Numbers of businessmen giving interest-free loans in 2024

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  • January 14, 2024
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Are you struggling to start your own business? Do you need financing to buy a new home or car? Do you need financial assistance for an important and urgent matter? If yes, then this article may be for you.

In recent years, an increasing number of people and businessmen have appeared who provide interest-free loans to individuals who need them for some purpose, whether to buy a house, a car, marriage, treatment, etc.

They provide these loans for many reasons, including the desire to help society, create job opportunities, and reduce the unemployment rate, in addition to the desire to do good.

If you are looking for Businessman who supports projects, In this article we will take a look at the most popular Businessmen give interest-free loansWe will provide you with numbers and links to communicate with these entities directly.

Numbers of businessmen giving interest-free loans in the Arab world

Loans are an effective means of improving the standard of living, especially for people with limited income, as there are loans granted by the state in all countries of the world or loans provided by some wealthy businessmen in order to support people with limited income and raise their standard of living. Loans for businessmen are characterized by no interest due to their desire to Helping people.

And in our article today We’ll talk About the most famous businessmen granting interest-free loans in 2024, based on the request of many people who need financing without resorting to… Bank loans or funding companies, If you are interested, follow the article to find out the answer.

Businessmen give interest-free loans

So, dear reader, if you are looking for numbers of people who provide interest-free loans, we will mention below a group of the most important and famous businessmen in the Arab world who provide interest-free loans, along with mentioning the ways to contact them, as follows:

Al-Waleed bin Talal bin Abdulaziz Al Saud

Alwaleed bin Talal is the most famous businessman who gives interest-free loans to those in need all over the world. He is a very famous Saudi businessman and owns many companies and institutions. He established a charitable foundation, the Al-Waleed Humanitarian Foundation for charitable and financial works. This foundation grants loans throughout Saudi Arabia to all citizens on easy terms and without any profits or interest.


  • The organization’s phone number is 966112110000.
  • You can apply for the loan electronically through the link below here.

Abdullah Saud Al-Badr

He is a very famous Kuwaiti businessman who owns Al-Manar Finance Company. This company is distinguished by taking into account the rules of Islamic Sharia when financing individuals and small projects and when granting loans, as there are no interest or profits, in addition to providing many facilities to citizens so that all their needs are met, especially for those with limited income. It is considered… This is a wonderful humanitarian initiative by this man.


  • Al-Manar Finance Company phone number: 9651825050.
  • You can apply for the loan electronically through the link below here.

Abdul Latif Jameel

He is a Saudi businessman who is very famous for his charitable work. He owns the Bab Rizq Jameel Charitable and Financial Foundation. This company provides financing for all small projects, such as building a house, buying a car, or creating a small profit project suitable for individuals with limited income, etc. This foundation targets people with limited livelihoods and helps them raise their livelihoods through this. Loans and financing: This institution does not take any interest or profit because it complies with the principles of Islamic Sharia.


  • 8001187777 is the phone number of Bab Rizq Jameel Foundation.
  • You can visit the organization’s website and request a loan or financing through the link here.

Abdullah Najib Al-Mulla

Abdullah Najeeb Al-Mulla is a Kuwaiti businessman with a widespread reputation for charitable works. He is one of the most famous businessmen that provides interest-free loans in 2024. He created the Al-Mulla Foundation, which provides various loans and financing that suit all segments of society, such as helping individuals establish profitable small projects. Or assistance in purchasing a house, a car, housing supplies, etc. The Foundation has provided many facilities to citizens when obtaining this loan and financing. The Foundation is distinguished by the fact that it does not take any profits or interest because it is consistent with the principles of Islam.


  • 99425687 is the phone number of Al Mulla Finance Corporation.
  • Any Kuwaiti citizen can obtain the loan and apply for it electronically through the link from here.

Ashraf Al-Saad

An Egyptian businessman provides loans and financing on very easy terms through his company, “Al-Saad Finance.” Any Egyptian citizen can obtain this loan upon availability of all the necessary requirements and papers, which are often a copy of personal identity and a recent electricity or water receipt. The individual obtains The loan is available immediately when all documents and requirements are met, without any delay or financial interest.


  • 022574999 is the phone number of Al-Saad Company, and you can inquire about loans and financing through it.

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Abdul Latif Al-Issa

A Saudi businessman with a long history in charitable work, as he established Al-Yusr Finance and Leasing Company with the aim of charitable work and raising the standard of living for people with limited income by granting them appropriate financing loans that comply with the provisions of Islamic Sharia, as there are no profits or interest on the loans granted and any citizen can Saudi get this loan.


  • 8001160711 is the phone number of Al Yusr Company for inquiries.
  • You can also apply electronically through the official website of Al Yusr Company through the link here.

Sons of Abdullah Al Kharif

The sons of Abdullah Al Kharif are a group of very famous businessmen in Saudi Arabia in charity and charitable work. They established the Saudi Finance Company. This company grants various loans and financing starting from 1,000 Saudi riyals up to 200,000 Saudi riyals. This company is characterized by the absence of any interest or profits on the loans, and any A Saudi citizen can obtain these loans on very easy terms, and the repayment process is very easy and suits all segments of society.


  • Saudi Finance Company phone number for inquiries: 7001351779.
  • You can apply electronically to obtain the loan via the link from here.

Khaled Al-Jasser

He is a Saudi businessman and has provided a lot of assistance to people in Saudi Arabia through his establishment of Al-Jasiriyah Finance Company, which is a company dedicated to granting various loans and financing to people with limited income to help them raise their living conditions on very easy terms and with a convenient payment method that suits all segments of society, and any Saudi citizen can obtain Get the loan immediately and without any complications.


  • 920000914 is the phone number of Al-Jasriyah Company for inquiries.
  • You can apply electronically to obtain the loan via the company’s official link from here.

We have mentioned to you, my dears, in this article about businessmen who give interest-free loans in 2024, in detail, as we mentioned 8 names of famous businessmen in the Arab world who offer loans on very easy terms through their companies, to which we have placed direct links in the event of a desire to obtain a loan, and these loans have achieved many benefits. It helped people and contributed to raising their standard of living well. Here we reach the end of our article. We hope it will be useful. Thank you.

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