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Poland is considered one of the largest European countries, and it follows the same academic principles that European countries use, as it offers free lessons to its citizens, but international students have to pay low tuition fees, and as we know that Poland is one of the countries that suit all students in various specializations, it has university courses and programs Suitable for all student needs whether you are studying medicine, engineering, science, economics, and many more.

If you are looking for an average educational cost price between $2,000 and $3,500 annually, finding universities at less than this cost and with the same quality of education may be very difficult. However, there are many Cheap universities in PolandEspecially when it comes to a university with higher degree programs, the options are many, so follow us to find out detailed information about the cheapest universities in Poland.

Cheapest universities in Poland

Many students are interested in traveling to Poland in order to complete university studies, as Polish universities are among the best teaching universities in the world, and many Arab students aspire to study even one of the university majors in a Polish university.

But of course, studying in Poland will not be funded, as studying in one of the Polish universities is at the student’s own expense. Therefore, you find most students who want to study in Polish public or private universities are looking for the cheapest and best universities to study university degrees of all kinds, whether it is a bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate.

Obtaining a study visa in Poland means that you can fully enter the European Union, and therefore obtaining a study visa is a unique advantage, so we will work in our article today to present the best and cheapest universities to study in Poland.

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Study in Poland

In Poland, there are approximately 400 academic universities, each university includes a million and a half students, on the approximate level, and since Poland is one of the rich European countries and is famous for its distinguished academic universities, as the university degrees issued by Polish universities have a prestigious place among the universities of the world.

Tuition fees in Poland

Studying in Poland means that you will pay for your studies if you do not get a scholarship in one of the Polish public or private universities. Therefore, we will provide you with the costs of studying in Poland according to the degree you want to study. Study costs are classified as follows:

  1. The costs of studying the academic year for a bachelor’s degree range from 500 to 3200 euros.
  2. The tuition fees for a master’s degree range from 1,000 to 5,500 euros.
  3. The tuition fees for a professional postgraduate study year are around 2,000 euros.
  4. The costs of doctoral studies, postgraduate and specialized studies, scientific, technical and specialized training, and rehabilitation are approximately 3,000 euros.
  5. The cost of studying professional courses is about 3000 euros.
  6. As for the numbers of studies in Poland, it amounts to about 1,600 euros annually for a language course.
  7. There are some majors whose prices are high compared to other majors, such as dentistry and business administration, especially if the degree is a master’s degree, as its cost can reach more than 15,000 euros.

noteWhenever the university you want to study at is known and has wide popularity among Polish universities and is located in large cities, its annual premium will be higher than other universities.

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Cheapest universities in Poland

There are approximately 400 universities in Poland that receive one and a half million students annually from all over the world. It is known that Poland is one of the European countries suitable for study and living, as its living costs are appropriate compared to other European countries, and Polish universities have a prominent position among European universities in terms of quality The education you provide, especially in English.

The cheapest Polish universities are classified as follows:

1. Warsaw University of Technology

Warsaw University of Technology is one of the well-known universities in Poland and is classified as one of the largest universities in central Europe. It includes a distinguished and relatively large teaching staff, as the number of teachers in the university reaches 2453 faculty members in addition to 357 professors.

The University of Warsaw is one of the leading universities in the field of technology, as the university’s founding dates back to 1915. It is visited by many students wishing to study a technological specialization. The university includes approximately 36,000 students within 19 colleges covering almost all technological fields, and most of the students are enrolled full-time.

You can find more details about the university by visiting the university’s website here.

2. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland

Adam Mickiewicz University is one of the cheapest universities in Poland and is considered one of the oldest universities in the field of teaching, as the university began since the seventeenth century.

The university includes thousands of students, as the number of university students reaches approximately 40,000 students, in addition to 7,000 international students from all over the world. The language of instruction at the university is Polish, but there are some classes that are taught in English and German.

Adam University offers all university degrees represented by bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and other qualification courses that can be obtained after graduation from the university.

You can visit the university’s website and see more details about it by clicking here.

3. Opole University

Opole University is one of the best and cheapest Polish universities. It is a research university located in Opole. The foundation of this university dates back to 1994. The main mission of the university is based on inquiry and welcomes all students from non-traditional backgrounds, including undesirable societies or as they are called disadvantaged societies.

The university includes 12 faculties in addition to 19 scientific institutes. The university cooperates with many other university units. The university has many relations with university institutions in Poland and abroad.

You can visit the university’s website and find out all the details about it here.

4. University of Silesia

The Polish University of Silesia is one of the largest universities in Poland, as the university includes a large number of students, numbering approximately 34 thousand students. The university offers a high level in terms of quality of education and scientific research, in addition to the education infrastructure.

The university works to open many new programs and professions every year according to the latest scientific trends. The university has all academic degrees, including bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees. The university’s programs are available to all foreign applicants.

You can visit the university’s website here.

Here we have come to the conclusion of our article for today, where we presented you with a group of the best and cheapest Polish universities where you can travel to Poland and rely on one of the universities that we presented in our article, and you can benefit from all the details of the university by visiting the university’s website. We hope that the article will be useful My friends, wait for us in everything new, God willing.

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