Orange customer service number 2023 for complaints and inquiries

What is it Orange customer service number? This is what we will learn about in the topic of our article today, as Orange has provided a set of different numbers through which anyone can talk to customer service regarding any complaint or submit an inquiry about the services provided by the Orange network, whether on the home internet or by phone.

Therefore, dear reader, if you are looking for Orange customer service numbers for complaints, whether on the mobile or landline, here is this guide in which we will put all the Orange customer service numbers. Follow the explanation to know the details.

Orange customer service number 2023 for complaints and inquiries

Orange is one of the largest telecommunications companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt. It is one of the leading companies in this field. Its founding dates back to 1998, meaning that it has more than 20 years of experience in the field of communications. Today, the company includes a large number of Egyptian customers.

The company offers many distinctive and varied services to its customers, so the company means many users due to the wonderful services provided by the company, but despite all the features that the company provides to users, there are some problems that customers face sometimes, so you see a lot of people who use Orange products searching For a way to communicate with the customer service provided by Orange.

In light of this demand and the big question about the services that Orange provides to customers, we will, from this position, provide contact numbers with Orange Communications Company.

Orange customer service number

The company has worked to provide customer service to communicate with the company in the event that customers face some problems in using one of the company’s services or products, whether the problem is for regular lines customers or for the company’s customers.

  • The company provides different numbers to communicate to contact the support service for complaints, where the customer can call and inquire either on the number 400 or on the number 110, as these numbers are numbers for customer service for all mobile phone lines, and customers can inquire about these services by calling the previous residence or even can contact from any land line.
  • To call the customer service of Orange Mobile Lines at the following number: 110.
  • To call Orange customer service from other network lines, at the following number: 16250.
  • To contact Orange customer service from outside Egypt, at the following number: +201223202020.
  • To contact Orange customer service for home internet, Wi-Fi ADSL, by calling the following number: 16333.
  • To call Orange Star Control customer service on the following number 2000, in case you have a complaint or inquiry, you will be answered in a few seconds.

Orange customer service number to register lines

Many Orange customers ask about the customer service number to register the lines owned by them, by registering all their personal information with the company in order to avoid the line being stolen or seized, so you find that they do not know how to communicate with the company, so the company worked to provide customer service to register user lines to save money For time and effort, the customer must go to a branch of the company, so it is possible to communicate with the company and register the numbers by calling the following numbers:

  • To call from any Orange line on the following number: 110.
  • To call from any land line or mobile, on the following number: 16110.
  • Orange customer service number to record complaints

In the event that you are facing any problem with your line and want to solve this problem, you can contact the Orange service and file a complaint, as the company has provided a special number to register customer complaints, and you can register the complaint by calling the following number 1101, and you will be answered by the company’s customer service representative, who will Working on resolving the customer’s complaint and processing it as quickly as possible.

Orange cash customer service number

Many Orange users face some problems regarding lines, especially if the phone is stolen or the line is lost. Therefore, the customer must contact this service immediately to stop it. Therefore, the following customer service number can be called to stop the service: 626.

Orange corporate customer service number

Orange has worked to provide customer service for companies and their problems so that they can call the following numbers: 250 from any Orange line or by calling 16250 from landlines or from any line on other networks.

Orange customer service number WhatsApp

Orange has provided a customer service number on the WhatsApp application, so that you can communicate with the company for free via WhatsApp on the following number 0663121121, so that the company helps you solve any problem you face through this number.

Orange chat customer service number

The company provided a service to customers via chat, by going to the official home page on Facebook, where a company can communicate with it through chat or through the WhatsApp application at the following number 0663121121 so that the company gains the satisfaction of its customers and is interested in solving the problems they face.

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Codes to cancel all Orange services

  • In the event that you want to cancel all the Orange services that you previously subscribed to and are still on your line, you can do so by calling the code provided by the company to cancel the services on the line if the user so desires.
  • And the unified code to cancel all Orange services is #888#, which is an easy code that helps the user to get rid of all the subscriptions that he subscribed to from the company.
  • If you wish to cancel the call retention, you can do so by dialing the following code *757#.
  • In case you want to cancel the blog service, call the following code: *505#.

This was our topic for today, dear ones, as we provided you with all the customer service numbers provided by the distinguished Orange company. You can benefit from the services provided by the company by calling the customer service numbers and inquiring about the service you want. If you have a problem with one of the company’s services, you can resort to customer service and they will help you Of course, to fully solve the problems you face, we hope that the article has received your answer, and wait for us in all that is new, dear.

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