Required professions in Lithuania 2023 and labor laws in Lithuania

Do you want to travel to one of the European Union countries? Are you thinking of traveling to Lithuania in search of job opportunities, as it is one of the best destinations to work abroad? Do you want to know Professions in demand in Lithuania? Continue reading the article, dear reader, to learn all the details via the website Technical dot com.

Required professions in Lithuania 2023 and labor laws in Lithuania

The percentage of young people who want to travel to one of the European Union countries is increasing day by day. With the deterioration of economic conditions in some Arab countries, young people are looking at European countries to travel to and work. It is known that European countries enjoy a good and appropriate living reality in terms of work, salaries and living.

And Lithuania is one of the wonderful European countries, as it is known for being a tourist country at the level of the European Union countries, and it is visited by a large number of tourists around the world to visit it and see its natural landscapes, and it is also classified as one of the giant industrial countries Especially in the furniture industry worldwide.

In light of these various businesses and investments taking place in Lithuania, many young people want to travel to it in search of job opportunities and obtain a work contract and residency in it, so you see them asking and inquiring about The most demanded professions in Lithuania Therefore, in our article today, we will provide a list of required jobs in Lithuania.

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Professions in demand in Lithuania

Lithuania is considered one of the rich European countries, in which there are many companies and investments, and therefore the percentage of job opportunities is gradually increasing, which is something that caught the attention of young people wishing to travel to one of the European Union countries. Therefore, in this paragraph, we will classify the most required professions in Lithuania, which are represented in: as follows:

  • Secretary of the work office in the field of engineer.
  • sales manager.
  • Social work specialists.
  • Director of the Financial Department.
  • Project managers.
  • Administrative managers.
  • Advertising and marketing specialists.
  • Executive Secretaries.
  • Construction managers.
  • office staff.
  • contributors.
  • Mechanical engineers.
  • Social specialists and consultants.
  • Civil engineers.
  • HR managers.
  • Information technology specialists.
  • sellers.
  • Business services managers.
  • Accountants.
  • carpenters.
  • butchers.
  • Fish traders and food producers.
  • Mobile farms.
  • Forest plant operators.
  • plumbers.
  • Service workers.
  • Heavy truck drivers.
  • motorists.
  • taxi drivers.
  • pickup truck drivers.
  • Welders.
  • tailors.

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What are the documents required for those wishing to travel to Lithuania?

There are some documents that a traveler to Lithuania for work must submit, as it is not possible to obtain a work visa without submitting these documents, which are as follows:

  • First you must submit an application form from a Lithuanian employer.
  • Submit copies of the passport, provided that the passport is valid.
  • Submit a letter of motivation.
  • Pictures of renting a house or hotel in Lithuania must be submitted.
  • In the event that there are educational certificates, they must be submitted with travel papers to Lithuania.
  • Submit a copy of the employment contract from the entity you will work for.
  • Provide a complete and accurate description of the job in which you will work, and this description must be provided by the employer.
  • You must have experience in the field to which you will apply to work in Lithuania.
  • Submit a number of personal photos, which range from 4 to 10 photos.
  • Submit your resume.
  • Submit a travel insurance document with a copy of the personal identity card.
  • You must apply to the Ministry of Social Security in Lithuania to obtain a work permit, and to obtain the permit, you must apply to the Ministry of Social Security 3 days before the expiration date of the work visa.

Work conditions and laws in Lithuania

If you are thinking of traveling to Lithuania to work, there are some conditions and laws set by the Lithuanian government regarding work in Lithuania. In order to obtain residency and a work permit in Lithuania, there are some conditions that must be met, which are as follows:

  • First, the individual wishing to work in Lithuania must be employed in a Lithuanian institution in order to apply the conditions for obtaining a work permit in Lithuania, and this matter depends on the type of job offered in addition to the experience of the individual.
  • The applicant for a work permit in Lithuania must abide by all the conditions and laws set by the Lithuanian state, the most important of which is to submit all the documents required to obtain residency, and all these procedures must be implemented before starting work in Lithuania, as these documents must be sent to obtain residency.
  • After submitting and approving all the documents required by the state from the individual wishing to work in Lithuania, the applicant will obtain a residence permit in Lithuania, and in this case he will be able to submit an application to start working in Lithuania in a legal and organized manner.
  • If the applicant wishes to change the residence application to obtain Lithuanian citizenship, he must complete all legal procedures imposed by the town so that the individual can obtain citizenship, and he must submit a clean criminal record free of any crimes to obtain citizenship.
  • The applicant for citizenship must speak Lithuanian.
  • One of the most important laws that must be known before applying for Lithuanian citizenship is that the country does not accept dual nationality, meaning that the applicant must give up his first nationality in order to obtain Lithuanian citizenship.

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What are the advantages of working in Lithuania?

In fact, the advantages of working in Lithuania are multiple, as follows:

  • A worker in Lithuania receives full medical care.
  • A worker in Lithuania can get free education, as it is one of the rights of workers in Lithuania.
  • He will have complete freedom of movement between the Schengen countries and economic zones.
  • A worker in Lithuania gets to reside permanently and easily just by complying with the laws imposed by the country.
  • A worker in Lithuania can apply for Lithuanian citizenship but some stability and work in Lithuania.
  • Finally, work salaries in Lithuania are very high compared to many European countries due to the shortage of labor in it.

This was our topic for today, dear readers, as we presented to you a set of professions required in Lithuania in addition to the advantages of working in Lithuania. They also provided you with a set of documents required from workers to obtain a work visa. All this information you can really benefit from if you want to work in Lithuania. We hope that You may like the article, my friends.

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