Jobs that will disappear in the future (11 professions that will not exist in the future)

What jobs will disappear in the future? Does artificial intelligence threaten jobs in the future? Are there jobs threatened with extinction due to artificial intelligence? All of these are questions on the minds of many people for fear of the future of their jobs, especially since we are on the verge of an unprecedented technological revolution in human history that will contribute to improving life in all respects, but at the same time it will be a threat to millions of jobs around the world.

As studies have shown that the technological development that we are witnessing from modern mechanisms, especially artificial intelligence techniques, this matter has become able to replace a very large number of people, and this matter means that there are many professions and jobs that will disappear in the near future.

Studies have already indicated that artificial intelligence technology has become more efficient and productive than humans, which in turn will lead to the division of society into classes in terms of wages in the near future.

What jobs will disappear in the future

What jobs will disappear in the coming years? Are there really jobs that will disappear in the future? Our article today we chose for you because it is one of the important topics related to the future life of humanity, as well as in order to help you make plans for your future career.

And we had talked about in a previous article The most requested specialties in the future AndThrough this article, we will shed light on the professions that, over time, will disappear permanently, as is the case with many jobs that have disappeared over the past few years.

Dear reader, follow us to the end and learn about the most prominent jobs that will disappear in the future, and what are the reasons that prompted their disappearance?, Stay with us.

What are the reasons for the disappearance of some jobs in the future?

Today, our world is witnessing a technical revolution that carries a double-edged sword. The first is that it has helped to improve life matters in all aspects, facilitating work, saving time and effort, as well as saving money, and the second is that it threatens the careers of millions of people all over the world with disappearance.

The reason for this is due to the industrial developments that tend to rely extensively on digitalization and artificial intelligence, as smart robots replace humanity in many jobs.

And if we go back to the history of mankind, we find that in every age and after the passing of the years, professions disappear and other professions appear, and this is the case in our era, the era of the huge technological revolution.

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What jobs will disappear in the future?

Below we will show you the most prominent professions that are expected to disappear in the near future in the life of humanity, as the presence of robots in our time has become clear and tangible, and their existence is no longer limited to hard work and factories, but it is possible to find them on television as The robot may replace the announcer, or it may be in a restaurant serving customers.

There are many reports that confirm that in the near future, robots will replace many human jobs, as follows:

Travel organization

The job of travel organizing offices is one of the most jobs or businesses that will disappear in the near future, but at the present time there is very little reliance on them. In the past, people used to go to travel agencies in order to organize their trips or to book hotels. However, with the development of time and in our days, many huge websites for travel reservations provided many facilities, and presented them to customers online, as they contributed to:

  • Providing large wages for travel agents.
  • Travel costs are lower.
  • In addition, when you use any of the booking applications, you will get the best prices.
  • In addition to that, there is no obligation to pay the commission to the intentional travel agent.

piloting the plane

The job of piloting an aircraft has become one of the most threatened jobs in the coming years, especially in the commercial aviation sector.

We all know that the Corona pandemic brought about major changes in human history, including the rise in energy prices, which prompted many companies to do the impossible in order to replace the pilot with an automated one that controls the flight path.

As it contributes to saving a lot of expenses, because it is known that the job of piloting the plane is one of the best jobs with high salaries.

This amazing technology in the field of aircraft leadership has developed on a large scale in the field of the military sector, and here are the efforts of commercial companies to try to work this experience and transfer it to the commercial aviation sector.

Most of the expectations are that the job of the flight commander will disappear from thirty to fifty years.

textile profession

There is no doubt that the number of workers working in the field of knitting clothes has decreased dramatically, despite the high demand for ready-made clothes. And other work carried out by the weaver of the fabric.

As it contributed to saving a lot of expenses and millions of dollars annually in taxes, and for this reason the textile sector witnessed a huge technical revolution in the world of modern technology.

Although this profession will disappear in the near future, it will contribute, like other professions that will disappear, to the existence of new opportunities for comfortable jobs, which you can work from home, so that the digital economy, in turn, becomes the broadest door to obtaining the best electronic projects.

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cashier profession

The cashier profession is one of the most endangered professions in our economic world in many countries, especially developed countries, and the reason for this is that:

  • Most companies are outsourcing organizing and invoicing to AI machines.
  • Also, there are most stores that have become dependent only on the presence of surveillance cameras and smart robots in order to carry out the organization of business.
  • It has also become possible to carry out an online transaction through the availability of electronic store applications on smart phones.

As most major companies are adopting this model after the rapid development in the era of the industrial revolution and reliance on artificial intelligence technologies, which in turn contributed to reducing costs and obtaining more profits.

Therefore, it is advised to keep abreast of developments, develop skills, and seek a job from within the home, which helps provide you with additional income, and it may be in hard currency.

Customer service function over the phone

Telemarketing service is one of the basics of successful marketing, as successful companies work to make a lot of money by serving customer employees.

However, in our current time and with the development of technology, it has become possible to rely on voice technology through text conversion and the possibility of merging it with artificial intelligence technology.

It has become quite simple to program the robot and teach it ready-made commands in order to coordinate and prepare it to respond to various types of complaints from customers.

Why is there any reason for companies to retain customer service staff as long as the robot is able to do this task 24 hours a day, and of course at the lowest costs.

In addition, the robot has become able to perform the task of verifying and ascertaining the identity of customers faster than it is from answering questions over the phone, as the robot performs this task quickly, through the voice tone of the customer.

For this reason, you can take advantage of this opportunity and view a lot of job advertisements related to remote customer service, through the job platforms available on the Internet.

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driving profession

Major companies and Tesla, which specializes in the production of electric cars, are working hard to develop self-driving systems, as these future companies no longer need to advertise jobs for drivers.

Thus, this technology will develop into taxis, and for example, the company Uber, which specializes in applying taxis, obtained millions of profits in order to develop self-driving.

Even the drivers who work for Uber are described as stupid, because the company is making efforts to get rid of them in the shortest possible time.

Although this technology will lead to the disappearance of the driver’s profession, it will be the way to reduce human traffic accidents, which are caused either by drinking alcohol or by falling asleep while driving a car.

postman profession

The significant development of technology led to the emergence of e-mail services that enable the process of exchanging information as well as responding to orders at the same time without any delay.

In addition to the possibility of a digital signature, it has become possible for any employee in the future to use his electronic signature on documents related to official bodies.

Where shipping companies are working on developing their model by relying on self-driving electric cars, and aircraft that control their course on the parcel delivery service, and with these developments and changes, you will not be able to find a job as a postman in the future.

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Office secretariat

In the past, the book was the most suitable means for reading, and the librarian was the guide and guide for those who had an obsession with reading and reading books in addition to his work in selling books.

But in light of the technological development that we are witnessing today and the reliance on computers and smart phones in many daily uses, including reading and reading books, whether reading in PDF format or listening to them in audio.

As many websites have spread that provide book reading services, in addition to platforms for selling and sharing with customers in knowing their impressions of the book.

And if we look at the difference between relying on libraries to read books and reading them on websites, we find that they are:

  • Reading books through websites saves time going to the library and spending many hours wandering in search of the intended book, and also in order to buy the book.
  • Its costs are lower than libraries, as in addition to the price of the book, there are additional expenses paid to the librarian and the cashier, as well as the cleaners.

Through this, we find that commercial libraries are on their way to disappearing in the near future, as those electronic libraries have become the strongest competitor and contributor to ending the service of commercial libraries.

lumberjack profession

Many strict laws and legislations have appeared in many countries, which require work to protect forests and prevent logging, which in turn led to the high cost of wood and the lack of demand for it because:

  • Companies and governments have become dependent on the digital format instead of the paper format.
  • The emergence of artificial wood and its development to be used in the furniture industry.
  • In order to preserve the environment and ecological balance, artificial wood is used as a substitute for original wood.
  • The cost of synthetic wood is also much lower than the original wood.

In addition, the advent of machines developed for cutting trees, which in turn saved a lot of time and effort, led to a significant decrease in the number of loggers.

All these reasons lead us to the inevitability of the demise of this profession in the coming years.

Delivery profession:

As many companies around the world are using robots to deliver orders and parcels to homes, via drones or through electronic cars.

This is what calls us to the great expectation of the disappearance of this profession in the near future, after this profession was one of the desired and easy professions that many people practice.

bank employees:

We can say that this profession will not completely disappear in the future, as it cannot be dispensed with inevitably, but it may be resorted to reducing the number of employees, either by relying on robot employees instead of regular employees, or through the services provided by banks through the Internet or the telephone.

At the end of the article and talking about jobs that will disappear in the future, we find that professions will appear and other professions will disappear, in light of the huge technological development that we are experiencing today, and that work must be done to develop and develop skills, in order to keep pace with the changes as the robot that relies on artificial intelligence has become the competitor The most powerful of the functions of some humanity and its reason for the disappearance.

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