Learn about the required professions in the 2023 American lottery

If knowing Professions required in the lottery of America It may facilitate the process of immigration to it, although the United States of America is one of the countries that opens its doors to everyone, but there are conditions that the government sets to apply for the American lottery, and among these conditions is the possession of a profession required in the country in order to meet the needs of its workers, and it is important that You have the required professions and work on them so that you can pass the test without obstacles or wasting time searching for them.

But what are the required professions in the 2023 American lottery? What are the professions required in the American lottery without a baccalaureate? Therefore, follow the technical.com website to learn about the requirements required in the 2023 American lottery.

The professions required in the 2023 American lottery

We find many people wanting to travel to the United States of America because it has a great and prosperous economy and includes a very large number of investments and companies in various economic fields, so you find that many businessmen and capital owners come to it with the intention of working and profiting.

And with the increase in investment in it, America has become a major zero destination for many young people, but in order to enter it, there are some conditions that must be met, because without meeting these conditions, it is not possible to enter the United States.

One of the most important ways that many people follow to immigrate to the United States of America is the American lottery or the American lottery. It is a lottery that enables a person, if approved, to immigrate to and reside in the United States. Within this lottery there is a group of professions that the US government requires to travel to.

Therefore, you see many people asking about the list of required professions in the American lottery, which we will present in our current article, as we will take you on an introductory tour of the required professions in the American lottery for the years 2023 and 2024.

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The professions required in the 2023 American lottery

If you really want to travel to the United States of America and immigrate, you must have a profession required in America, which does not mean that it will inevitably be approved, but the percentage of approval of your application will rise more than the absence of a profession, and do not forget that experience in your professional field will also play an important role in bringing The approval is yours, and your speaking and proficiency in the English language effectively helps you to immigrate to America. If you are looking for the required professions in the United States, here is the list:

  • Real estate.
  • Aerospace and space scientists.
  • Automotive engineers.
  • design field.
  • the industrial engineering.
  • Video editing specialists.
  • Film industry professionals.
  • Bioinformatics technicians.
  • Bioengineering.
  • field of biofuel production.
  • Agents for the purchase of agricultural products.
  • The field specialized in business intelligence analysis.
  • Chemical Engineering.
  • Cartography is one of the most in-demand fields in America.
  • chemists.
  • civil engineering.
  • Childcare is a required area.
  • the doctors.
  • Management of power plants.
  • Website developers.
  • Site managers.
  • media field in general.
  • finance audit.
  • Accountants.
  • Sales agents.
  • Ads management.
  • Specialists in the field of information systems.
  • Geologists.
  • Geographic information systems specialists.
  • Forensic scientists.
  • Aeronautical engineers.
  • pilots.
  • co-pilots.
  • field of financial examination.
  • Agricultural management.
  • environment Science.
  • Energy engineering.
  • Health information specialists.
  • Health and safety engineering.
  • Health educators.
  • Graphic designers.
  • Nutrition professionals.
  • Financial managers.

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Service professions required in the United States of America

Service professions are among the best and most available professions within the United States of America, as America is a very large country and is visited by a large number of people and tourists per year. Therefore, it is very interested in the service sector, so there are many required professions in this sector, which are as follows:

  • Restaurants are among the most common investments in the United States, so you will find a great demand for workers in this field, especially if you have all the experience in the field of cooking, then you will have a wide horizon of job opportunities and good salaries.
  • There are many and varied job opportunities in room service, cooking, reception jobs and room reservations. It is known that the hotel sector in America is one of the most active sectors and needs permanent workers to cover the demand.
  • The job of health care providers, especially in the field of elderly care or physician assistants, where there is a high demand for workers in this field.
  • Many people rely on physical therapy in America before going to the doctor, so this field is very popular and widespread in the United States.
  • The job of a cleaner is one of the most demanded jobs in many investments, whether in hotels or restaurants, or even in dishwashing, as it is a job that is largely present in the United States.
  • Maintenance of electrical tools is one of the widespread and common professions in America, and there is a great demand for workers in this profession, but provided that the applicant has sufficient experience that qualifies him to deal with these tools.
  • There are many job opportunities available for freight and transport workers.
  • The field of customer service, as this field is one of the common and required fields in the United States of America.
  • The job of landscaping is one of the opportunities available in the United States, given that most people own a house with a back garden and do not have enough time to take care of this garden, so you find them always looking for people who are interested in this field and have sufficient experience to deal with plants.
  • Construction jobs are among the most common professions and jobs in the United States, as this field is unique and there are always vacant job opportunities and a large demand for workers in this field, especially if the person has experience in this field.
  • The job of ice skating is one of the required professions in the United States, especially if the individual has experience in this field. Although this field is seasonal and is held only in the winter season, it is one of the required jobs.

The annual lottery program for professions

Many people ask about the method of applying for the required professions in the 2023 American lottery, as there are some steps that must be followed to apply for this program, which are as follows:

  1. First, there is a specific time in the year in which the application takes place, and this time is announced previously, and you can find the advertisement on the US State Department website to visit it from here.
  2. A single form will appear in front of you, which you must fill in with all your information, provided that there is no error in the information or personal data.
  3. The e-mail must be sent with the number of family members of the applicant, along with his personal photos.
  4. It is not possible to determine who the lottery will be, because it will be random and for those who meet the conditions set by the US government.

This was our topic for this article, as we presented to you the required professions in the United States of America in the 2023 lottery program. The article has won your admiration, dear.

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