Professions required in Italy 2023

In this article we will get acquainted What are the most demanded professions in Italy?? As knowing the professions, crafts, or jobs required in Italy is one of the things that helps people who want to travel abroad by searching for a job to work in or obtaining a work contract outside the country, and through the website, we will learn about The most demanded professions in Italy For the year 2023, we will also learn some details about job opportunities in Italy and what are the highest salaries in Italy.

Professions in demand in Italy

Do you want to travel to Italy? Are you looking for job opportunities in Italy? Are you looking for the required professions and businesses in Italy?!

Many Arab youth want to travel to Italy in order to work and secure a decent life. It is well known that Italy is one of the rich countries, where there are various job opportunities in various fields, and many immigrants come to it because the salaries are remunerative.

Despite the continuous immigration to it, there is still a large number of people who think before traveling to Italy, in order to know the professions required in Italy to work, in order to know the required fields.

That is why you find many people going to websites to inquire about the most demanded professions in Italy, so we, in our article today, will take you on an introductory tour of the most demanded professions in Italy.

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Professions in demand in Italy

Italy is one of the rich countries full of companies and job opportunities, so it is visited by a large percentage of people looking for a job opportunity, whether it is a free profession, a job in a company, or a job opportunity in handicrafts. All these opportunities you can find in Italy. application in Italy, which is as follows:

  1. Staff specialized in cloud computing engineering.
  2. Employees in the chemical products industry.
  3. lawyers.
  4. Customer service employees.
  5. Data engineering specialists.
  6. Employees in the Business Development and Marketing Strategies sector.
  7. machine learning engineers.
  8. HR analysts.
  9. Data management consultants.
  10. Cyber ​​security specialists.
  11. investment managers.
  12. web developers.
  13. Robotics engineering specialists.
  14. Banking employees.
  15. Staff in clinical practice and oncology.

The highest salaries in Italy

After we got to know the most demanded jobs in Italy, we will present to you a list of the value of job salaries in Italy 2023 so that you have a complete idea about working in Italy before traveling or migrating there. This list is as follows:

  • The salary of a bank manager in Italy is around 6,900 euros.
  • The salary of a teacher in Italy is about 2,850 euros.
  • The programmer’s salary in Italy is approximately 3,600 euros.
  • The salary of the office manager in Italy reaches 3,300 euros.
  • The salary of an accountant in Italy is approximately 2,800 euros.
  • The salary of an architect in Italy is about 4,600 euros.
  • The salary of a financial manager in Italy is approximately 7,500 euros.
  • The CEO salary in Italy is around 8,700 euros.
  • The salary of a financial manager in Italy is about 7,500 euros.
  • The salary of a network engineer in Italy is approximately 3,650 euros.
  • The salary of an aeronautical engineer in Italy is about 4,800 euros.
  • The average salary of a flight attendant in Italy is approximately 2,700 euros.
  • The salary of an air traffic controller in Italy is approximately 4,100 euros.
  • The salary of a dentist in Italy is around 9,000 euros.
  • The salary of a construction project manager in Italy is approximately 6,800 euros.

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Job opportunities in Italy

In fact, the job opportunities available in Italy differ according to the person looking for a job, but in general, we find that Italians have specific jobs that are widely spread among them, as well as for expatriates and immigrants coming to Italy, we find that they have specific jobs, and we will classify these jobs as follows:

  • First, most Italians work in graphic design, accounting, architecture, medicine, and photography.
  • As for the immigrant expatriates residing in Italy, we find that most of them work in the field of tourism, hospitality, carpentry and handicrafts, as these works always need workers, because the indigenous people of the country do not work in these fields in many cases.
  • There are many job opportunities in the field of education, especially with regard to teaching languages, where you can find that the demand for English language teachers is great, because most Italians are not fluent in speaking the English language, so the percentage of demand for English language teachers is increasing day by day.

Salary difference in Italy

Some people find that salaries in Italy are somewhat different, that is, they are not convergent and unified in the entire country. According to some statistics, you will find that the northern part of Italy has 20% higher salaries than the southern part, as this matter is reversed in the southern part, for example. The official hourly wage in Italy ranges from 7 to 15 euros, and sometimes the hourly wage reaches only 8 euros. There is also a discrepancy in annual earnings in relation to gender, as we find that men in Italy earn more profits than working women by about 7%.

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The number of working hours in Italy

As for the number of working hours in Italy, it is divided into two parts, which are basic working hours and additional working hours. With regard to the basic working hours, they amount to 48 hours per week. The basic working hours are divided into 8 additional working hours.

What are the advantages of working in Italy?

In Italy, the employee gets many advantages that make it one of the best cities to work for. For example, you find employee mothers who get paid maternity leave that extends to 5 months, where the employee mother gets 80% of her salary.

In addition, the Italian employee gets sick leave for a specified number of days, which are paid days and extend to half a full year. As for regular vacations, they extend to four weeks with pay, and we do not forget the official holidays.

This was our topic for today, dear ones, as we provided you with a list of required professions in Italy for the year 2023 in addition to the value of the expected salaries with the advantages of working in Italy. If you are thinking of traveling to Italy with the aim of working and looking for work details there, you can rely on the information that we mentioned above, we hope that You may like the article, my friends.

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