Most wanted jobs in Egypt 2023


Most wanted jobs in EgyptIs the title of our article for today, which we chose for you in order to identify the jobs that have recently appeared in Egypt, especially after the technological progress that has spread widely in the labor markets.

Most wanted jobs in Egypt 2023

So, dear reader, if you are interested in knowing what are the fields of work required in Egypt, this article is directed to you, especially for students. This article will help you determine the path of study by identifying the specializations required in the Egyptian labor market, which will give you speed in obtaining jobs faster.

In the past, the dream of the student was to obtain a high average and then join the faculties of medicine or pharmacy, which he believes will decrease the demand for them in the coming years due to the development and progress we are witnessing in modern technology, for this reason we will put in your hands future jobs required in the Egyptian labor market that enable you To achieve your dreams and live a decent life.

Most wanted jobs in Egypt 2023

Recently, many jobs have appeared in Egypt that have received great interest from the labor sectors in Egypt, which has made many people seek to train and master them in order to take up their positions, especially since they are among the future jobs in Egypt, and they are as follows:


The technological development that most companies depend on at the present time, the need to create websites and the use of mobile applications has become an indispensable necessity in order for the company to offer its products and services, and to reach the largest number of customers, and this is what made companies in Egypt Specialized programmers are required to do this job.

In order to become a successful programmer and have a name in the global market, not only in Egypt, you must develop your skills and move away from tradition in order to reach innovation and creativity, and this is what made programming specialization one of the most demanded jobs in Egypt.

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the design

This specialty works within the corporate system to design the basic interface of the company in a professional manner, and in a way that attracts attention. Therefore, the need for designers has become necessary and the demand has increased in companies, in order to assist in the success of the marketing process.

There are many types and methods of design, such as graphic design, motion design, and other design methods, which require great diligence and also require the availability of a hobby for drawing and creativity, so that the designer can make the design distinctive, innovative and different from other designs of other companies. Therefore, the designer’s job has become one of Most wanted jobs in Egypt.


How to market within companies is one of the most important factors that help their growth, as the marketing officer is responsible for promoting the services and products of the company, and e-marketing comes at the forefront of the various forms of marketing.

The reason for this is that many people and customers tend to obtain services and all supplies through the Internet, which is what is called e-commerce.

It should be mentioned that most companies are now tending to promote their products electronically instead of traditional marketing, since these companies were able to reach the largest number of customers through electronic marketing.

Also, the Egyptian markets turned to online marketing in light of the Corona virus pandemic, in order to promote their products, as well as the tendency of customers to obtain these products through social networking sites, and therefore electronic marketing has become one of the most important jobs required in Egypt.

Human Resources Officer

The human resources officer undertakes the task of hiring and distributing tasks and activities to the employees, and what must be available in the human resources officer is that he enjoys strong personality, and be able to solve problems, in a professional manner, so that he can apply a system to the company in a coordinated and correct manner without exposure to difficulties or any defect in company system.

It is worth noting that this job has become one of the most demanded jobs in Egypt in the past few years.

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Customer Service Officer

The duties of the customer service officer are manifested in the task of answering them, knowing their requirements and providing the support they need, and it has become one of the most common and widespread jobs today.

The demand for it has increased due to the customers’ need to access the service they need, as the customer service officer works to answer the phone without the need for the customer to go to the company’s place.

Among the things that must be available in the customer service officer in order to be able to attract the largest number of them are the following:

  • To enjoy tact in speech and respect for others.
  • To listen well to customers, and know how to respond to them in order to meet the service provided to them.
  • Work to satisfy customers and secure the service they need in the shortest possible time.

Therefore, the job of a customer service officer is considered one of the most requested jobs in Egypt, as the greater the number of customers, the greater the need for customer service officials.

Responsible for SEO rules

As we mentioned earlier, many people turned to e-commerce and it became necessary to create their own website, and this required the presence of an official responsible for SEO rules that require developing and following an appropriate strategic plan in order to:

  • Make the site top the first page of search engines.
  • See full details and follow the changes that occur continuously on Google.
  • Writing distinctive and meaningful content that includes the keyword of the content.
  • Search for frequently searched keywords, which help with all the previous things to reach the first place in the search engines.

Therefore, the job of the SEO rules manager is one of the most urgently needed jobs in Egypt.

Renewable energy engineer

Renewable energy means, such as solar energy, gas energy, and wind energy, have become among the most used means at the present time, in light of the development and progress witnessed by the countries of the world, in an effort to preserve the earth’s resources and protect them from depletion.

In recent years, Egypt has worked to employ engineers specialized in renewable energy in order to fully rely on renewable environmental resources in the construction of factories, buildings and other facilities, and this has made the job of a renewable energy engineer one of the most required jobs in Egypt.

Here we have come to the conclusion of talking about the most required jobs in Egypt, as the developments that have recently appeared in the labor markets due to technological progress have led to the emergence of many jobs that have become necessary in Egypt and in all countries of the world, with best wishes that we have We have benefited you, dear loved ones.

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