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  • January 13, 2024
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There is almost no home in the world that has not had access to the Internet, and with it, distance learning has flourished through this huge World Wide Web, on which thousands of educational sites are spread in various fields and languages. The most prominent of these sites is the Maarif website for courses, which attracts the attention of many people who want to learn from all over the world. Arabi. Accordingly, if you would like to learn more about that site, follow us until the end to get the most benefit.

What is Maaref website for courses?

How to register on the siteHow to register on the site

Maaref Courses website is considered one of the most famous educational platforms in the Arab world, offering expert courses in various fields. It can be said that the Maaref platform is a huge encyclopedia for all sciences, especially for those who love working on the Internet. It pays special attention to areas of remote work.

Thus, any field you want to learn will be found on the Maaref platform, as the platform contains more than 120 diverse educational fields. And a huge number of courses, as the number of courses on the platform at the time of writing this article is about 20 thousand free courses and about 600 thousand online lessons.

On the other hand, the annual number of students is about 3.5 million students, which is clear evidence of the popularity and quality of the platform. You can also obtain many accredited certificates in specific specializations, which we will talk about later in the article. As further evidence of the quality of the platform, there are thousands of positive reviews on the platform that show the extent of the benefit you will gain from registering on it.

The platform also allows you to create a professional CV for free, in addition to including credentials within the CV. Which means that when you complete the courses you choose, you will be ready to work and you will have a stronger chance than others to get a job faster.

How to register on the Maaref platform

Registration on the Maarif Courses website is not that complicated, as you can register within the platform in just a few steps. These steps are as follows:

  1. You must enter the Maaref platform website through Google search, or you can enter from the button at the bottom of the paragraph.
  2. After entering the platform, click on the Create Account button located at the top and left of the screen to go to the registration page on the platform.
  3. You can register using your Google account. Or via Facebook account. Or using any other email, then all you have to do is fill in the fields and then click on create account. But you must note that you must enter your full name in the field designated for that. Because this name is the name that will appear on the certificate.
  4. Then go to your email to receive the message that you will receive from the site and enter the verification link. Now you have an active account on the Maaref platform.
  5. After that, return to the platform’s website and click on the login button at the top and left of the screen and enter your email and password. Do not forget to click on the box next to the phrase “Remember me next time” to stay connected to the site. And then press enter. Now you have a ready account on the Maaref Courses platform.

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Maaref platform

How to start a course on the Maarif Courses website

After you finish creating your new account on the Maarif Courses website, you will begin your learning journey on the platform. Now you are in Homepage On the website, click on the Training Courses button at the top of the page and choose the field you want to learn from the page that will appear in front of you.

After choosing the field you want to learn, a list of available courses in this field will appear. Thus, you can choose the appropriate course for you, and the number of lessons in it will be shown on the image of each course. When you choose any course, the course page will open, and you will then know whether the course offers an accredited certificate or not.

After selecting the appropriate course for you, you can start the course immediately through the Start Now button, which you will find by scrolling down a little. This button will take you to the page for the course videos. Here you should note that you must watch 30 seconds of the course in order for it to be added to your courses, which we will talk about later in this paragraph. Now that you have finished the first lesson, click on the next lesson button located below the video.

You certainly won’t finish the course in one sitting so you’ll need to access it quickly when you return to the site at another time. The solution is very simple, as all you have to do is log in to my account from the top of the site. Then click on My Courses to have the course appear in front of you. If you do not find the course, you should know that you did not watch 30 seconds of the course, and here lies the benefit of this detail that we mentioned a moment ago.

How to obtain an accreditation certificate

Maaref website testimonialsMaaref website testimonials

As we mentioned previously, the Maarif Courses website offers accreditation certificates after completing the courses. But as in any other site, there are many steps that you must take to obtain an accredited certificate. On the Maaref platform, things are simple and more automatic than other platforms, as you can obtain a certificate with just the click of a button.

Conditions for obtaining a certificate on the Maaref Courses website

It is true that you can obtain an accredited certificate with the click of a button, but there are some conditions that differ depending on the course. Knowing that these conditions are only to ensure fair and responsible use by users in order to prevent fraud or manipulation and because the platform will certify that you are qualified to do the work.

One of the most prominent conditions of the Maaref platform is to follow the lessons in full without zooming. In addition to watching all the course videos. While if any tampering or attempt to illegally obtain accreditation is discovered, you will be banned automatically and without warning.

Thus, this explanation will automatically generate a question: How can I know the course conditions? The answer is simply through the list that will appear next to each course, which explains its conditions. In this menu there is a control panel button that helps you know your progress in each course.

Thus, on the control panel, you will find a blue bar showing your progress in the lessons and a green bar showing your progress in the course. Which you can view at the bottom of each lesson as well. You should also know that your viewing of the lesson will be counted after you spend half the time in the lesson.

How do I obtain an accreditation certificate?

On the other hand, the most important question remains: How do I obtain an accredited certificate? Simply put, to obtain an accredited certificate, you must submit an application to obtain an accreditation certificate. You can do this after fulfilling the course conditions that we mentioned previously, as the accreditation certificate request button will appear in green below the course automatically after you fulfill all the conditions.

After obtaining a certificate from the Maaref website, you can share it on social networking sites, and you can also save it on your device so that you can print it if you wish. Now you can submit it to any employer you wish to employ.

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In the end, it can be said that the Maarif Courses website is one of the most prominent Arabic learning sites because of three basic points, which are the quality and diversity of the courses available on it. The ease of use of the site by everyone, in addition to the approved certificates provided by the site, which you can benefit from in various fields of work.

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