Inquiry about a work permit with passport number in the UAE 2023

Inquiry about a work permit with the passport number in the Emiratesis the subject of our article today on the site Technical dot com We all know the achievements of the UAE and its relentless efforts to serve the citizens residing in it, and to find all means of comfort that enable them to meet their needs without trouble.

Among these services launched by the UAE government is the work permit service with the passport number via the Internet from anywhere around the world.

What is the work permit service with the passport number in the UAE? How can I inquire about a work permit using the passport number? For more details, follow our next article, dear reader, and learn more about this service, stay with us.

If, dear reader, if you are outside or inside the United Arab Emirates and you are wondering how to obtain a work permit number or you want to inquire about an employment contract using the passport number in the Emirates, then this guide is directed to you because we will put for you the full steps in detail on how to inquire about a work permit using the passport number only.

What is the service to inquire about a work permit by passport number?

The work permit inquiry service is about knowing all the information in order to obtain a work permit for people coming to the UAE.

In a more correct sense, it is the approval of the United Arab Emirates government for the presence of the person coming to the Emirates in order to engage in work in it.

What is the importance of inquiring about a passport work permit service?

There are several reasons why it is necessary to get acquainted with this service, which we will mention to you as follows:

  • Through this service, the individual can get the job opportunity he wants to work for.
  • In addition, the information that the person receives from this service shows, through the response, how to dispose of it in order to obtain a job without trouble or hardship.
  • This service also saves a lot of time and effort for the person who wants to work in the UAE.
  • This service provides the citizen with finding a job at any time by displaying the available jobs when inquiring about a work permit.
  • This service is an official approval by the UAE government for work-motivated residency.
  • Upon obtaining this approval, this service will be valid for two years.
  • The work permit inquiry service is an electronic service that facilitates the opportunity for citizens to obtain work and quick access to the required services.

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Steps to inquire about a work permit in the UAE 2023

In order to inquire about your work permit in the correct way in order to apply for jobs that the individual can find after inquiring about the work permit, the person must perform the following steps:

  • First, go to the official website of the Ministry of Development and Human Resources from here.
  • This is followed by clicking on the electronic services icon, which you will find at the top of the site’s home page.
  • Click on the work permit option.
  • Enter your passport number, and then click on the work permit option.
  • Then a new page will appear with all the details related to your work permit.

Papers and documents required to obtain a work permit in the UAE

The UAE government has determined a set of papers that you must provide in order to obtain a work permit, as follows:

  • Submit a copy of the original graduation certificate.
  • Submit a color copy of the passport.
  • The presence of a personal photo of the applicant, with a white background.
  • In the event that the applicant is married, he must present the marriage document in addition to a color copy of the passport belonging to the wife.
  • In the event that there are children, they must submit their birth certificates, as well as a color copy of the children’s passport.
  • Work to document all documents that will be submitted in order to obtain a work permit.

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How are documents documented in order to obtain a work permit 2023

As we mentioned through the previous lines, the documents and papers for submitting a work permit must be documented, knowing that if they are not documented, the inquiry request will be rejected, as the documents and papers are documented as follows:

How to document the graduation certificate:

Where work is being done to extract the original certificate of graduation attached to the grades, and the secretary of the college or university works to approve it and it must be attached to the stamp of the university’s logo.

How to document the marriage contract:

The document is stamped by the Ministry of Labor and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, attached to a report from the Public Prosecution office to which the authorized person belongs.

Then, the contract and approval will be delivered to the UAE embassy for approval.

How to document children’s birth certificates:

Children’s birth certificates are documented through authentication from the civil registry, the UAE embassy, ​​and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Criminal record of the applicant:

Where work is being done to examine the criminal record of the applicant in order to ensure that he has not committed any crime, as well as that he does not belong to any political party.

How is the work permit number obtained?

You must visit the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, then work on selecting the electronic work permit information in the list of inquiry services.

This is followed by entering personal information such as the business card number, code, nationality, and date of birth.

How long does it take to issue a work permit?

Where the process of issuing the permit usually takes a period ranging from one to ten days, provided that the documents and information that have been submitted are correct and fulfill all requests during the application submission.

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What is the penalty for working without a work permit in the UAE?

That the expatriate person to the United Arab Emirates, if he decides to work without obtaining a work permit, he will face serious problems and consequences, including:

  • It is possible that his work will be banned.
  • Imprisonment for at least one month, knowing that it is extendable.
  • The state has the right to impose a fine on that person up to ten thousand dirhams.
  • The UAE government also has the right to deport such expatriate foreign national.

At the end of the talk about a work permit inquiry with a passport number in the Emirates 2023, we have mentioned to you all the details related to this service provided by the UAE government, as it is one of the services provided by the UAE to citizens, with our wishes that we have achieved the fullest benefit for you.

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