requires investing effort, time and experience in addition to money, but it brings great gains in the long term if you do well. Therefore, it is not easy for everyone to invest and succeed in business, while it is easy for almost everyone to enter the stock market.

More than 90% do not know how to invest in stock markets and trade in the wrong way, seeking quick profits! This is the enemy of investing in stocks and financial markets in general: greed and ignoranceBasics of investing in stocks.

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Project 3: Small bakery.

One of the most amazing traits about the people of the UAE is that they love to celebrate different occasions. This includes birthdays, successes, religious celebrations, and others.

Cakes and other baked goods are a staple at any celebrations or parties. Therefore, if you are good at baking and are excited about the idea of ​​opening a bakery, you will find it a great job opportunity in the UAE.

You can also start a home delivery service before opening the bakery itself. This business has great potential for success even if you are a housewife. In fact, it is considered a great idea for working from home in the Emirates, and enables you to start work with little capital.

Project 4: Working in photography.

The Emirates, especially Dubai, are similar to Europe and the United States of America. We mentioned earlier that people in the Emirates are always ready to celebrate different occasions, and therefore they need photographers to document these occasions.

If you have a DSLR camera and good photography skills, you can easily cover events and events, and bill them by the hour.

This is a fun job and you will definitely enjoy it. You can advertise your services on social media and other platforms. This idea is considered one of the best business opportunities available in Dubai for beginners. A project for 3000 dirhams or less that generates large profits.

Project 5: Luxury travel packages.

Dubai and other places in the Emirates are considered one of the largest tourist destinations in the world, and it is true that the travel and tourism sector is already present and established in the country, but exciting offers and discounts on luxury trips, and other various offers are always welcome. So, if you can manage such interesting trips for tourists, you will be able to achieve great success.

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Project 6: Working as an online florist.

People in the Emirates like to buy flowers on different occasions, and they do not limit themselves to buying them on Valentine's Day, but they also like to buy flowers on many other special days, such as birthdays and various anniversaries.

It would be great if you started a flower delivery service as well, as many people find it difficult to go to the flower shop to look at them first, and you should not limit the delivery service to flowers only, but you can add other things to it later such as greeting cards, chocolates, etc.

Project 7: Working as a private tutor.

This is another business that does not require investment. If you master certain subjects and believe that you can teach them efficiently, you can start working as a private tutor.

The education and study system in the UAE is quite expensive, hence you can offer your services at relatively cheaper prices. This will help you get more students. You can start with homeschooling, then later create your own academy and expand your business. Online education is also a great idea.

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Project 8: Business Broker.

The B2B market in the UAE has developed a lot, and this has increased the success rate of brokerage businesses, as new businesses are opened in the country almost every day, and these businesses need many services. Also, existing businesses need more customers. Some may also need to sell their business to another party, and so on. All of these things are a great incentive to work as a business broker or business relocation agent.

Project 9: vlogger.

This is one of the businesses that does not require investment in the UAE. You can benefit from the work of people like PewDiePie who has been able to make huge profits just by being charismatic in front of the camera.

You should create interesting videos that can go viral, then you will be able to make a profit through advertising.

Most vloggers make their money through product review videos that are popular among a large segment of people.

Project 10: Hair Salon.

This is another great idea on the list of small business ideas available in Dubai. Resorts or beauty salons need to invest a large amount of money, but opening a barber shop or hairdresser is not difficult, and does not require a large investment, as all people need this type of service, and therefore it is difficult to fail.

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Project 11: Working in the field of appliance repair.

This is one of the lucrative businesses in the UAE and there is a constant demand for it. Most UAE residents are rich and do not mind paying a large amount of money to repair their devices.

Project 12: Jewelry making business.

You probably know that Dubai is known as the gold mecca of the world and hence it is a great place to start your jewelry business.

You have to invest some money in this field, but the chances of success in it are very high, so you should seriously consider this idea if you can invest a large amount in the beginning.

According to Forbes Middle East, the most promising startups in the UAE include on-demand car rental services, GPS-based shipping, personalized travel services, and many more. You can start working in these fields as well and excel in them, and your business idea will appear in this list.

Dubai is an excellent place to start a new business, as half of the country's population are foreigners, and it has a great deal of diversity and contrast in cultures, ideas, etc. Some successful and profitable small business ideas in the Emirates, especially Dubai, also include the following:

  • Project 13. Real estate management business.
  • Project 14. Children's day care business.
  • Project 15. Computer-related work.
  • Project 16. Establish a consulting company.
  • Project 17. Entertainment-related businesses.
  • Project 18. Food processing and service delivery business.
  • Project 19. Oil and gas related works.
  • Project 20. Recycling works.
  • Project 21. Retail business and vending machines.
  • Project 22. Establishment of a recruitment agency.
  • Project 23. Poultry or fish farm.
  • Project 24. Business in the field of arts and crafts.
  • Project 25. Bookkeeping business.
  • Project 26. Craftsman services.

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