Learn about the 7 best medical specialties for girls


The best medical specialties for girlsWhen we talk about the medical profession, we are talking about a very big and great profession and it has a very great importance in people’s lives and in the life of those who study in the Faculty of Medicine in particular.

According to the studies conducted byIFS Institute for Tax StudiesIt turned out that the salaries earned by university students are much more than the salaries earned by university girls in the same field of work or the same job field. Most suitable jobs for women.

Because of this large gap between the salaries of girls and boys, many girls at the beginning of secondary school began to ask a lot of questions about the best medical specializations for girls, as they do not constitute a difference in wages and salaries between boys and girls. relatively close. So follow with us to learn about the best medical specialties for girls.

Here are the 7 best medical specialties for girls

Every girl seeks the goal of obtaining an important university degree, but after obtaining a high school certificate she is confused about the university branch that suits her and is similar to her personality. This is what we will present in our article to show you some medical specialties that are adopted by females more than males.

The 7 best medical specialties for girls

Dear sister, whether you are looking for the easiest, most appropriate, or highest-paid medical specialties for girls, we have prepared an important article for you in which we identify the 7 best and most sought-after medical specialties for girls, especially in Arab countries, and this list is classified as follows:

First Specialization: Ophthalmology or Ophthalmology

It is one of the disciplines most popular with female students, as it studies everything related to eye diseases, whether they are chronic or usual, by following curricula that comply with theoretical and practical health standards.

  • It qualifies you to perform ophthalmic surgeries to be an ophthalmic surgeon specialized in treating cataracts, glaucoma, lasers, macular degeneration, and others.
  • In addition, through it, you can specialize in ophthalmic plastic surgeries, such as tightening sagging eyelids, repairing congenital and acquired strabismus, and eye beautification.
  • It enables you to treat eye diseases such as corneal ulcers, infections that affect the iris, farsightedness, myopia, and everything related to eye diseases.
  • It is also very suitable for females, as it does not require great effort and night shifts in exchange for high and huge financial wages.

Second specialty: obstetrics and gynecology

There is no doubt that the specialty of obstetrics and gynecology is the best specialization for girls in medicine. In many Arab countries, women seek to obtain a female gynecologist who will be a source of safety, confidence and an excellent companion for her during pregnancy and childbirth. The most common and suitable for girls is one of the advantages that you will get if you graduate from obstetrics and gynecology.

  • It qualifies you to treat female infertility, delayed childbearing and irregular menstruation.
  • It allows you to specialize in IVF, implantation of tubes, and in vitro syringes.
  • You can enter the specialty of uterine tumors, breast cancer and cervical cancer.
  • Taking care of the pregnant woman and her fetus throughout the months of pregnancy.
  • Carrying out caesarean section, natural childbirth and childbirth without pain.
  • Treating all gynecological diseases and all women’s diseases.
  • Performing genital plastic surgeries.
  • Specialization in treating endocrine diseases.

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The third specialty: dentistry

Although this specialty needs to deal directly with patients, it does not need night shifts, and this is very suitable for girls. In fact, dentistry needs an element of tenderness and very sensitive treatment in the use of tools, and this is what made it one of the medical specialties for girls. Among the advantages that you get when you graduate as a dentist:

  • Treating all dental diseases, gum infections and irregular teeth.
  • Specializing in treating deformity of the lower and upper jaw.
  • Installing orthodontics suitable for each disease professionally.
  • It qualifies you to specialize in maxillofacial plastic surgeries.

Fourth specialty: oncology

After the development of science and health, medicine has become more developed and the detection of tumors has become very easy, as a medical oncology graduate is able to determine the type of tumor and treat it in the event that it is a malignant tumor before its development and if it is a benign tumor with appropriate medical means. The oncologist can determine the age of the tumor and the possibility of its spread in the human body It can be treated in several ways, such as radiotherapy or surgical excision, and we can specialize in gynecological cancers, childhood tumors, and blood cancers.

Fifth Specialization: Ear, Nose and Throat Specialization

It is one of the medical specialties that is highly suitable for girls, as it is based on the treatment of diseases of the larynx, vocal cords, respiratory infections, treatment of hearing diseases, congenital tympanic membrane deformities, and ear surgeries such as implantation of the nephrostachium canal, vocal cord surgery, treatment of middle ear infections, vestibular vertigo, and specialization in rhinoplasty and ossicle deviation. Treating deafness and total or partial loss of hearing, and making a hearing aid. It also does not require a night shift, in addition to being considered one of the most specialties of medicine that offers its doctor a great financial abundance.

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Sixth specialty: dermatology

Around the world of medicine, a dermatologist is considered one of the doctors that young people, especially girls, go to most often because of the treatment she offers for acne, lack of nail growth and weakness, hair breakage and damage. It is very required in our Arab countries, as women will understand the suffering of girls from sensitive, dry and oily skin problems, in addition to the fact that a dermatologist does not need to spend a long time in her work, but she can be a housewife and a doctor at the same time and in a balanced manner.

In addition, the dermatologist, in the event of her graduation, will be able to treat skin diseases in sensitive areas, treat chronic and hereditary skin rashes, syphilitic diseases such as fungus and eczema, and treat infectious skin diseases in children such as hands and feet and chicken pox. She specializes in treating burns of all degrees in children and adults.

Seventh Specialization: Aesthetic Medicine

All women are looking for a plastic surgeon who can understand the problems of aging wrinkles, postpartum fat, obesity and fat, and this task will be very suitable for the female, as she will deal with women with full comfort and understanding.

And in the event that you graduate from the Faculty of Cosmetic Medicine, wide doors will open for you in the field of plastic surgery, because it will allow you to perform facial plastic surgery, injections, body sculpting operations, and surgical operations to erase the effects of deformities as a result of burns and accidents, remove the signs of aging, and strive towards a slim body and tighten postpartum sagging, as the plastic doctor They get high wages all over the world.

And here we have come to the conclusion of the topic of our article today, in which we took an introductory tour of the best specialization in medicine for girls, whether in terms of pay, the most suitable, and the easiest, since the majority do not need shifts except for childbirth. I hope that the article will be liked by you, hoping that everyone will benefit from it.

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