How to start an abaya design project in 2024

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  • January 15, 2024
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How do I start an abaya design project? A question that many people have been discussing lately, due to the great success that projects based on fashion have had in the markets, and because many people have come to know that the abaya design project is very profitable.

If you are one of these people, and do not have sufficient information about the abaya design project, it is good for you to be here. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide to starting an abaya design project. We’ll cover everything, from defining your business idea to marketing your products. Follow us to find out the details.

How to start an abaya design project

Projects in the field of fashion are among the most important and best projects that have been widely spread recently. The field of designing abayas is one of the profitable fields, but working in this field requires some experience to ensure high financial profits.

Some people have begun to wonder how to start an abaya design project, since the percentage of profits from this project is rather high, so in this content we will provide many details and information about how to start an abaya design project.

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How do I start an abaya design project?

Starting a special abaya design project requires implementing some of the necessary steps to ensure financial profit. In this paragraph, we will present to you the most important details about the abaya design project, which are as follows:

1. Determine the market need

Before you begin the process of making abayas, you must choose the designs that the market needs. It is important that the designs be unique and distinctive of their kind, by adding an attractive touch to customers so that the design appears distinct from other designs in the markets. It is best to take a wide tour of the markets to see all the designs. To work on designing unique abayas that are far from the designs found in the markets.

2. Create a plan of action

If you want to achieve great success in an abaya-making project, you must work on developing a business plan with a solid strategy that includes all the financial, production, and legal details of the project, with the necessity of setting the method used to market the project. Within the business plan, you must create an additional plan that includes the method of design, marketing, and production. For the project, your work on creating a strong strategy will help you calculate and know the time required for the success of the project.

3. Determine the cost of the project

You must also work to determine the cost of the project before embarking on the implementation of an abaya design project. You can do this step by conducting an integrated feasibility study on the approximate costs of implementing the project at the present time and what profits are expected to be reaped from the project, if you are thinking about establishing a home project, of course. The project costs should be low, but if you want to work with manufacturers or if you want to create your own large company, the costs in this case will of course be higher.

The costs that you must take into consideration before starting to create the project are costs related to shipping, fabric, equipment costs, employee salaries, costs related to marketing, and other additional costs.

How much does an abaya design project cost?

The cost of an abaya design project depends on many factors:

  • Renting the project location.
  • Machinery prices.
  • Employee wages.
  • Marketing and advertising.
  • Utility expenses such as electricity and water.
  • Fees required to renew licenses.
  • Prices for high quality fabrics.
  • Expenses for threads, sewing needles and design accessories.

But on average, starting a medium-sized abaya design project can cost from 5,000 US dollars to 12,000 US dollars.

4. Identify target customers

Before working on establishing the project, you must determine the target customer category because the marketing mechanism in this case will differ from one category to another, and determining the appropriate marketing mechanism will help you increase the percentage of profits, since the project that was established is specializing in designing women’s abayas, and therefore the target group will be women and ladies in general. general.

Therefore, you must put women at the forefront of the target groups, and then you must work to market the products and display them in shops specializing in selling women’s abayas. Your work at this level will help you market your products on a wide level in the market, in addition to the fact that the percentage of profits will increase significantly, and you will learn how to Competition in markets.

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5. Choose a design

You cannot increase your financial profits and market the abayas you produce without paying attention to the issue of designs. It is known that design plays an important role in attracting customers to buy abayas. This matter will also help you in the marketing process. There are many factors that will help you in the marketing process, which are as follows:

the shape

You will first need to determine the shape of the abayas, as there are two types of abayas, the first is wide from the bottom and the second is completely wide from top to bottom. You must also determine if you want the abaya with buttons or a zipper and other details, and you can determine these matters after doing a comprehensive study in Market to know customer requirements.

the color

Colors are one of the important points that you must take into account and pay good attention to. It is important that the color of the abaya is suitable for the way it is used. It is best to choose calm, eye-catching colors. You can identify the required colors after doing a detailed study of the market.

Fabric type

The fabric will definitely be used in making the abaya, so you must pay attention to the type of fabric used. It is important that the fabric be of high quality and strong enough to suit the abaya and its various uses.


Commercial stores have begun to place decorations as an essential element in women’s abayas, as they give a very attractive and distinctive character. There are several types of decorations in the markets, including printed, embroidered, and engraved ones. Therefore, if you want to show the beauty of the abaya, you must pay close attention to the decoration.

6. Choose a brand

After completing the idea of ​​the designs, you must work on the idea of ​​the brand. It is necessary to develop a distinctive logo and trademark for the designs, as they express the idea of ​​the designs. The most important thing is also to preserve the designs by placing ownership rights on them.

7. Marketing and design

In the end, you will have to work on a special strategy in marketing and publishing the women’s abayas that you have designed, and the design process in this case will enter several stages. If you have a large capital that qualifies you to carry out a large advertising campaign, do not hesitate about this idea because this matter will help you enter the markets. Strongly, and your percentage of profits will be high, and you must publish on the domain level, such as advertisements, in the media, and on social media.

If your capital is small, you can start with a medium advertising campaign through social networking sites and electronic blogs on the Internet, but in this case you will have to create professional designs and publish them, with the need to offer appropriate prices and good discounts to attract the largest number of customers to you.

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At the conclusion of our article today, we have presented to you the steps for starting a women’s abaya design project. If you want to work in this field and are asking about how to start and what are the work steps, you can get to know the main ideas about this project by reviewing the points and steps that we presented in our content today. We hope that the article is useful.

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