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We will give you site visitors Technical dot com An article through which we learn about Money lending offices in the Emirates Which helps citizens and residents build their small commercial project to achieve the profit they aspire to in order to live a decent life, and this is what the United Arab Emirates seeks, as it provides all financial services to citizens in order to achieve a balance between all segments of society, so let us through this The article gives more details about these offices.

Money lending offices in the Emirates

Today’s living requirements are high, as it is not possible to secure money for all the necessities that an individual may need, as securing a decent life requires a lot of striving and effort to achieve financial balance and self-sufficiency at the community level, but in light of these conditions that most countries of the world are witnessing, it has become difficult to realize these The whole thing.

It is possible that an individual needs money in order to set up a small project or to pay off a debt carried on him, so some find it difficult to obtain money, but with the proliferation of companies and offices specialized in lending money, it has become easy.

Today, in most countries of the world, there are private offices to lend money in case the individual needs that, and the United Arab Emirates is one of the countries that operates with this system, so you see a lot of people looking for these offices to borrow money from, which is what we will present in this article today, where we will present to you A group of money lending offices in the United Arab Emirates.

Money lending offices in the Emirates

Some people in the United Arab Emirates believe that only major companies and banks provide personal finance and credit loans, but this belief is wrong, as there are a group of offices that provide credit loans in the Emirates, and we will provide a list of the names of these offices, which are as follows:

1. Deem Finance Company

It is one of the well-known companies in the United Arab Emirates, as it offers personal loans to those wishing to obtain money for a certain period. There are many types of loans so that the customer can choose the financing he needs. These loans are as follows:

  • Personal financing without a guarantor.
  • It is possible to obtain personal financing for workers in the government sector.
  • It is possible to obtain personal financing for workers in the private sectors in the United Arab Emirates.
  • The company offers personal loans without interest.
  • The resident and the expatriate to the United Arab Emirates can benefit from the services provided by the company.

There are many ways to communicate with the company, which are as follows:

To communicate by phone, call the following number: 600525550.

To contact via e-mail from here.

2. Emirates Dunia Company

It is in the list of the best companies that provide personal loans and financing, workers in the private sector can obtain personal financing from the company without the presence of a guarantor, the company is really distinguished and obtained positive evaluations by customers. One of the most important features that the company enjoys is the speed of completing special procedures customer to be able to obtain financing in a short time.

You can contact the company via the following number: 0097144238642.

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The best banks that provide financing loans in the United Arab Emirates

In addition to the offices that provide credit loans, there is a list of banks that provide financing loans to those wishing to obtain financing in banks. These banks are as follows:

1. First Abu Dhabi Bank

It is one of the well-known banks in the United Arab Emirates and provides money-lending services to those wishing to obtain financing, and also provides loans and small financing services. Abu Dhabi Bank puts personal loans that help individuals to meet their needs as a priority above all else, and the needs that the bank provides for others are education and marriage Treatment and other important things that an individual may need in his life.

The bank also grants personal loans to obtain money to buy cars and real estate in the UAE, and the bank does not only provide its services to individuals as it also provides financing services to companies, but the loans it offers are multiple and the conditions differ according to the type of each loan, and the method of payment differs from one loan to another Another, and the bank gets the interest according to the value of the loan granted by the bank to the customer.

To contact the bank via the following unified number: 28105.

2. Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

It is one of the prominent banks in the United Arab Emirates and provides a range of various banking services in various forms. This bank has a large customer base due to its distinguished services. The bank ranks second in the list of the best commercial banks in the UAE.

The way the bank deals with customers is really distinctive, as it includes a distinguished work team to be able to gain the trust of customers. The bank has many branches in the UAE and abroad, as it is present in 19 countries around the world, and the bank’s headquarters is located in Abu Dhabi.

The bank provides distinguished services and is trusted by many customers. You can contact the bank by calling the following number: 600502030.

3. Emirates Arab Investment Bank

It is one of the famous banks in the Emirates, where the bank provides many and varied services, although its beginning was with a small set of services, but after it was able to gain the trust of customers and with the increase in their number, the bank provided more services to serve customers with many important things in the Emirates.

The bank grants many loans of various types, including consumer, real estate and personal loans, which has earned it a distinguished position among the credit banks in the UAE. To obtain a specific loan, some documents required by the bank must be submitted from the customer.

To contact the bank on the following number: 9717777231.

4. Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank is one of the largest banks in the UAE, as it offers a wide variety of services that made it in the list of the best banks for providing personal loans.

To contact the bank on the following number: 046092222.

To contact the bank from outside the United Arab Emirates, please call the following number: 97146092222.

This was our topic for today, as we presented to you a group of the best offices that provide money-lending services in the Emirates. We also presented to you a list of the best money-lending banks. You can benefit from financing services by resorting to one of the credit banks or to the specialized offices in this field. We hope that the article will be useful My dear, always follow us with everything that is new.

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