Keys for Dr. Web Security Space 2023 (License Activation)

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  • December 17, 2023
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The antivirus is intended for home use, creates reliable protection against spam, Internet programs containing malicious sites, helps in implementing Parental Control over children using the Internet, etc.

Full license activation keys Dr. Web Security Space 2023 You can find it at the bottom of the material, but for now a few words about the antivirus itself.

Features and Benefits

At its core, an antivirus provides real comprehensive protection with advanced functionality, one of which is an email monitor that scans attachments in letters received by email. In addition, the product has a cryptographer that provides decryption of files under attack by ransomware.

The existing Spi Der Gate web antivirus scans the network connection, conducts a comparative analysis of certificates tied to the HTTPS connection, and controls incoming and outgoing connections via HTTP. The functionality is anti-phishing because it is able to block access to sites suspected of distributing software containing viruses.

Dr.  Web Security Space

Additional features

This functionality is presented:

  • parental controls that check connections through all open ports and block sites that fall into one of twelve restricted categories. It is also possible to limit the time you spend visiting the Internet and block the computer at night, which is triggered automatically;
  • protection against exploits and ransomware, limiting access to files and personal data;
  • a function that prohibits programs from using encryption or changing certain files;
  • the ability to interrupt software attempts to gain access to the microphone or camera;
  • restricting the connection of various removable storage media (mobile devices, flash drives), sending documents for printing and access to computers using other ports through which the connection is made.

Dr.Web Security Space is equally successfully used not only by home users, but also by workstations of mid-level organizations that do not require centralized antivirus management. This is considered an additional advantage of the company’s security solutions, which pays maximum attention to the product, improving the technologies involved in it.

Below you can download the license key for Dr.Web Security Space valid until 2030!

Download the key for free:

PS: I added a key for the Android version of the antivirus to the archive with the key on the PC.

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